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40 of the Best Instagram Captions for Hiking and Adventure lovers

40 of the Best Instagram Captions for Hiking and Adventure lovers

Hiking is a favorite pastime for many people, and there’s something about being one with nature that you simply cannot get in the city. Naturally, you’ll want to share what you have experienced when hiking with friends/family, so you’ll need Instagram captions for hiking to match.

We’ve put together a list of the best Instagram captions that anyone can use when sharing a snapshot of mountain/hiking trail views; people can use these captions to describe their experience when hiking and even when they are talking about their outfits/equipment.

These Instagram captions can be copied and pasted, or they can be tweaked to your liking; in any case, you’ll want to use them and enjoy the reactions you get!


16 Instagram captions for hiking: Mountain/hiking trails views

One of the best parts about hiking is all of the sights that you get to see and the breath-taking view that you get to witness when you reach the top of the mountain.
You can easily snap a picture to share with friends or family, but it will never be the same as actually being there.
When you pick an Instagram caption for hiking about your mountain/hiking trail views, it should capture either what you are feeling or seeing; in fact, it may even capture both.
Here are a few words that you can use to sum up your views; here are some relevant hashtags to go with the messages:

01No matter where you are in life, sometimes you just need to change your altitude to see the bigger picture! #views #perspective #hikingculture


woman in black hat looking at the lake
Photo by Peter Pheap on reshot


02Life is so much better when you’re surrounded by big trees, breathing mountain air, and looking at mountains. #hikinglife #mountain #wilderness


03True happiness is where the WIFI is weak, and everything else in the world seems so small. #getaway #mountainview #hiking


04If you want the best view in life, you’ve got no choice but to make the hardest climbs. #hikefitness #hikerlife #endurance


05My grandpa told me to always take the scenic route, so here I am! I’m on top of a mountain! #hikersofinstagram #photooftheday #mountainview


woman in tank top with cap raising her hand on top of concrete beautiful view

Photo by Kristine Fabian on reshot


06Sunsets are better when you watch them from the top of the world and with the people you love! #summit #hikemore #mountainscape


07It is sometimes hard to see the beauty of the world when you’re stuck in it, so you should getaway every now and then. #lonewolf #mountainclimbing #mountainscapes


08You’ll never truly appreciate the gift that is nature until you see it from the highest point of view. #mountainart #mountaintop #trailadventure


09Here we are; the sky is above us; the earth is below us, and nature is all around us. We are truly blessed. #blessed #familyhike #naturelovers


10Hiking has taught me that “it’s just a hill,” and you’ll love it once you get over it. #traillife #mountaintrail #hiking


four people on cueva ventana arecibo puerto rico

Photo by Yarisrv on reshot


11Forget Gucci and Louis Vuitton because there’s no designer quite like Mother Nature. I promise that it’s even better in real life! #natureshot #naturewalk #mountainlife


12Not everyone who wanders is lost; some people just take different paths to get to the top. #forestrail #mountainview #hikersofinstagram


13There’s no such thing as too much fresh air, so you should get out and enjoy the world around you! #mountainair #cleanair #naturewalk


man sitting on the rock looking at the sea of clouds

Photo by ! Marko on reshot


14The further I climb, the better it gets. I will never stop climbing! #mountaineers #hikinglover #view


15The climb is hard, but the view is divine. Who’s coming next time? #mountainpals #hikingbuddy #hikewithfriends


16You have to climb the hill before you can enjoy the view. Read that again. #inspiration #naturelife #experience-nature


14 Instagram captions for hiking: What’s good about a hiking experience

Besides the views and sights, people get to see that another reason why many people hike is for the experience. Hiking is a good form of exercise that can help keep you fit.
Hiking is also great for mental health, and it is a good form of therapy. While you are exploring and finding new places, hiking also affords you a chance to discover yourself and learn more about your hiking partners.
Hiking isn’t for everyone, but a good Instagram caption for hiking could change some people’s minds. A great Instagram caption for hiking should make your followers wish that they were there with you.
This is how you can talk about what’s good when it comes to your hiking experience:

17My spirit animal is the fierce mountain lion that runs wild and free through the forest. #KingoftheForest #mountainlion #hikingisfun


two lions standing near woods in daytime

Photo by Public Domain Pictures under pexels license


18Up here, all of my problems suddenly seem to disappear, and my mind is finally at peace. #peacful #nature #tranquil


19When life gives you mountains, you just have to put on your boots and climb over them. #perseverance #hikinglife #hikingboots


20By now, we should all know that nothing good in life comes easy, and everything that is worth it is always an uphill battle. #takeahiketoday #hikeday #hikelife


nature photography sun summer hat desert hiking utah arches landscapes capture explore tan polaroid

Photo by alysha tse on reshot


21The summit is what drives us to keep climbing, but the climb teaches you so much along the way. #lifelessons #naturelesson #mountainlife


22Sometimes, you just need to hike more and worry less. Meet me at the top! #hikingwithfriend #naturetherapy #mountainchronicles



23The world is there for us to explore, why not hike it together? #grouphike #hikewithfriends #mountainculture


24Nature walks are cheaper than therapy, and they are much more fun. I should do this more often. #naturetherapy #onewithnature #exhale


hikers relax on a mountainside meadow in colorado friends lying
Photo by Jes Bickhart on reshot


25If you take a hike, you have nothing to lose, but you have so much to see and feel. #hikingtrail #metime #mountainlover


26Working a 9 am to 5 pm may fill your pocket and your stomach, but taking a hike will fill your heart and soul! #takingabreak #natureappreciation #soulsearching


27Seeing the sunrise from all the way up here is what makes waking up early and taking a hike worth it! #hikeexercise #hikefit #sunrise


28Something about watching the sun peek from behind the peaks lights up my soul. #beautyofnature #experience #hikingbenefit


woman in top tank with backpack hiking sunset

Photo by marco bertoli on reshot


29Hiking is like life in that all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other, until you arrive at your destination! #lifelessons


30A wise man once said, “When you climb a hill, you will receive far more than what you seek.” The wise man is me. #thoughtfortheday


10 Instagram captions for hiking: Hiking outfits/equipment

When hiking, you will need special outfits and equipment to make your hike as comfortable and as safe as possible.
Hiking equipment can include things like boots, rope, knives, multiuse tools, a first aid kit, lamps/torches, maps, compass, food, water, matches, warm clothes, sunscreen, and hats.
Pots,pans, insect repellent, sleeping bags, tents, water-filtration systems, and toilet paper can also come in handy, depending on if you plan to stay overnight.
You don’t have to include all of this in your caption because they’ll already be in the picture, but you can use your caption to give tips. You can simply share with your followers about how you feel or about your hiking outfit.
Here are 10 examples of Instagram captions for hiking outfits and equipment:

31When you hit the trail, you should be sure to pack a tent because chances are that you’ll never want to leave. #nightunderthestars #onewithnature #hikingequipment


woman with bonnet sitting near tent with a cup of coffee

Photo by Julian Bialowas on unsplash


32My dad always told me to dress in layers because mountain weather is as bipolar as my mother. #hikinghumor #hikingoutfit #hikesmart


33You can count on me bringing nothing but a map, hunting knife, and a compass. That’s how real men hike in the woods. #Kingoftheforest #Manvswild #huntingtrip



34The first thing that I packed is snacks because I don’t think I could stomach squirrels or bugs! #firsttimehiking #campfire #hikingsnacks


35You should travel light because you’ll have a tough time making it to the top. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. #backpacking #hikelife #mountaineer


man standing on the rock while looking at the lake
Photo by Sébastien Goldberg on unsplash


36Who said that you have to look like a hobo when hiking? You can click the link in my bio to get this outfit! #hikingoutfit #drip #cuteoutfit


37The only reason that I’m here is because I bought cute camping gear! I’m going to put it to good use. #hikinggear #campinggear #equipment


38Hiking never looked so cute! I might get kidnapped by a bear! #hikinggirls #hikingfashionista #hikingclothes


black hiking backpack fujifilm stax mini camera shoes red jacket

Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on unsplash


39Life gets better when you get your hiking boots muddy! #hikingboots #mountaintrail #hikingoutfit


40If your outfit doesn’t get dirty, did you even hike at all? #hikingchicks #hikingadventures #hikingtrip



When you use these Instagram captions for hiking the next time you post pictures of your latest hiking trip, the chances are that you’ll get much more likes than you did before.
Sure, a picture can say a thousand words, but good Instagram captions for hiking will help put things into context. It will make others appreciate what you have posted even more.
Selecting the right caption is of great importance; otherwise, people will wonder what on earth you are talking about.
You’ll want to be sure to choose a caption that actually matches your picture or experience, and you can customize it as needed in order to make your Instagram captions for hiking as authentic and likeable as possible.