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10 Heart-breaking Examples of a Death Announcement on Facebook

10 Heart-breaking Examples of a Death Announcement on Facebook

Losing a loved one is difficult to say the least, and it comes with a rollercoaster of emotions, especially sadness. Making a death announcement on Facebook isn’t the same as posting other things, and it can be tough to come up with something in this grievous time.

As hard as it is to accept the news, making a death announcement lets other people in your loved one’s life know what has happened.

Facebook can be a good medium to make a death announcement since it connects all your loved ones in one place.

If you can’t come up with a good Facebook post, we’ve prepared some for you that are sure to express everything you want to and give you the much-needed time to grieve peacefully.

Here are 10 heart-breaking examples of a death announcement on Facebook you can use:


What should a death announcement on Facebook include?

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A death announcement or notice is a statement from the loved ones of the deceased. It is a formal way to state that the person has died.
It is generally posted where most of the people who know the deceased will see it, for example in a newspaper, email, or on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
A death announcement on Facebook may include the cause of death, but the family may opt not to include it if it is something sensitive, like an illness the deceased chose not to disclose during his/her life.
It should include a warning of its contents, and may also include the place, date and time of death.
Some people include a small summary of the person’s life such as their occupation, hobbies, education, and special achievements.
If a funeral has been planned, some people use this opportunity to announce it or let it be known that it will be announced at a later date.
Some death announcements will mention surviving or already deceased family members such as a spouse, children, parents, sibling/s, other close family and even pets.
Others can include the name of an organization or charity to which donations can be made.
The manner in which a death announcement is written will also vary, depending on whether the deceased is a parent, child, or spouse.
The wording will differ, and certain phrases like “my love” would be used for a partner, while “my angel” would generally be used for a child.

2 death announcements of your loved ones who passed in an accident

Accidents happen, and unfortunately, they can take the ones we love with them. Whether it was a car crash, mining accident, or a freak accident, you can post any of these death announcements on Facebook:

01Trigger warning: This post contains an obituary
It devastates me to announce the untimely death of my dear husband/wife, [insert name of spouse].
On [insert date], [insert first name of spouse] was involved in a fatal car crash which claimed his/her life, along with [insert number of victims] other victims.
Since we heard the news, my family has been struggling to cope with knowing our role model has gone.
To know him/her was to love him/her and he/she will be greatly missed. Having supported [insert name of charity] for nearly [insert number of years involved], we thought it would be fitting for everyone who intends to send cards or flowers to make a donation in his/her honor.
Funeral arrangements have not yet been discussed and will be communicated once completed. We hope to see you all at the celebration of his/her life.


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02Warning: Death announcement
Last night my family received the most devastating news from the [insert name of hospital] that [insert name of person] was rushed to in order to receive treatment for a suspected hit and run.
Unfortunately, he/she succumbed to his/her injuries at the hospital and passed away at [insert time]. At this time, no funeral arrangements have been made and will be communicated at a later date.
Until then, we welcome your prayers and ask that you use this time to reflect on his/her life. We already miss him/her, and know that this loss is deeply felt by many.
He/she would want us to lift each other up and remain strong in the face of such a tragic loss.


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2 death announcements of your loved ones who died from a disease

Losing a loved one from a disease is a type of grief that many could not understand unless they experience it themselves.
Often, the family and friends of the deceased know that the day of death is near, and continue hoping that tomorrow is not that day.
But it happens, and when it does, here’s how you can make the death announcement on Facebook:

03Sad announcement ahead
As many of you already know, my mother has had an ongoing battle with breast cancer for the past 4 years, and on [insert date and time], she passed away peacefully in her sleep.
It is consoling knowing that she did not exit this life in pain and that I had the opportunity to be with her during her last days.
I know life without her will not be easy, but she raised a strong woman who will one day see past this cloud of grey.
Following her wishes, her body will be laid to rest in her home country of [insert name of country] alongside the rest of her family members on [insert funeral date].
In place of funeral donations, she specified her charity of choice, [insert name of charity].


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04Gone, but never forgotten
At the tender age of [insert age of deceased child], [insert name of child] answered heaven’s calls and is now walking alongside the angels.
She was the light in all our eyes and a precious daughter, sister, and friend to many. Her memory will continue to beat in our hearts as we mourn the loss of her battle with acute kidney damage.
You are all welcome to join the family to reflect on her short time here on Earth in the Facebook group we’ve created in her honor. It’s not easy to say goodbye, but together, we will learn how to live with this.


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How to make a death announcement of your loved ones who died in a pandemic on Facebook


A pandemic takes so many lives that it can seem like there’s always news of death.
It can be depressing to see this as we scroll down our timelines but everyone deserves to show their respect and honor the lives of the deceased.
Here are 2 ways to make a pandemic death announcement on Facebook:

05This post contains sad news
In this most uncertain time, no one could have known that my brother/sister, [insert name of sibling] would not be here to bring his/her usual joy to our lives.
His/her battle with COVID-19 started on [insert date of diagnosis] and ended on [insert date and time of death]. I want to take this time to encourage everyone to be careful and keep themselves safe as this pandemic does not care how rich or poor you are.
In light of the lockdowns and restrictions, we will not be hosting a memorial or funeral service, but we encourage remembrance posts to keep his/her memory alive as he/she passes over into the next life.


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06Warning: This is a COVID-19-related death announcement
There are no words to express the sadness a parent feels at the loss of a child so I will not try to feign strength I do not currently possess.
My son/daughter, [insert name of child] was taken prematurely by this pandemic that has plagued our world.
I will not hear the sound of his/her laughter or get to enjoy our time together any longer, but what I can do is ask that you all keep yourselves healthy so that no other parent, or friend, or relative will have to experience our pain.
There will be no official funeral service, but we will be hosting a memorial service on [insert date and time] in his/her memory.


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2 Death announcement about your loved ones who died in a natural disaster

Natural disasters are out of our control, and they bring along with them both death and destruction.
As we rebuild, it is important to announce the deaths of those we lost, and communicate it with the rest of their friends and family.
This is how you can make a natural disaster-related death announcement on Facebook:

07Death announcement
Hurricane [insert name of hurricane] has battered our beloved city/town of [insert name of city/town] and has brought with it great devastation in the form of my dear husband/wife’s death.
[Insert name of spouse] led a great life, leaving a lasting impression on everyone he/she met.
While attempting to rescue our dog who had accidentally got caught in the hurricane, he/she was struck by a loose awning and was rendered unconscious. The blow itself was not deadly but by the time help arrived it was too late.
As we mourn this loss together, let us remain thankful for the lives that were spared during this catastrophe and remember to hug the ones we love a little harder every day.


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08Sad news post
[insert name of deceased] is easily the funniest person you’ve ever met, and as of [insert date of death] his/her laugh will no longer be heard.
[insert first name of deceased] was caught in the vicious flood waters that we experienced over the weekend, and it is believed that she/he drowned while bravely getting others to safety.
As gut-wrenching as this is, he/she would want us to continue to live, laugh, and love, which was his/her life motto.
We will pay our respects on [insert date and time] at [insert location], after which we will scatter his/her ashes in [insert name of lake/river/pond/sea] so he/she can swim on forever.


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2 death announcements of your loved ones who committed suicide

Suicide is a very sensitive topic and when making a death announcement on Facebook about the deceased, it’s important to add a trigger warning at the top in consideration of those who lost loved ones to suicide, or those who are suicidal.
These are 2 useful examples of death announcements on Facebook that take this into consideration:

09Trigger warning: contains suicide related content
It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of my youngest/oldest/only child, [insert name of child].
He/she moved on from this realm on [insert date] and is to be buried at a private funeral on [insert date].
By now you have likely heard the news of the manner of his/her death, and as much as we appreciate your concern, I would prefer if you all respect my request for privacy at this time.


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10Trigger warning: contains suicide-related content
Dear friends and family of [insert first name of relative],
Our lives were forever changed on [insert date] by the untimely death of [insert name of relative] whose manner of death will not be disclosed to the public.
[insert first name of relative] was still a child at heart, continuing his love for [insert name of hobby] while juggling a busy work life as a [insert name of profession] and fathering/mothering [insert number of children].
He/she was almost superhuman and to lose him/her is a great tragedy. He/she leaves behind a wonderful husband/wife, [insert number of children] children, other relatives, and friends.
The funeral service for [insert name of relative] will commence on [insert date and time] at [insert place].



No one wants to make a death announcement about anyone they love, but it is something we must do when someone we cherish has passed.
Making a death announcement on Facebook saves you the pain of having to repeat it to multiple people, and gives you a chance to properly grieve.