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25+ Best Instagram Captions for Your Nature Photos

25+ Best Instagram Captions for Your Nature Photos

If you’re a nature lover that also uses Instagram, chances are that you have crafted a few Instagram captions for your nature photos before.

It’s a breeze for some people, but a nightmare for others. If you’re ever in the latter group, we have a solution for you. Check out these 25+ awesome Instagram captions for your nature photos.


Instagram Captions for your Nature photos: on How Amazing Mother Nature is


01Wow wow wow!!!!!……….Just look at how clear the morning is.
The mountains in the distance, the sun shining gold in the corner, the birds chirping,….even the wind in my hair….Isn’t #MotherNature just so #amazing? I can’t get enough of it, ever!


nature sun rays on tree branches
Photo by jms319 on reshot


02On days like today, I wake up and look out the window and immediately, the first thing I realize is the beautiful world around me.
Forget the views, because #MotherNature is just so unique and amazing, just being in it every day.


03Oh my God, see how beautiful that mountain looks in the background? I took this photo by accident while trying to capture some monkeys playing in the trees nearby.
I missed the monkeys, but I got this blessing instead. Isn’t it quite a sight, with the sun shining behind it so beautifully? #MotherNature #Nature #Kilimanjaro


nature photography man taking a picture using smartphone

Photo by Gabriel Coast on reshot


04I just finished watching this nature documentary on #NatGeo about lions and their prey, and I am in pure bliss. I’m totally in awe about how wonderful #Mother #Nature is.
Just seeing the animals coexist with each other and the environment around them shows how beautifully balanced the earth is. I am in #awe. #NatGeo, I want #more!!


05That is the wonder called the Amazon forest of South America in an aerial view. Isn’t it beautiful? #MotherNature is such a wonder! 


06My daughter sent me this photo last week from her trip to Africa of the Victoria
Falls on the Zambezi River, and I am still blown away by the beauty and magnitude of the whole thing. It’s just so majestic and beautiful, isn’t it?


07Yes, I know, that’s me in the middle (my weight loss regimen is working!!!) and that’s the beautiful #GrandCanyon in the background!!! Isn’t it such a #marvel, this deep, beautiful depression?
#MotherNature is ever so beautiful and amazing (like yours truly).


woman walking at the grand canyon

Photo by Kira Minehart on reshot


08I finally made it to my back garden after weeks away on a business trip, and it was a mess. But, as you can see, it was still so beautiful.
The earth, the plants, the flowers the bees all together; it’s just so #natural and so #relaxing and so #inspiring. I could stay here #allday.



09Just look at that—the river, the people playing in it, the trees and undergrowth all around it, the falls in the background, the birds flying by. Isn’t it all just so beautiful?
To think that we’re destroying all of this just makes me feel so terrible about #humanity and Mother #Nature.


10We (@GreatestWife and I) finally made it to Yellowstone National Park after years of planning and setbacks, and the first thing we saw was this beautiful expanse of shrub covered with sunlight that we couldn’t get enough of.
#SoBeautiful #MotherNature


art boiling eruption fog
Image from Pixabay under pexels license


11I parked on the #Interstate in the great state of #Nevada today and took this video….there’s a certain beauty in desert arid climates that we don’t always appreciate.
I saw it instantly when I stepped out of the car. #MotherNature #Beautiful #Nevada


landscape photography of rock formation near highway

Photo by Quintin Gellar under pexels license


12See what I found? It’s a beautiful yellow-blue-red #butterfly!
So beautiful. #MyCollection of butterfly photos from this trip grows every day, thanks to the beautiful artwork of #MotherNature.


Instagram Captions About Nature: on Global Warming, Bad Weather, Natural Disasters, and Pollution.


13I found these photos from a documentary on #NPR that showed how much of the environment is being damaged as we speak. If this doesn’t break your heart, then I don’t know what will.
We need more nature #documentaries and platforms like #NPR to introduce people to this growing universal danger. #FightClimateChange


14I have to admit there were times when I thought the discussion on #climatechange and #globalwarming was bogus, but now I think different.
These photos of a new desert where a mini-forest used to be in the #African nation of #Chad were all I needed to change my views.
This is happening right now, and it’s so dangerous! #ProtectMotherNature #ClimateChangeIsReal


man standing on dirt track during day time

Photo by Jairph on unsplash


15Did you know that rivers—like this one in the photo—are drying out completely every year around the world? Did you know that hundreds of similar rivers are actually full of rubbish and waste around the world? It’s true.
It’s just so sad to think that this is happening on our doorsteps, and we’re doing almost nothing about it, right from our top leadership. Looking at you Mr. @POTUS.


garbage on body of water

Photo by Yogendra Singh under pexels license


16As you can see, raindrops…raindrops…raindrops…It’s been raining nonstop for FOUR days here in Paris! Just so you know,
Paris is still beautiful when it rains, but this is getting out of hand. Maybe this is what #climatechange is all about?


17Photos from the #earthquake in #Haiti. So much destruction everywhere. I am heartbroken for the lovely people of Haiti and what they’re going through.
Sometimes it feels like #MotherNature gets so mad and just lashes out at us.


scar marks of the earthquake

Photo by AKO110 on photo-ac


18I have to admit that this photo of an Australian volcano erupting gives me mixed feelings….elation and disappointment.
Elation because it’s so beautiful to watch happen, and disappointment because it’s so polluting and so destructive. #MotherNature can be confusing at times.



19Look at all the waste in the ocean…all plastics and #nonbiodegradable😣. #God put us in charge of all the other creatures on this earth, and so far, we’ve killed almost everything we’ve touched.
Case in point: the fish in this ocean.


20I think we should all be like #GretaThurnberg and make the fight against #globalwarming and #climatechange our purpose in life.
I stand with #GretaThurnberg. #ProtectTheEarth


planet over profit signage
Photo by Markus Spiske under pexels license


21People, #globalwarming is real. It shouldn’t be this hot out in the fall.


22This is a Delhi road in the early morning rush-hour. Look at the fines, look at the vehicles, look at all this congestion. Look at all those people. Look at all this pollution.
And every day we pretend we don’t see it. #climatechange #NewDelhi #MotherNature


23This plastic water bottle has already been disposed of onto the ground.
Next, it will be washed off into the ocean/sea, and we’ll all be suffering the effects of its pollution. Such ugly times we live in.


close up photo of plastic bottle

Photo by Catherine Sheila under pexels license


24Hey #fam, it’s true what scientists say. Ice blocks at the poles are melting faster than we know, and it’s all because we’ve heated up the atmosphere beyond normal.
It’s also true that the sea level is rising as we speak. #climatechange #globalwarming


icebergs on top of water

Photo by Guillaume Falco under pexels license


Instagram Captions About Nature: When Encouraging People to Teasure Nature or Protect the Environment


25Hello to my people! This is your daily reminder to consider the environment as you go about your business today. Don’t dump waste on the street, use a bin. Don’t use aerosols.
Treasure the #nature around you; it can disappear in a second. Be nice to the environment, because it has been nice to you. Don’t disregard #globalwarming; it’s real. #HaveANiceDay #Goodmorning


greyscale can photo

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood under pexels license


26That’s me with @louisegg and the kids composting and recycling our household waste last weekend.
We like to think we can contribute to protecting our environment by doing the small things and doing them well. You can try recycling and composting too; it’s not hard at all. #ProtectTheEnvironment #climatechange



27If I were in #heaven and in charge of earth’s environmental affairs, I would make sure nothing is mishandled by the human race at all. I would tax industries highly and make rivers clean themselves of dangerous waste. But, that’s all a dream.
We should be working on ways to keep the environment safe NOW! #stopclimatechange


28Happy new month, people! Hope you’re having a good transition. This new month, don’t forget to be kind to yourself, to be kind to your neighbors and to be friendly to everyone. Also, be one with the earth and #MotherNature.
Fight waste mismanagement. Protect your environment. Treasure the nature around you. Finally, keep in shape. #HappyNewMonth!


separate trash bins photo
Photo by acworks on photo-ac


29I have decided to do one new thing starting today: protect and cherish the nature and environment around me.
I know that being more mindful about my #carbonfootprint won’t change the world’s massive #climatechange problem in its entirety, but it’s a good start. I am hopeful that I can #contribute, and I am sure #MotherNature will be better for it.



If you’re a nature-lover looking for the best Instagram captions for your nature photos, look no farther. We understand how busy you might be, and how difficult it is to think of something new.
Create your own Instagram captions about nature can be a pain, but try one of our 20+ Instagram captions about mother nature and get inspired.