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Condolences Messages: 25 Different Ways to Say “Rest in Peace”

Condolences Messages: 25 Different Ways to Say “Rest in Peace”

Having to let someone you think dearly of go, and saying rest in peace is a hard thing to do, especially you can’t even bring yourself to say it. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways to say rest in peace that is less heavy, but convey the sincerest of emotions.

You’re grieving right now, so this is the worst time to pick your brain for other ways to say it especially when your mind is all over the place.

We sympathize with you and wish to help ease this devastating burden and hope whomsoever you lost will in fact rest in peace.

Here are 25 other ways to say rest in peace that you can use at the graveside, on your social media posts, and in your heart:


5 other ways to say “rest in peace” to your family member that has just passed away

No one wants to hear that their family member has passed away, after all, a family is forever. It hurts, but you can express your condolences in more ways than saying “rest in peace”.
Here are 5 other ways to say “rest in peace” when a family member has passed away:

01“You may be gone but you will never be forgotten”
This simple message says a lot. It is good to use because it says that their memory will always be celebrated and remembered.


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Photo by joaph under Pixabay License


02“May you rest eternally in sweet slumber”
This short message is good for distant family members, like cousins you rarely see but have love for.


03“I find comfort in knowing you are finally free.
This is good to use when the family member was sick or in a vegetative state. Now that they have passed, they are free from all the pain and suffering.


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Photo by Alexander Andrews on unsplash


04“You were loved by all and will be missed by many”
This is good to use for someone who was a cornerstone in the family such as a great grandparent. It is perfect if your family is big and you share good relations with your extended family.


05“The sorrow we share as a family is enormous, but our love of your life is even greater.”
This is good to say when you wish to convey that you would prefer to celebrate your family member’s life than to cry over it even though the loss has touched you deeply.


5 other ways to say “rest in peace” to your lover that has just passed away

You had all these great plans to build a life with your lover, but life had different plans.
We can’t pretend that doesn’t hurt, so you are allowed to grieve in whichever way you please.
When you’re ready to post on social media or visit your lover’s graveside, here are some other ways to say “rest in peace” that will speak your heart:

06“You live on in my heart my love”
This short and sweet message is perfect for social media when you aren’t in the mood to type long paragraphs. You know in your heart what you two shared, and if you wish to keep the memories to yourself no one will judge you.


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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio under pexels license


07“In love, there are no goodbyes. Wherever you are, I will find you. “
Use this when you considered your lover your soulmate. It is a way to say that your souls are forever intertwined and wherever they end up, you will be reunited once more.


08“You were an angel on earth, and now you can be with the other angels watching over me.”
This is good to use when your lover had a reputation for being a kind, caring and helpful person.


09“The memories we shared are forever etched in my heart. Thank you for loving me”
This sweet message is good to use because it means you will never forget what you endured and overcame in your relationship, and even though you are alone now and in pain, you don’t regret a single thing.


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Photo by Rhodi Alers De Lopes under unsplash license


10“Just like that my other half is gone, but you left me with a gift to keep me sane”
Use this if you have a child or children with your lover. It means that even though your lover has died, you have a part of him/her here with you.


8 other ways to say “rest in peace” to your friends that have just passed away

A friend is a former stranger that you have learned to love and cherish. It is without a doubt difficult to lose someone you have come to consider a friend.
Even in death, you will still want to wish your friend the best. Here are 8 other ways to say “rest in peace” from the heart:

11“May your soul finally find the rest it so deserves”
This is a good alternative to use for a friend who was extremely hardworking and productive. You may also find this useful for a friend who was battling an illness for a long time such as cancer. It means that he/she won’t have to fight anymore



12“We will meet again my friend”
This is perfect to use if you or your friend believe in the afterlife or reincarnation. It means you are not too sad because you know death is not the end of the bond you shared.


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Photo by August de Richelieu under pexels license


13“See you in the stars”
If you’re into astrology, this is a good “rest in peace” alternative as the belief is that when people die, their souls are transformed into stars that will shine for all eternity.


14“Don’t worry, it’s hard to forget someone like you”
Many people secretly fear being forgotten after death. It is good to use to say that your friend had such a meaningful impact on your life and that it will never fade.


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15“Rest peacefully now bud, I’ll hold down the fort”
It is good to use with a friend you worked with, or who had kids. It says that you will continue their work, or try to fill his/her shoes as best as possible.


16“To call you friend was a true blessing, but if you love someone, you have to be willing to let them go”
This is a common saying, and the true meaning of love in the eyes of many is to never be selfish in your love. Your friend is now in a better place and grieving would mean you are not happy for him/her.


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Photo by dozemode under Pixabay License


17“Hey, you owed me 20 bucks! I won’t forget!”
People grieve in different ways, and if you and your friend were jokesters, what better way to send him/her off than with a joke?


18“I’ll watch over this realm, you look after the rest.”
This is good to use when your friend was a partner of some type. It means that you will both continue doing your jobs and you won’t be deterred by their death.


7 other ways to say “rest in peace” those you paid much respect to

There are some people in life whose deaths affect you even if you weren’t very close or never met. The reason is simple, you respect them for who they are and for what they have done for the community.
So, here are 7 other ways to say “rest in peace” to these individuals:

19“Thank you for everything you’ve done, now it’s time to finally take a break”
This is good to say because you recognize all the hard work he/she has done.


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Photo by carolynabooth under Pixabay License


20“God bless your kind soul for all your good deeds”
This is good to say for someone who is affiliated with different charities and does good things for others without seeking compensation.


21“People like you are hard to come across. I’m just glad I was privileged enough to meet you”
It is good to say this when you want to express that you looked up to him/her and that you wish to celebrate his/her life.



22“Even though we have never met, your reputation precedes you and you will have my eternal respect”
Use this when it is someone you have never met but you have heard about all their good deeds.


23“God saw all the good work you did on Earth and decided it was time to recruit you as a full-time angel”
Use this when the person was religious and lived a Christian life.


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Photo by Sandy Millar on unsplash


24“The impact you made in your lifetime is something that cannot be overlooked. Thank you for inspiring me”
It is good to use this when the person has changed many lives and has inspired you to change your life and the lives of others.


25“I’m too old for magic and superheroes, but I can say with confidence that you were my hero”
This is what you can say when you really saw this person as some sort of hero because he/she helped you in some way or another.



The loss of these people will affect your life, but at the very least you have other ways to say “rest in peace” to emphasize your appreciation for all they have done. It will also help you to find peace and closure in your time of grief.