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20 of the Best Other Ways to Say “Beautiful” 

20 of the Best Other Ways to Say “Beautiful” 

When you see something or somebody attractive, or you think looks great, the first descriptive word that pops into your head is “beautiful”. Surely there are other ways to say beautiful to keep things fresh, especially when saying it to a partner.

In this post, we’ll take a look at several other ways to say something is beautiful without being so basic.

Here are 20 other ways to say it without using that word:


8 other ways to say “You’re beautiful” to your partner

Complimenting your partner does a lot for his/her confidence, and can help to reassure him/her that you are still attracted to him/her.
The mistake many people make is taking their partners for granted, which sometimes causes them to seek approval and appreciation from others.
Here are 8 other ways to say beautiful that will make your partner feel loved:

01“You’re the most handsome man in the world”
Men get insecure, just like women sometimes. Think about it, how many men try to flirt with you, or thirst after your pictures on Instagram on Facebook?
Even though you’re with him, he can still feel a bit insecure, especially if he thinks those men are better looking.
This is a good way to let him know he’s beautiful, and more importantly that you think he’s the most handsome of them all.
This will help to boost his confidence and make him feel more secure in his role as your boyfriend/husband.


long haired guy woman lying on his arms
Photo by NeONBRAND on unsplash


02“I can’t take my eyes off you”
When something beautiful catches anyone’s eye, the natural reaction is to do a double-take or stare at it.
Saying this to your partner is an excellent idea because it means that you’re mesmerized by his/her beauty and that he/she is a great sight to behold.


03“You look super cute”
This is a good expression to use when your partner gets all dressed up and you want to let him/her know how good he/she looks with his/her hair that way, or in the outfit that he/she has on.
It can also help a great deal if your partner is feeling insecure about his/her appearance.


man and woman white sweater guy lying on bed woman sitting looking on each other

Photo by Valerie Elash under Unsplash License


04“I can’t get over how your eyes sparkle”
If you say this to your partner randomly, you are guaranteed to make him/her smile. It shows that you have been paying close attention and that you think his/her eyes are beautiful.


05“Your smile melts my heart”
This is a good thing to say to your partner when you think he/she has a great smile. You may also use it when your partner asks you for something, as another way to say you could never say no to such a beautiful face.


06“Why do you look so yummy?”
You can use the word yummy or delicious in this sense to say that your partner looks good enough to eat. In other words, he/she is very attractive to you at that moment and you can’t keep your hands to yourself.


sea bridge woman kissing guy wind

Photo by Vladyslav_ Levin on reshot


07“I can’t stop thinking about how stunning you look”
This is a good compliment to use on a date or any special occasion that your partner has dressed up for. Saying this will make him/her feel super confident and more importantly, loved.


08“You’re more than I could ever ask for”
Everyone has moments of insecurity, and it’s your job as a partner to dispel those negative thoughts, especially if it’s to do with your relationship.
This is one of the best ways to say beautiful when your partner thinks something silly, like you’re out of his/her league.
It will make him/her know that it is not true and you’re grateful for the opportunity to call him/her yours.


guy with shades wearing denim jacket

Photo by cihan soysakal under unsplash


7 other ways to say beautiful to describe a girl

Girls are used to compliments about how beautiful they are, so how can you make yours stand out to a crush or even a friend?
Are there any other ways to say beautiful to describe a female? Yes, there are!
Here are 7 ways to do so:

09“She looks pretty as always”
It is good to use this when you want to let someone know that she takes good care of herself and always looks pretty, or beautiful. It can also mean that no matter how she dresses or acts, you will always find her attractive.



10“Her beauty is incomparable”
This is a good phrase to use when you want to share with someone that you found a one-of-a-kind girl. It means that she has a unique beauty and doesn’t look like any other girl, in your opinion.


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Photo by acworks author on photo-ac


11“You are drop-dead gorgeous”
If you want to compliment the girl directly, “drop-dead gorgeous” is a good phrase to use to describe how beautiful she is. It means she is very beautiful, so much so that you can hardly believe anyone is this gorgeous.


12“She looks like an angel”
Angels are known to be beautiful, heavenly creatures, so comparing her to an angel can only mean that she is very beautiful. It can also mean that she has an exotic or unusual kind of beauty that you don’t see very often.


View of couple holding hands black and white

mage from Pixabay under Pexels license


13“You have a face to die for!”
You can use this with a girl you aren’t necessarily interested in dating, but you want to let her know that she is really pretty. It is good to say this because it can brighten up her day and make her feel more confident.


14“I’m surprised she isn’t a model”
Models are the beauty standard in any era, so this means that the girl is so beautiful that she could easily grace magazine covers or runways.


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Photo by Valerie Elash on unsplash


15“I have never laid my eyes on someone whose beauty is so captivating.”
This phrase means that you have never seen someone so beautiful in real life. It also means that you find yourself lost in her beauty and find it difficult to keep your eyes off her.


5 other ways to describe a view that is beautiful

Nature has a unique beauty that all of us can appreciate. When you come across a beautiful view, you can share your thoughts with others by using any of these other ways to say beautiful:

16“This is breath-taking”
Using the word breath-taking to describe a view is self-explanatory.
It doesn’t mean that it literally takes your breath away: instead, it is so magnificent that it is hard to put into words exactly what you feel about it.
In other words, its beauty has left you speechless.


bird s eye view of waterfall big body of blue water ice

Photo by Landon Arnold on unsplash


17“It’s so heavenly!”
Heaven is considered to be the most beautiful place to go.
To compare a view to heaven means that you’ve never seen anything like it. It can also mean that it appears very peaceful.



The word picturesque can be used to describe a view that you feel inclined to take a picture of. This means that it is perfect: it is scenic and very beautiful.
It is good to use especially if the view is untouched by humans, like a mountain, unspoiled beach, or lush trees.


woman in tank top with cap raising her hand on top of concrete beautiful view
Photo by Kristine Fabian on reshot


Charming is another word for beautiful that means something is pleasant or delightful to look at. It doesn’t have to be the most beautiful thing in the world, it just means that you appreciate its appearance


Use pristine when you want to describe something that is beautiful on its own and has not been enhanced in any way by humans.
It can be used to describe somewhere remote that retains its original purity, like a nature reserve or protected landmark.



As you now know, beautiful is not the only word you can use to describe something that you find attractive or pretty. With these other ways to say beautiful, you can express your thoughts in various ways without seeming repetitive or basic.