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40 of the Cutest Instagram Captions for Dogs

Photo by Sergey Spinzhar on Reshot

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40 of the Cutest Instagram Captions for Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friends, and often, we see their photos posted on our favorite social media platform with the cutest, most heartfelt Instagram captions for dogs.

If you are a dog owner or simply a lover of dogs, you can join in on the fun and post as many dog pictures on Instagram as you like. There is a massive audience for this content.

 Here are some of our top Instagram captions for dogs to help you get the most engagement on your photos.


Instagram Captions for Wonderful Things About Having a Dog

Having a dog is a great responsibility with an even greater reward. There is nothing better than watching your furry friend grow and play.
Here are 10 Instagram captions for dogs that will reveal all the wonderful things you cherish about your dog.

01The best thing about my dog is that he just exists and suddenly my life is better. #su-paw-star #rawr #pawwww


man holding brown dog trees lights
Photo by Jach McKeown on Reshot


02Whenever I’m having a bad day, my dog makes me pug-get about it #pawfection #PuppyLove #peace


03My warmth doesn’t come from the sunshine. It comes from the love in my dog’s eyes. #DogLover #Petstagram #sunshine


04I’ve had a ruff day, but I can always count in my furry four-legged therapist who charges in bones to make me feel better. #bestfriend #PawPatrol #ILoveMyDog


05Them: It’s just a dog. Me: First of all, this is my child, and I’ll love her fur-ever #doggo #DogPal #cute


woman sunglass bluegreen coat holding black dog
Photo by Sergey Spinzhar on Reshot


06Sure, if I didn’t have a dog, my house would cleaner, my furniture wouldn’t be chewed, and my wallet would be full. But, my heart would be empty. #DogStyle #Dogsofinstagram #mypup


07My dogs never bite me, but humans do. I appreciate the irony #loyalty #PalsForever #DoggyWorld


08Not to brag or anything, but when I get home, I’m a super big deal to my dogs. It’s hard being a celebrity #PetLife #woof #kisses


forest dog dog puppy girl pet dalmatian person friends
Photo by J ∆ S O N on Reshot


09Dogs leave pawprints on your heart and hair on your sofa. #DogCorner #pooch #DogPhotoOfTheDay


10My dog is there when I’m happy, when I’m sad, and for all the in-between, so when I die, I’m leaving everything to her! #ILoveMyDog #ProudDogMom #ThickAndThin


Captions for Sweet Moments with Dogs

When you capture your dog doing something cute or funny, you’ll want to use an aww-inspiring caption to go along with it.
Here are of the best cute and funny Instagram captions for dogs.

11If I had a dollar for every time my dog made me laugh, I’d be a pawzillionaire #happy #blessed #laugh


brown chow chow wearing glasses
Photo by Alan King on Unsplash


12If you think my windows are dirty, you’re sadly mistaken. That my dog’s nose art. #PuppyLife #woof #InstaPet


13Home decor is never complete without a few thousand dog hairs. #WeeklyFluff #FurBaby #fun


14Isn’t it funny how dogs have a way of stealing your heart, then your bed? #NetflixAndChill #nightin #goodnight


brown dog lying on bed pillows
Photo by Andriana on Reshot


15Home is where dog hair sticks to everything except your dog! #FurBall #husky #smile


16Nothing makes me happier than watching how excited my dog gets during a belly rub #adorable #PetLoversClub


17If I get to heaven and there are no dogs, I’d like a refund please #DoggieLove #AllDogsGoToHeaven #Angels


18This friendship is fur-real! #bestbud #love #family


dogs cute pows in hands sand
Photo by Kirill Vasilev Diary on Reshot


19The more people I meet, the more I love my dog #SorrynotSorry #SinglenotReadyToMingle #DogMom


20My dog is possessed. I Shih Tzu not! #MadDog #LOL #Memories


Instagram Captions for Spending Time With Your Dogs

If you are spending time with your dogs or someone else’s dogs, here are some Instagram captions for dogs you can use when you snap a quick pic.

21Sorry, I’m too busy to go out tonight. My dogs and I have plans #Dogaholic #DogSelfie #NightIn


dog walker different breed of dogs street crossing cars
Photo by Barbara Papa on Reshot


22A dog will always be happier to see you than any human would. Treat them well. #PetCare #PetLove #DogLove


23Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend definitely never owned a puppy #GirlsBestFriend #PetStyle #InstaPuppy


24Who needs a man when I can Netflix with my dog tonight? #WhosWithMe #Dogstagram #PetDay


25If anyone is unhappy with my dog being all up in our business, I’d have no problem with locking them in a room. The other person that is. Not the dog. #AnimalLover #DogFirst #PetLove


girl and her dog sleeping in the hammock
Photo by Therese Petersson on Reshot


26It’s time to get the paw-ty started! #FridayNight #DogNight #Cute


27Taking some time to paws and reflect. #thankful #blessed #PetLife


28We were feeling a bit pawsh tonight, so we played dress-up! #DogFashion #DogStyle #Costumes


dogs wearing yellow green costumes
Photo by smooshy_mooshy on Reshot


29That’s one really hot dog! #DressUp #Groom #PetCare


30Do you like our paw-trait? #PuppySelfie #Memories #Friendsforever


For Homeless or Rescue Dogs

There’s nothing wrong with posting pictures of dogs in the street and showing your love and appreciation for how they behave toward you and others.
Here are 10 Instagram captions for dogs on the street or that you meet in rescue centers.

31You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it. Dogs are PAWsome! #RescuePet #Welcomehome #DogDad


white dubious dog strolling street
Photo by cheetah under photo-ac


32My family is a rescue family. Never stop retrieving! #GoldenRetriever #FurryFriend #Family


33Even though saving a dog will not change the whole world, it will change that dog’s world. #adopt #rescue #save


34If a dog doesn’t like you, I won’t like you either #DogSelfie #DogLover #DogsAndPals


white black dog cute
Photo by Baptist Standaert on Unsplash


35With money, you can buy the whole world, but you can’t buy the wiggle of a dog’s butt when you get home. Treat them well. #happy #laugh #love


36I’m PAWsitive everyone thinks they have the best dog in the whole wide world. Well, none of them are wrong. #PetCrazy #Inlove #playful


37I stalk dogs on Instagram and in real life! #StalkerAlert #DogFiend #CutenessOverload


38Every time I see other dogs on the street, I think to myself: life is too short to only have one dog. #RescueDogs #AdoptToday #DogFriend


closeup photography of woman holding golden retriever
Photo by Adam Griffith on Unsplash


39If you want a girl to like you, let her meet your dog. #cute #adorable #love


40I love when strangers let me pet their dogs and give them treats. #happy #DoggieTreats #SausageFest



When it comes to the perfect Instagram captions for dogs, there is no need to worry. We’ve got you covered! All you have to do is capture them at the right moment from the perfect angle.

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