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32 Happy Retirement Messages for Your Coworker

32 Happy Retirement Messages for Your Coworker

Retirement is a milestone worth celebrating.

Why? Because people dedicate their lives to their career and this milestone represents the time where they finally look forward to some much-needed rest and relaxation. Though it may be sad to watch your friend go, it is important that you wish them well during retirement or future endeavors.

Writing happy retirement messages can be tricky, especially if you have a lot to say. Need some help? Here are some happy retirement messages that your coworker will appreciate:


Happy retirement messages from a boss

As a boss, letting a valued employee go can be tough.
If you had a close, trusted relationship with the employee, you must send happy retirement messages to let them know how much they will be missed. Regardless of whether you were close, you must show all retiring employees your appreciation for their service.
Here are 10 happy retirement messages you could send as a boss:


For an employee you weren’t close with


01We at Hudson Global Services wish to thank you for 30 years of dedicated service. Your contribution to this company has been valued over these years and we hope you enjoy your much deserved retirement.


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02Based on feedback from your fellow employees and all the documented contributions you have made, I can readily tell that you were a wonderful asset to this company. I wish I had gotten the chance to get to know you more. Best wishes on your retirement.


03Best wishes from everyone at Millennium Auto Parts. After 20 years of service, you will finally have time to take care of yourself and spend with your family. Congratulations.


04Wishing you nothing but success for your retirement. All the hard work you have done for this company is greatly appreciated.


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05Retirement is a time to enjoy all the fruits of your labor. Take this time to relax and enjoy life. You have earned it.


For an employee you were close with


06Marty, you have been with us from day one so it is really sad for us to watch you leave, but you surely deserve this retirement.



07Although I will miss having my star broker at the office, no one is more deserving of retirement than you. Good luck


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08In all my years as General Manager, I have never come across an employee as enthusiastic and as professional as you. Thank you for all your hard work and may your retirement be stress-free and relaxing.


09Thank you for having such a positive attitude and brightening up the workplace for all these years. You will be missed. Happy retirement!


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10Happy retirement to a loyal employee and a dependable friend. Thank you for a job well done.


Happy retirement messages from a colleague

A great colleague can make even the most mundane jobs fun. When they retire, it is important to acknowledge what they meant to your work week, as well as to wish them well in the retirement.
Here are 14 happy retirement messages you can send as a colleague:

11When you walk through those doors for the last time, know that you will be leaving behind a legacy of professionalism, diligence, efficiency, and work ethic. You deserve a happy, restful retirement, though we will miss you daily.


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12Working here these past five years have been a blast because of you. I will miss having lunch with you every day and our talks, but I wish you a wonderful retired life.


13I know everyone else will be sending and messages about how much they miss you but I’m celebrating the fact that you can have a morning without a pesky alarm clock. Happy retirement!


14Bob, you have set a great example for everyone here and we will all try to follow in your footsteps when you are gone. Happy retirement!



15Retirement means that it is time to ditch the suit and tie and grab your Hawaiian shirt and beach sandals. After all, you deserve it! Happy retirement Greg.


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16To one of the best coworkers I’ve ever had: Happy retirement.


17Working with you has been a great privilege. Your creativity, ingenuity, and integrity have been an inspiration to me and I hope your retirement will be all that you have wanted and so much more.


18Don’t think that just because you don’t work here anymore, we won’t keep in touch. You are much more than a colleague- you have become a dear friend. Congratulations on your retirement!


19Congratulations on your well-earned retirement. You sure will be missed but I’m just glad that you can finally relax.


20My favorite part about working with you were the jokes and laughter we have shared. Thank you for all the wonderful memories! Happy retirement.


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21Happy retirement! May this new chapter in your life be relaxing and fun.


22I wish you the best as you enter into this new phase of your life. I will never forget all you have done for me.


23Even though you don’t work here anymore, you are still invited to all the group hangouts and get-togethers. You will always be a part of this family. Enjoy your retirement!



24Although it’s going to be weird not seeing you around the office, I hope that you spend as much time as you want walking around at home in your pajamas living your best life. Happy retirement!


Happy retirement messages from a client

If an employee from a firm or company you have worked with in the past is retiring, here are some happy retirement messages that you can send to show your support and appreciation:

25Wishing you a fruitful retirement. May this chapter of your life consist of wealth, good health, and happiness.


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26Congratulations on your retirement milestone. Enjoy your new-found freedom to the max!


27I heard you were retiring and I just wanted to say thank you for all your advice over the years. Good [insert job title] like you are hard to find. Happy retirement!


28Best wishes for your retirement. Now, the fun begins.



29Here’s to wishing you many happy years of retirement for the dedication you have shown to your career. Good luck.


30Happy retirement! Now that you are retired, you will have more time to focus on your hobbies. I’m looking forward to taking you up on that offer to play golf.


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31They say that you will have some of the best years of your life after retirement. I hope this holds true for you. After all, you deserve many restful and relaxing years for all your arduous work.


32Congratulations on your retirement. It was a pleasure working with someone who took pride in his job and imparted many important lessons to me during our collaborations. I hope you are able to enjoy your retirement to its fullest.



After dedicating themselves to a career, retirees hope to know that their work and dedication were appreciated and that they will be missed by their work families. These Happy retirement messages will do the job every time.