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45 of the Best Sunset Captions for Instagram that Work Wonderfully

45 of the Best Sunset Captions for Instagram that Work Wonderfully

Even the best photos of sunsets are bound to get lost on Instagram, especially without the right Instagram captions for sunset attached to them. Good captions explain and highlight your photos for followers across the platform.

When fitted with hashtags, they can also get you more followers. If creating captions doesn’t come naturally to you, you can check some of our ideas for Instagram captions for sunsets below.


Instagram Captions for Sunsets: For photos of beautiful sunset views


01Is there anything more beautiful than a #sunset in #LA? I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for three minutes to watch this beauty of nature.


city near mountain during golden hour photo
Photo by Roberto Nickson under pexels license


02This is, hands down, the most enchanting sunset that I have ever seen. It’s like perfection hanging down from the sky for two hours every day.


03Do you ever wonder what life would be like without beautiful sunsets? I think that it would be incomplete, and we would feel it.


04I woke up from a nap, and this beautiful sunset was the first thing that I saw from my window. Now, you know why I feel #blessed.


05Beautiful, magical sunsets like these only happen in beautiful, magical places like Colorado. You’ve got to see it in person to believe it!#Colorado #sunset


photo of a woman wearing cap silhouette sunset

Photo by Rifqi Ramadhan under pexels license


06Somehow, the beautiful city skyline of Minneapolis isn’t the highlight of this photo. The #sunset in the background is almost magical.


07If I could, I would watch sunsets like this forever. No, I’d pay to watch sunsets like this forever. I would do anything to experience this beauty live.


08Let’s look at just how beautiful this sunset view is. I didn’t know that we had sunsets that looked this great, right here in New York City.


09I don’t know about you, but this sunset just speaks directly to my soul. Every time that I see it, I just feel its beauty wash all over me.


10If I could have any aspect of nature painted into an art piece, I would choose this sunset view. It’s just sobeautiful, no?


five people walking in body of water carrying baskets wearing sakkat

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh under pexels license


11I hate that sunsets in New Jersey (as in the photo) fly by so fast because they are so beautiful and so captivating. Wouldn’t you agree?


For photos of romantic moments with loved ones under a sunset


12I used to hate #sunsets; I found them so annoying. Then, I found you, #darling, and now I see what all of the fuss is about.


man in long sleeves and woman wearing stripes happy during golden hour

Photo by Sotaliya on reshot


13The moment when you chance upon a beautiful sunset with the love of your life beside you, there are very few words to describe it. #BeachThings #Vacation #Staycation


14Is it me? Or, are sunsets just the most romantic settings for lovers? I can almost smell the love in this photo.


15If the chance came up, I’d trade everything to get more evenings of sunset views like these ones, especially with you by my side babe @katebush.



16My baby @piwer and I taking in the sunset from the best seats that nature’s house can provide. I can’t remember a more beautiful evening, babe.


17Me and you, kissing under a beautiful sunset in Venice Beach shows endless love. Let’s do this every weekend. Need I say more?


silhouettes of couple kissing in the sunset
Photo by Snapwire under pexels license


18Hey @janep, when they say that some moments with our loved ones never die, I always think of this moment. I think about us watching the sunset, while being happy and free together.


19I didn’t know that you could watch the sunset for hours and feel good doing it. When you’re with someone whom you love, anything is possible.


20I have been searching for a while, and I still can’t find the words to describe how magical it is to spend beautiful sunsets with you, babe.


21There’s something empowering and beautiful about letting the sunset glow all over you. It feels even better when you’re with the love of your life.


man and woman boat rowing in sea during golden hour

Photo by Sebastian Voortman under pexels license


22This is our last weekend to enjoy the sunset like we’ve never seen it before. It’s one of the best ways to spend an evening, by far.


23Who knew evenings spent with loved ones could feel this amazing? I think we can blame the beautiful sunset today; it just feels so good to be here.


Instagram Captions for Sunsets: For photos of excellent places for viewing sunsets


24Today’s #sunset found me here, up on the #GoldenGate bridge, and I couldn’t help taking these shots. What do you think of the view?


silhouette of golden gate bridge during sunset

Photo by Mohamed Almari under pexels license


25Right about now, I’d give anything to get a chance to watch a sunset from here again. It’s such an amazing view and so romantic.


26No, room service isn’t the best part about staying at the #Carpenter Hotel in downtown Boston. Watching the city’s magical sunset from your balcony is.


27Do you remember those days when life seemed dark and ugly? This view of the sunset through my window is what helps me feel better.


28My pals and I landed on this spot by accident last night, and we later discovered it had the most amazing view of the sunset.


silhouette of man standing on beach during sunset trees water

Photo by Vlada Karpovich under pexels license


29If you’re ever in Nice, you don’t want to leave without catching a view of the sunset from the D’arcy Lodge. I still think about its beauty weeks later.


30Climbing up to the roof wasn’t very fun, but I ended up with the best view of the Los Feliz sunset (as seen in the photo).


31On my hike yesterday, I discovered this hidden spot with the best sunset view on this side of the Atlantic. I was in awe for hours.


32Can you see the sunset glowing over the city of Florence, as viewed and snapped from my hotel room window? It’s just beautiful, right? I was blown away too.


aerial photography of city buildings lights mountain

Photo by Josh Hild under pexels license


33There’s no better place for catching a beautiful sunset in all of its glory than on the bonnet of your car. That’s how I got this shot.


34For all of these years in Chicago, I had never experienced the city’s sunset this way before. Who knew sunsets could look this beautiful and amazing?


Instagram Captions for Sunset: Wise words or philosophies related to sunsets


35Sunsets are akin to human beauty; they can be beautiful and captivating in a magical way. As with age, sunsets soon fade into darkness.


man standing on the rock looking at the sun sunrays clouds water moving

Photo by Joshua Earle on unsplash


36The magic of a golden sunset is not in its beauty, but it’s in its message of renewal as it turns into night then back into day. Nothing lasts forever.


37This just occurred to me: We wouldn’t have our beautiful sunsets if our days were endless. Often times, good enough is not enough. There’s way more underneath.



38Life is a mix of sunsets and dark skies. The happiest people choose to see the positive things in every life situation, and the sunset is one of those positive things.


39Sunsets always make me feel so hopeful about life. To me, they’re a harbinger of positive change and a sign that better things are coming my way. #Mondaywisdom


birds flying on top of the sea during sunset waves
Photo by Simon Marsault unsplash


40Think about how beautiful sunsets happen; it’s time for the sun to shine somewhere else. Your turn to receive the universe’s blessings is coming soon.


41As the sun sets and you appreciate its beauty, you should remember not only the beauty of nature, but you should also think about the power of God who is the creator of all things.


42Isn’t it just the most amazing thing how picturesque sunsets are actually clouds with evening sunlight rays sweeping through? There’s always something beyond the surface.


43Every sunset is a sacrifice; it happens because the earth wants another one of its regions to receive some sunlight. Endless sunsets would mean endless nights for others.


reflection sunset health thinking wellness inspirational golden hour woman hair

Photo by Liam Huber on reshot


44You can’t capture sunsets in a bottle because they’re too precious. This is true for many of life’s most precious moments; sunsets don’t last forever. #appreciate #nature


45Never let the sun set without forgiving those that have wronged you that day. You can reach out and try to understand the point of view of others.



If you’ve taken some amazing sunset photographs for Instagram, you’ll need to attach good Instagram captions for sunset to them. That way, your photos will be easier to understand, and they will stand out from the pack.
Not everyone can write amazing captions. If you’re one of those people who struggle with words, you can get some classic but unique ideas for your next Instagram captions for sunset from our list above.