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35 Sweet Baby Shower Wishes to Write in a Baby Shower Card

35 Sweet Baby Shower Wishes to Write in a Baby Shower Card

Baby showers are great occasions for friends and family to celebrate one of life’s greatest milestones, which is expected motherhood. Knowing what to write in a baby shower card to show your love and support can be difficult.

Here are some of the sweetest baby shower ideas to help you figure out what to write in a baby shower card.


Sweet baby shower wishes for a baby boy

You can use these templates to get the best ideas of what to write in a baby shower card for a little prince.
These personalized baby shower wishes are fun ways to celebrate the arrival of a baby boy.

01Boy, oh boy! We cannot wait to meet your new little prince. He will be a handsome baby boy, especially if he is going to be anything like his father.
Thank you for inviting us to share in this celebration.


smiling woman carrying a baby smiling
Photo by Jonathan Borba on unsplash


02I am so excited to join you in welcoming your new baby boy into the world. May he be loved and cherished by everyone in his life.
Congratulations on having baby number two.


03I am sure that you will have your papa’s smile and your mama’s eyes. I hope you have a smile and sweet eyes that can light up any room that you walk into.
You should see how excited your loving parents are. I cannot wait to meet you.


04May you, our little superman, grow to be kind and loving to everyone whom you meet. I hope that you become a respectful young man. I hope that you never forget what your parents teach you.


05I am looking forward to the bike rides that we’ll have together, along the beaches. I can’t wait for the many hikes that will certainly come too. I wish that you grow to be a healthy little boy.
With all the love from your aunty, welcome to the world, our little prince!


06The arrival of your new baby boy will mean that everything will change for you. Your world will become bigger, and your hearts will grow fuller. Not to mention, life will gain new meaning because he will be in it.


sisters sister baby toddler child

Photo by timkraaijvanger under pixabay license


07A baby boy arrives, and you will have your hands full with the little trouble that they may cause you. May he grow to be a healthy, wealthy, and wise young man, just like his loving dad.


08What an exciting time this must be for your family. A precious little guy is on the way, ready to fill your lives with love and laughter.
Cheers to the many smiles and moments of laughter that await you with your new baby boy.


09Your little angel is almost here, and that is a cause for celebration for everyone. This bundle of joy is a perfect example of a prince and a warrior combined.


Congratulations on your little dude, and I cannot wait to meet him.

What to write in a baby shower card: When writing to a baby girl
You can use these sweet baby shower templates for the female bundle of joy, especially if you need to figure out what to write in a baby shower card.
These touching wishes will welcome the baby girl into a happy couple’s life.

10Welcome to the world, little one. I am truly excited that I will finally get to hold you in my arms, our darling princess.
May you grow to become beautiful and wise, like your mother.


woman in white long sleeve shirt carrying baby

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch under Pexels


11You should know just how lucky you are as parents to be getting a cute and adorable little princess. I hope you soak in the joy of having a baby girl.
Wishing all of you “three” all the best.


12I am so excited to hear that your bundle of joy is a little girl. The little princess is surely going to be made up of sugar, spice, and everything nice.
I am excited to be a part of this journey as you welcome your baby girl into the world.


13Soon, your home is going to be filled with a lot of toys, and there will be no more silence. You will lack sleep from her endless crying and often find yourself feeling tired.
At the end of the day, however, there will always be love and laughter.



14I hope that your little princess fills your lives with happiness and love. She will have the tiniest of feet and the cutest of smiles. She will surely leave a mark in our hearts.
Wishing you all many happy memories together.


15Time will fly by very fast for you and your little princess. At one moment, you will be dressing her in little princess dresses, and at the next moment, you will be buttoning up her prom dress.
Enjoy all of the little and big moments together.


man in lab suit and mask carrying a newboard baby
Photo by Jonathan Borba on unsplash


16A baby girl is a bundle of joy that comes wrapped up in pink. This adorable little princess is going to be the newest addition to your family. I cannot hide how excited I am for both of you.


17A baby girl may become a mini version of her moms, and she may also become daddy’s little girl. May you, her parents, shower her with all of the love and happiness that she deserves.
Congratulations! I wish you all the best for your little princess.


18May your little bundle of joy grow to reach the stars and dance with fairies. May she grow surrounded by the love of the people who care the most about her.
Welcome to the world, our little angel.


What to write in a baby shower card: When writing to the mom-to-be

More baby showers include both parents, but you may want to direct your sweet baby shower message to the guest of honor – the mother-to-be.
You can shower her with kind words of encouragement and a show of unconditional love with the following wishes.

19The feeling of carrying a little one in your belly for nine months must be amazing. I would love to send you all of the best wishes and kisses, as you prepare to welcome your bundle of joy into the world.


pregnant woman belly baby shoes on fingers

Photo by Dragos Gontariu under Unsplash


20Becoming a mother is one of the best things that could ever happen to you. There will be nothing greater than the feeling of your heart filling up with unconditional love from the moment that you lay eyes on your new adorable baby.


21Motherhood comes with no instruction manual, so you can expect your child to bring many amazing surprises for you. Do not worry, though. I know you are going to be the most amazing mom to your beautiful baby.


22You will be showered with love in a couple of weeks; you will say goodbye to your tummy, and you will say hello as a mum. I am filled with excitement to meet your pink-cheeked and bright-eyed baby.
I wish you all the best in welcoming your bundle of joy into the world.


23There is no greater reward as a parent than receiving the pure love that a child can bring. You should prepare yourself for a ride full of love, tears, laughter, hugs, kisses, and so much more. Good luck as you prepare to become a new mother.


24Sending you my best wishes and the happiest thoughts as you prepare to welcome this new addition to your family. May your baby fill your family with joy and love.
I hope you have a safe delivery!


01 photo of pregnant woman standing in front of door

Photo by Andrea Bertozzini on unsplash


25I am so excited to hear about your latest creative development. Congratulations!
You better enjoy this baby shower because it will be the last time that you may enjoy an event in peace for a very long time to come.


26One of life’s greatest adventure is about to begin, and I look forward to being a part of it. From the bottom of my heart, I wish for you to have a safe delivery.


27There is no love like a mother’s love, and I know that you will shower your expected baby with all of the love that you have to give. All the best to you as you prepare to bring a little angel into this world.



What to write in a baby shower card: When congratulating the parents

Baby showers are a joyful time, and they should go hand in hand with congratulatory wishes to both parents because they are both welcoming their bundle of joy into the world.
Here is what to write in a baby shower card when congratulating the new parents.

baby putting the sunglasses on her mother
Photo by Katie E under pexels license


28Babies are not only cute, but they are also one of the greatest gifts from God. May He bless both of you as you welcome in a new life into the world and become new parents.
Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your bundle of joy.


29With the baby on the way, there will be no silence in the house anymore. It will be filled with laughter and cries, which makes it even more worth it to be a parent.
Congratulations to both of you.


30I’m sending the warmest wishes to you and your husband as you welcome the most precious gift into the world. I am so excited that your world is about to become happier and more beautiful.
Happy baby shower. All the best on this new journey.


31I would like to wish you the best baby shower, as you welcome a new baby into your house. Congratulations on this feat! You are both going to be the most amazing parents to your new little angel.


32Congratulations on the soon-to-be parents. Sending you all of the best wishes to you as you prepare to deliver your new baby.
We are wishing you a smooth delivery and many memorable years as you raise your lovely baby.


02 man kissing baby laughing

Photo by Mikael Stenberg on Unsplash


33Your days are about to become shorter, and your nights will become longer. However, your love will also become stronger when you bring that little angel into the world.
Congratulations to both of you. We cannot wait to meet your bundle of joy.


34 You’ll want to prepare yourself for sleepless nights after welcoming your cute little prince into the world. However, you don’t need to worry because his bright eyes and little heart will make it all feel worth it to you.
Congratulations on the new arrival.


35Parenthood is a journey for which you cannot adequately prepare yourself. You’ll want to take it easy and have fun raising your little one. We know he’ll grow into a kind and loving person.
Wishing you two (almost three) the best as you start this journey together.



These are some of the sweetest baby shower wishes that you can use when trying to figure out what to write in a baby shower card. You will find the right templates for any occasion, whether you are writing to the expectant mom or the unborn baby.
You can take a peek at these baby shower wishes and messages if you are looking for more ideas on what to write in a baby shower card. Any of these ideas will surely help to make your message a little better.