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45 of the Best Instagram Captions for Chilling on a Friday

45 of the Best Instagram Captions for Chilling on a Friday

It’s finally Friday, which means that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the weekend however you please; you can do it with friends, family, or even on your own. When doing so, you might feel like posting a nice picture on Instagram. However, you’ll need the perfect Friday Instagram captions for your photo.

These Instagram captions will let your followers know that you’re having an awesome Friday. If you’re having trouble coming up with your own Instagram captions, you don’t need to let that stress you out.

It happens to the best of us! Coming up with good captions is harder than you think!

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your Friday! We will always have you covered!

Here are 45 of the best Friday Instagram captions that say exactly how you feel about chilling on a Friday:


11 Friday Instagram Captions for Casual Friday at Work

Casual Friday at work is a time for you to ditch the professional outfits and be more creative with your choice of outfit.
You can skip the heels! You can choose to wear flat shoes, a pair of jeans, and a cool T-shirt; however, you should remember that it will also depend on your workplace policy.
Casual Friday clothes can be much more comfortable. They are a great way to help you unwind, especially from the hustle and bustle, as you get ready for the weekend.
You can share pictures of your outfit with your friends on Instagram to help them get as excited for the weekend as you are!
Here are 11 Friday Instagram captions that you can use for casual Friday at work:

01How casual are casual Fridays because I might show up to work in my sweatpants! #weekendmood #friyay


man wearing sweat pants and sneakers for casual friday
Photo by Frank K under pexels license


02Why can’t it be casual every day? #CasualFriday #fridaymakeup


03Less is ALWAYS more! #worksout #casual #Friday


04Sometimes, the suits and ties are so overrated. #casualfriday


05I’m about 90% nicer on Fridays because I’m in my sneakers, and I can’t wait to run the hell out of here! #sneakers #freedom #bye


white and black adidas low top sneakers on wet floor

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on unsplash


06Do you spell it Friday or Fry-day? It doesn’t matter because at least it’s not tie-day. #casualfridays #fridayfood


07Fridays at work are the only time that I can say that I’d be happy to fall asleep in my jeans. #casualfriday #jeans #workflow


08Ugh, whose idea was it to make us wear heels to work in the first place? #flats


09Fridays should officially be declared crocs day! #crocs #CasualFriday


blue crocs like sandals on tile floor

Photo by acworks on photo-ac


10Whew, it’s finally casual Friday! It took a whole week for us to get here! #chillax #laidback


11Don’t let the clothes fool you; we’re all big kids watching the clock. We’re waiting for the weekend! #casualfriday #finallyfriday


About Friday Night Drinks

If you’re someone who likes hitting the bar/pub on a Friday night, or even whipping something together yourself at home, you might want to share your thoughts about your drinks with your followers on Instagram.
These will make your followers wish that they were hanging out with you tonight, or it’ll influence them to hit the town and have some fun too!
Check out these eight Friday Instagram captions about Friday night drinks:

12Cheers to the freaking weekend; I’ll drink to that, yeah, yeah! Oh! Let the Jameson sink in, and I’ll drink to that, yeah, yeah! #cheerstothat #TGIF #fridaynight


two women drinking pabst blue ribbon beverage wearing red handkerchief on neck

Photo by kat on reshot


13I love Fridays because the only decision that I need to make is whether I want it shaken or stirred. Bartender, keep them coming! #friday #weekendvibes #cupsup #cheers</span>


14A drink a day, keeps the Mondays away! Am I right? Or, am I right? #mood #fridaynight #barhop


15I’m about to do something that I’ll likely regret this weekend. Who’s with me? #wasted #cheers #fridaynight



16Fri-yeah! Where the hell is my drink at? #cheers #friyay #frinally


17Friday night out! This means I’ll have awesome breakroom stories for Monday morning. #fridaynightlights #TGIF #fridayvibes


girls having drinks beverages TGIF cheers friendship
Photo by Shirley Kim on reshot


18This is my face before drinks, and you can ignore everything I post after this. Sorry mom! #fridaycocktails #girls/boysnightout #clink


19Hello? Is this Friday? Oh, you’re on your way and bringing shots? See you tonight! #fridayshots #fridaydrinks #fridaynight


8 Friday Instagram Captions About the Vibes with Friends

Are you spending your Friday night with some friends? It sounds like it’s going to be a good night with good vibes all night long!
Whether you are hitting the town, staying in and watching a movie, or having a fun get together, hanging with friends is guaranteed to make your Friday night even better!
You can snap a picture with your good friends, and you can use any of these eight Friday Instagram captions about the vibes with your friends:

20With friends like this, I know that I can count on having perfect weekends that’ll hold me over till next Friday! #fridayswithfriends #fridaynightvibes #friends


two men sitting beside barrels drinking beer while talking with each other

Photo by ELEVATE under pexels license


21So, you can put your drinks up because it’s a celebration every time that we link up! #friday #squad #fridayvibes


22Happy Friday to my dear friends! You can make your Friday sparkle and have a great weekend with us! #fridaynight #fridayvibes #friendfriday


23Friendly Friday has arrived! You can suit up boys/ladies because we’re hitting the town tonight! #nightout #goodvibes #friyeah


24Face masks and pizzas with my best friends aren’t exactly what I thought, but I’ve been looking forward to seeing my friends all week long! #movienight #fridaynightin #sleepover


woman wearing black blouse and bracelet getting a slice of pizza on the plate

Photo by Pinar Kucuk on unsplash


25We’ve got that fri-yay feeling, and we’re about to shut this building down! Fri-yeah! #fridayswithfriends #fridayvibes #friday


26I haven’t been this excited about Friday since… last Friday! Let’s get the weekend started! #weekendvibes #endofthedayfriday #worksout


27The only F words I want to hear are Friday, food, and friends. Bye-bye frustration! #restuarant #fridaynightdinner #friends



10 Friday Instagram Captions About Your Mood

Your Friday mood can be relaxed because it means that it’s the start of the weekend. It’s chill and mellow because you finally have some time to yourself, whether you choose to spend it alone or with friends/ family.
It can also be pretty upbeat if you have some sweet plans or have had a good week. It’s possible that you want to celebrate.
Here are 10 Friday Instagram captions that you can use to describe your mood this Friday:

28Employers look forward to Monday, but the employees look forward to Friday. #lazyfriday #dayoff #Friday


29You can kiss this workweek goodbye. It’s the weekend y’all! #friday #weekend #friyay


woman in gray coat kiss goodbye workweek tablet earphone
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio under pexels license


30No one is happier than I am today. I’ve been saying that it’s been a long week since Tuesday. Let’s go Friday! #friday #mood #weekendvibes


31Finally it’s Friday! This week has been exhausting! Can I get a Fri-yay? #turnup #fridaymood #happyfriday


32Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the moment that we’ve all been waiting for. Finally, it’s Friday. Enjoy it and have fun! #finally #friday #weekendmood


33May today be the Friday-est Friday that ever Friday-ed! We deserve it!#fridayvibes #friyay #fridaymood


34Don’t mind me; I’m just on my Friday night feels. Who knows where I’ll end up? #fridayfeels #fridaymood #fridaynight


cheerful woman happy friday mood talking on smartphone in the office

Photo by Gustavo Fring under pexels license


35Friday is my favorite day of the week. Can’t you tell? #photooftheday #instagood #Friday


36This is my Friday face! I want it to say: Friday fierce and Friday fever! #friday #weekendmakeup #fridaylook


37There’s nothing like a little Friday humor with my colleagues! Life is good if you want it to be! #fridaymood #officejokes #laughter


8 Friday Instagram Captions About Spending the Weekend at Home

If you’ve decided to make it a super chill Friday, and relax at home by yourself or with family, that’s perfectly fine too.
You deserve the time to yourself after such a long week. You can choose to get comfy and rest your busy body! You can kick your feet up, watch some TV, and stuff your face!
If you’re taking this weekend to yourself, here are eight Friday Instagram captions that you can use to describe your weekend at home:

38No plans, no problem. It’s going to be a cozy Friday in bed! #homebody #couchpotato #chillfriday


woman lying on bed pouted lips raising her foot

Photo by Wilson da Vitorino under pexels license


39This is my official “do not disturb” notice. I’ll be hibernating until Monday. #rest #relaxation #home


40This week was a rush. Taking time to relax is super important for everyone! #weekendoff #weekendathome #metime


41This is the start of another relaxing weekend at home. You deserve it! #dayoff #break #weekendrest


42There’s no better feeling than coming home on a Friday and going dark/disconnecting. #weekend #netflixandchill #nightin


woman on the black sofa wearing tiger costume beside the white dog with laptop bear pizza in front

Photo by Micki on reshot


43This week is over, and I can forget about it now. #Friday #worksout #chillax


44It’s Friday! You should go home, kiss your partner, and hug your kids. You can forget about the struggles of this week. #familyfirst #familyfriday #gamenight


45Nothing beat PJs and your favorite series on a Friday night. #TVnight #friday #fridayathome



We know that you’re busy, maybe having a good time this weekend, so we thought it would be nice to spare you the stress of coming up with a good caption for your Instagram feed.
Now that you have 45 Friday Instagram captions, you’re pretty much set for the next 45 Fridays!
Which caption will you be using as your Friday Instagram caption this week?