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8 Short Notice Resignation Letters Your Boss Will Accept

8 Short Notice Resignation Letters Your Boss Will Accept

While it is customary to give at least 2 week’s notice before leaving a job, sometimes, you must leave your position on short notice. Whatever your reason may be, you can still write a resignation letter with short notice to give your boss a heads up, rather than abandoning your position.

Reasons for a short notice resignation can include a death in your family, a sudden discovery of an illness, unbearable job conditions, or a visa finally coming through after a long wait period.

Here are 8 short notice resignation letters that your boss will accept.


01 Reason for a short notice resignation: New job

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Dear Mr. Ryan,
I am writing this letter to inform you of my resignation as [insert job title] at [insert company name]. I have accepted a position as [insert job title] at [insert company name] and I am slated to begin working on September 1, 2019.
Kindly accept my sincerest apologies for the short notice, and I hope my departure will not be too much of an inconvenience. I appreciate the opportunity I was given here to hone my skills and gain experience.
All the best,
[Insert signature]
This resignation letter will be acceptable on such short notice because you have been respectful throughout. You have shown regret for the short notice, and you have thanked your employer for hiring you in the first place.

02 No reason

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Dear Mrs. Palmer
Kindly accept this letter as my notice of resignation from the post of [insert job title] on [insert close date]. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and the rest of the staff during the time I was here, and it is my wish that the team will continue to find success even in my absence.
If there is anything I can do to ease the discomfort of my transition during the short time I have left here, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Yours truly
[Insert signature]
This is a letter your boss will accept even though you did not specify the reason for your departure. You have offered to help make the abruptness of your resignation more palatable to the company.


03 Reason for a resignation letter with short notice: Immigration

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Dear Dr. Michaels
As you know, my husband has filed for my Visa over two years ago, and we have finally been given feedback. I have been accepted for a spousal visa to the US, and, for this reason, I will no longer be able to fill the role of [insert job title].
I will be leaving at the end of the week with my daughter, but until then I will continue to carry out my duties as [insert job title] and prepare the relevant personnel for my exit.
Thank you for your continued support and understanding over the years, and I hope that whoever fills my post will excel in his role and be a valuable addition to the company.
[Insert signature]
Your employer will accept this resignation letter with short notice because you have provided a valid reason for your resignation. You have also offered assistance in training someone else to do your job.

04 Reason for a resignation letter with short notice: Illness

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Dear Mrs. Turner
The purpose of this letter is to inform you of my resignation from the role of [insert job title] at [insert company name], effective immediately.
I was recently diagnosed with [insert name of illness], and it was recommended by my doctor that I stop work immediately and be put on bed rest.
I hope this will not disrupt the operations of the company, but I have been urged to focus on my health and wellbeing.
All the best to you and the hardworking, dedicated staff at [insert company name]. It has been a pleasure serving as part of this team.
[Insert signature]
Please note that you have the right to keep the specific illness you were diagnosed with to yourself. Your employer will accept this resignation letter with short notice because you have emphasized the severity of your condition and the need for you to be home and resting.

05 Reason for a resignation letter with short notice: Stress

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Dear Mrs. Miller
I am tendering my resignation effective today.
Working here for the past 7 years has been very beneficial to me in many ways, so this was not an easy decision to make. I am, regrettably, no longer able to tolerate the level of stress that comes with the job.
I do not wish to itemize these reasons because they have been reported to HR several times, and nothing has been done about it. I understand that my resignation forfeits retirement benefits, but I am willing to sacrifice that for my peace of mind.
With that being said, I want to thank you especially for making my good times here memorable, and for your understanding during my low periods. I wish you all the success.
[Insert signature]
Your boss will accept this letter because you have highlighted the fact that you have tried to fix the issues more than once but to no avail. This letter also shows professionalism and class.


06 Death in the family

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Dear Mr. Foreman
This letter serves as my formal resignation as [insert job title].
It is with a heavy heart that I write this resignation letter as I very much enjoyed working at this company. However, my son passed away recently, and this loss has taken a toll on our entire family. I will be leaving work to focus on healing for myself and the rest of my loved ones. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
Thank you,
[Insert signature]
Your boss will accept this resignation letter with short notice due to the circumstances of your departure. This is more than enough reason for someone to leave work.

07 Family emergency

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Dear Dr. Richards
This is to inform you of my immediate resignation from the post of [insert job position].
As you know, my wife and children are back home in London. She was recently diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and is no longer able to work or take care of the children. For this reason, I will be returning home to be with my family.
I apologize for my premature resignation but I will do all that is possible to get my replacement up to speed via email and video chat to ensure a smooth transition.
[Insert signature]
In a dire situation like this, your boss will have to accept your resignation. It will be better received because you mentioned that you are willing to keep in communication with your replacement so that your departure will not cripple your department.

08 Personal reasons

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Dear Mrs. Ming,
Please accept this letter as my official resignation, effective immediately. My last day of work will be tomorrow, [insert date]
I am resigning from the position of [insert job title] due to personal reasons. I have no ill-feeling towards you or any member of the staff, and I will forever appreciate my time spent here.
Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to work at this wonderful company. I will always remember your kindness.
Many thanks,
[Insert signature]
This resignation letter with short notice is very respectful to your boss, and he or she will surely accept because of the gracious manner in which you left, despite it being short notice.



Writing a resignation letter with short notice has never been easier. Follow these templates to write a resignation letter with short notice that your boss will accept.