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35 Purrfect Instagram Captions for the Pictures of Your Cats

35 Purrfect Instagram Captions for the Pictures of Your Cats

Cats and other furry friends receive thousands of likes on Instagram. To achieve this, your posts will need to be purrfect Instagram captions for cats.

These Instagram captions can be about selfies with your cat, about when he/she’s sleeping, or even when he/she’s mad. Your Instagram captions can also be about cats playing or simply laying back.

The point is that your Instagram captions for cats should reflect what’s happening in the picture. They are the star of the show after all, and the words are merely for emphasis.

Here are 35 of the most purrfect Instagram captions for cats that you can use today:


7 Instagram captions for cats and owner selfies

Cats and their owners take selfies very often, and the owners will post them on their social media pages. It’s a way to show Instagram followers how much the owners love their kitty cats. It also can show how much their animals love them back.
Whether you take a picture together or let your cat snap one by him/herself, you are bound to get a ton of likes by other cat-lover followers.
Here are seven of the most adorable and cat-friendly Instagram captions for cats; we are talking about kitties taking selfies with their owners:

01All you need in life is love and a cat. Thank you furr all the cuddles and memories. #catselfie #catlovers


girl uplift mood watching on the smartphone beside a cat having emotional support animal
Photo by Velizar Ivanov on unsplash


02Thanks for giving me one of your nine lives to make mine whole. I love you meow and furrever. #catlove #instacat


03Not all angels will have wings. Sometimes, they’ll have a furry coat and whiskers. #cutecats #catfriend #catlover


04Anything is paws-ible with your kitty cat and best friend by your side. Stay paws-itive!


05At this point, it’s safe to say that I’m a crazy cat lady, but who cares? At least my cats won’t ever leave me! #catlover #catselfie #catlady


woman playing with cat photo

Photo by Irina Obodnikova on reshot


06She came; she purred, and she conquered. #catpic #meow


07Looking good, feline better! #cutecats


7 captions for cats that are sleeping

Without a doubt, sleeping cats are some of the cutest things ever. They will snuggle up pretty much anywhere and catch a few ZZZ as long as it is dry, warm, and quiet.
You shouldn’t be surprised to find your cat sleeping on your laptop, in your bed, or even on your lap.
If you manage to snap a picture of your kitty cat that is sleeping, here are some awesome captions that you can use for Instagram:

08Home is where the cat is sleeping on everything warm and leaving furs everywhere. #catsofinstagram #catnap


09He/she’s having a purrfect day while just sleeping. I love that for him/her. #sleepykitty


shallow focus white brown cat

Photo by Yerlin Matu on Unsplash


10I’ve got to have all of the naps if I can’t have all the nips. Back off human. #catnip


11Dogs have owners, and cats have staff. We are the connoisseurs of comfort! #catboss


12Even though I slept 15 hours today, I’m still pretty exhausted. The catwalk is extremely tiring. #catwalk



13Cats, naps, and snacks, and I want them in that order.


14Quit stressing meow! I just need a belly rub and a cat nap, please. #catnaptime


cat sleeping kitten boy man asleep sleep tender
Photo by Julie Jewels I. on reshot


7 captions for when your cat is mad

Cats are moody little creatures, and they can turn from cute, cuddly animals to divas in the blink of an eye.
Sometimes, it’s because we stop them from destroying our stuff, and other times, they just get annoyed at us for no reason at all.
That’s fine because we love them nonetheless. Here are seven of the best Instagram captions that you can use when your cat is mad:

15When I’m grumpy, the world has to pawse because an angry cat turns into a lion! #madcat #catmood


16I may be the moodiest cat in hiss-tory, but I sure look cute when I’m doing it.


17I choose cats over humans every time. My cat was right about you! #catsense


adorable animal cat cat face

Photo by Dylan Thompson under Pexels License


18Word to the wise: A hungry cat is an angry cat. You should never run out of his/her favorite treats. #catfood


19I’m never amused, and that’s because I’m a cat. Now, please go away human! #catdiva


20I can’t help but wonder if my cat is thinking about a plot for world domination and enslaving humanity.#catworld


21What do you do when your cat is mad at you? We’ve been in a staring contest for the last 15 minutes! #madcat


short haired gray cat

Photo by sarandy westfall on unsplash


7 Instagram captions for cats that are playing

Cats are so adorable when they play together, and they are even cuter when they play with us. They bring us joy, and they can brighten up any gloomy day.
Sure, they can get rough with us sometimes, especially when the claws come out. However, it’s all in the name of good fun.
Here are seven Instagram captions for cats that are playing:

22If there are no cats in heaven, then I don’t want to go. Meow chika meow meow! #funwithmycat


23Cash meowside, and let’s get this pawdy started! Meow meow! #catparty #catfun


cute pussy cat paw plant

Photo by Dimchu under pixabay license


24Happy #Caturday. I’ll be spending my weekend leaving fur on the couch and carpet and how about you?


25You’re a cold-hearted person if you can manage to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens.


26A home isn’t a home without the pitter-patter of cat paws or kids’ feet.



27There’s nothing more heartwarming than being welcomed home by a playful #kitten.


28Cats don’t know how to play catch, but they sure know how to have a lot of fun.


baby in pink touching a cat
Photo by Rachel Gagnon on reshot


7 Instagram captions for cats that are laying back

Cats are pretty cool creatures, and they spend much of their days lounging around, sleeping, and just laying back. They’re so laid back that you can’t even tell that they’re there at times.
If you see your cat laying back or if you’re just chilling with your cat, your Instagram caption should reflect the mood or vibes. Here are seven Instagram captions for cats (and their owners) that are laying back:

29When all else fails, all you can do is sit back and cuddle with your cat. #catfriend


30You got to be kitten me right now. This cat refuses to move, and I have an appointment in five minutes! #catboss #catnap



Photo by Иван Маркин on reshot


31Sorry, I can’t come out right now; meow is the time to chill with my kitty cat. #catchilling


32When things get rough, you can take a few minutes to pawse and relax with your best bud. #stayCATion


33I want to spend all nine lives with you. I love you more than catnip! #catlover


animal cat face close up stretching

Image from Pixabay – Under CC0 license


34The only reason I work so hard is so that my cat can have a better life. What can I say? He/she’s spoiled! #catdiva


35Time spent with cats is never wasted, even if you aren’t doing anything. #chillax #stayCATion



Whether you’re a cat person or just a casual cat lover, the chances are that if you post a cute cat photo on Instagram, it will get a ton of likes. If you want to take things to the next level, and even go viral, you will need some purrfect Instagram captions for cats.
This list of 35 Instagram captions for cats are perfect for any situation. They can be customized to fit your situation. Don’t forget to add the right hashtags so that your cat photos can reach as many people as possible!
Live long and paws-purr!