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25 Other Ways to Say “You’re Welcome” Courteously

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25 Other Ways to Say “You’re Welcome” Courteously

When you say or do something nice for someone, that person will likely thank you and you’ll say “you’re welcome.” This type of response to someone who thanks you can get stale after a while, and you might be wondering if there are any other ways to say you’re welcome.

Well, you’re in the right place. There are tons of other ways to say it, depending on the person who is receiving your message, of course.

Saying “you’re welcome” to a friend is different from a coworker or even a stranger. We’ll show you 25 other ways to say you’re welcome in this post and why they’re good to say.


6 other ways to say you’re welcome to a coworker or boss

Saying you’re welcome to a coworker or boss is a bit more formal and should remain professional.
After all, it is the workplace, and a certain level of respect and refinement should be observed.
This way, it won’t be misconstrued or misinterpreted as something more than it is. Here are six other ways to say you’re welcome to a coworker or boss:

It lets the person know that you are always willing to do the job required, and it wasn’t a bother for you to do something kind for the person.


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02Just doing my job.
It is good to say this when your coworker mistakes you doing your job for something else. This sets the record straight so that there’s no confusion.


03It was my privilege.
This is good to say when you’re trying to get on good terms with the person. It lets the person know that you enjoyed working alongside him/her, and you may even hold this person in high regard.


04I’m happy to be of assistance.
It is good to say this when your coworker or boss asks you for help with a special task. It also lets him/her know that you are dedicated to your job.


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05No, thanks aren’t necessary.
You did not do it for praise or acknowledgment. It is a very humble way to go about things.


06I’m glad you’re satisfied.
This is a good response that shows you are invested in your job and doing it well. It also lets him/her know that his/her opinion matters to you.


6 other ways to say to a partner or crush

When it comes to saying you’re welcome to a partner or crush, you can be more intimate with your response. This way, he/she will know that you are dedicated to helping or being there for him/her.
If your crush is unaware of your feelings, you may want to be more cautious with the way you respond. You may want to wait until you are ready to spill the beans to be more intimate with this person.
With that being said, here are six other ways to say you’re welcome to a partner or crush.

07Let me know if you need anything else.
It lets him/her know that you will always have his/her back. It means that he/she can always count on you, and you’ll always be happy to help him/her.


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08You deserve it.
This is a good thing to say after you give a gift to a partner/crush. It lets him/her know that you recognize the things that he/she does, and it shows that you value it.


09It was nothing.
The purpose of this response isn’t to be dismissive. It lets your partner/crush know that this isn’t the extent of your kindness and willingness. It shows that you’d go much farther for him/her if necessary.


10The pleasure was all mine.
It lets him/her know that you benefitted from the deed as well, perhaps even more because of your feelings towards him/her. However, he/she doesn’t know about your true feelings.


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11I’m at your service milady/my lord.
This is a funny response to use with a partner or crush. It lets him/her know that he/she is like royalty to you. It shows that you’ll always be there to be of assistance in any way necessary.


12I’ll do anything for you. You know that.
You can use this response when you want to remind your partner of how much he/she means to you.
It lets him/her know that you will always be there to do anything that is within your reach, and you’ll do it without any complaints.



8 other ways to say you’re welcome to a friend

With friends, things are a lot more casual in almost every sense. Your friends are more likely to pick up on jokes, not to get offended, and to see the true meanings of things.
Here are eight other ways to say you’re welcome to a friend with a bit of humor, sarcasm, and light-heartedness:

13No worries bro/sis.
This is another way to say “don’t worry about it”. He/she does not have to worry about paying you back or about owing you a favor at a later time. It’s a way to say that you did it out of the kindness of your heart.


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14Don’t mention it.
It is good to say this when your friend is overly thankful. It lets him/her know that it wasn’t that big of a deal for you because you consider him/her a true friend.


15You owe me like 50 million dollars.
This response is meant to be a joke. It means that what you did for your friend was a big deal, and you’re putting it on his/her tab.


16It’s all gravy!
This is another way to say everything is good or alright. Moreover, you had no problem taking care of things for him/her.



17I know you would’ve done the same if you were in my shoes.
The best types of friends are the ones on whom you can count in any situation.
A response like this lets your friend know that he/she is that type of friend, and if the tables were turned, you could have expected the same response from him/her.


18Just returning the favor!
This is good to use when you owe your friend a favor and want to let him/her know that you’re officially repaying your debt. This should mean that you are off the hook.


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19You won’t believe what I traded the devil for it!
This is a funny way to respond when you want to say that it took a lot of work to get the task done.


20Where do you want me to sign?
This is a funny thing to say when a friend is being super thankful, as if you are a celebrity or something.


5 other ways to say you’re welcome to a stranger

A part of your duty as a human being is to be kind to your neighbor, and this includes all strangers. This means you should offer a helping hand wherever and whenever possible.
When you do something nice for a stranger, the chances are that they’ll thank you for it. What you say next will likely leave an impression, even if you never see that person again.
Here are five responses besides “you’re welcome”:

21Happy to help!
It lets the person know that you are a good-natured and kind individual who is always willing to give others a helping hand. It means that you did not mind helping, and you would do it again if necessary.


22You got it bud/miss!
You can say this when you aren’t trying to be praised for what you did. It will show that you are trying to be humble.


23Oh, that’s alright. It’s my neighborly duty.
If you say something like this, it will let the person know that you are a kind-hearted person.


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24No need to thank me, I’m glad to do it.
This is another way to let the person know that there’s no need for thanks or compensation. You did it because you wanted to help, and you didn’t have an ulterior motive.


25That’s fine. Have a wonderful day.
It is good to say this with a smile before walking away. This way, the person won’t have a chance to shower you with praises.



Are you ever going to say “you’re welcome” again? With all of these other ways to say you’re welcome, there’s no need anymore!
Now, your friends, coworkers, bosses, partners, crushes, and even strangers will know exactly how you feel. You’re welcome!

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