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40+ Awesome Instagram Captions for Your Homecoming Snapshots

40+ Awesome Instagram Captions for Your Homecoming Snapshots

The moment you’ve been waiting for all year is finally here; it’s homecoming! So, you can mix and mingle with your friends, welcome each other back to school, and post some pictures with awesome homecoming Instagram captions.

Your Instagram captions can be about whatever; they could be about what you loved about this homecoming, whether it was your outfit, the decor, the food, your friends, and your family members. It could even be about the football team.

Whatever you are thankful for or grateful for can also be used as Instagram captions.

This homecoming, you don’t need to spend time trying to come up with the perfect homecoming Instagram captions. You can live in the moment while letting us take care of this task for you.

Here are 40+ awesome homecoming Instagram captions that you can simply copy and paste onto your Instagram:


10 Homecoming Instagram Captions About Your Outfit

We’re sure that your homecoming outfit is going to steal the night!
After all, we know that you’ve probably had it in mind for months, and after a lot of searching, you finally found the perfect one!
You can snap a few pictures of your outfit before or after the event to show your followers that you had amazing style on your special night. When you’re done, you can use any of these 10 homecoming Instagram captions for your posts:

01Life is a party, why not dress up for the occasion? #homecomingdress #homecomingmakeup


02Sometimes, we need to dress to impress! #homecominglook


03There’s no such thing as being overdressed; everyone else is simply underdressed. #homecomingfashion


woman standing near glass door wearing homecoming dress
Photo by raj jariwala on unsplash


04These are going to be online forever, so might as well make it worth it! #homecomingglam #fashionista


05We all know that life isn’t perfect, but at least our dresses can be! #homecomingdress


06A whole lot can go down when we dress up because friends who slay together, stay together! #homecoming


man in gray suit standing beside a woman in green dress going to homecoming party

Photo by Juan Vargas under pexels license


07Tonight, all eyes will be on me, but I’m way to glamorous to even give a damn. #homecomingmood


08This look is something I’d like to call the “no date to homecoming look”.#ridingsolo #homecomingoutfit


09Not the homecoming queen, but I’m always in my invisible crown! #homecomingprincess


woman homecoming queen wearing yellow off shoulder slit dress with silver tiara

Photo by Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz on unsplash


10Remember, you are never fully dressed without a smile! #homecomingmood #homecomingvibes


8 Captions About Friends

Homecoming is also a time to reflect on the times you’ve shared with friends and family. It’s a time to think about all of the people for whom you are grateful this season. You can think about the present while looking look towards the future.
It is a time to come together and make memories that will last a lifetime. Here are eight of the best homecoming Instagram captions for friends:

11They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but the truth is that the memories are priceless. #homecomingmemories #hocoday


women standing talking and laughing together in homecoming party

Photo by Marcel Strauß on unsplash


12Making memories with all of you is my favorite thing to do! #classof[insert year] #friendsforever


13Tonight, we’re all homecoming kings and queens. Just look at us! #homecomingcourt #homecomingking #homecomingqueen


14Homecoming is about bringing together the past with the present, and it’s about dancing with friends until the sun goes down! #homecomingrally #alumni #homecomingparade


15We never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Make tonight count! #homecomingfamily #homecomingcelebration #homecomingmemories



16We’re always keeping it classy, never trashy! We sure know how to keep it sassy too! #homecomingsquad #homecomingdance


17My friends, if you bring the alcohol, I’ll bring the bad decisions! #homecomingturnup #homecomingafterparty


group of women raising champagne flutes mask
Photo by Efren Barahona on unsplash


18I wish that some nights could last forever because this one feels like a blur already! #homecomingnight #hoco


6 Homecoming Instagram Captions About the Decor

Homecoming decor will likely be a demonstration of school spirit. Perhaps, you will see your school colours there, the mascot, some banners, and a few floats on display.
These items celebrate the efforts of the football team, and they show pride and appreciation for the school year.
Your homecoming decor may also have different themes, and it can include royalty to reflect the homecoming king and queen.
Whatever the theme of the decor is, there is a caption to match it!
Use any of these six homecoming Instagram captions to describe your school’s decor:

19Welcome friends to the home of champions! #championshipwin #schoolpride


20We’re going to party till the stars come down from the rafters! #homecomingdecorations #starrynight #homecomingdance


ornament lights night lights dark background

Photo by Steven Aguilar on unsplash


21All of the lights in the homecoming kingdom are shining for me and you! #homecomingdate #homecomingroyalty


22There are more school colors in here than on our uniforms! #gymdecor #homecomingdecor


23Who knew that our sweaty gym could be transformed into something straight out of a fairy tale? #homecomingqueen


black homecoming queen king wearing homecoming suits and dresses

Photo by Marcus Lewis on unsplash


24I’ll always follow the call of the disco ball! #homecomingdance


6 Homecoming Instagram Captions About the Food

How about that homecoming food? Whoever catered deserves a special shout out as well!
If your school has a sit-down dinner, you can talk about how much you enjoyed it. If it’s the standard punch bowl and some finger food, you can still include it in your caption.
Here are six homecoming Instagram captions about the food:

25Find me by the punchbowl, hopefully they spiked it! #homecomingfood #homecomingdrinks


26You guys came for dancing, and I came for the hors d’oeuvres! #fingerfood #chickensticks


food for homecoming sliced cakes on top of table photo

Photo by Kelly Jean on unsplash


27I’m so glad that there’s a sit-down dinner; now I don’t have to wait for a server to pass by to get some pastries!


28I think we ate too many mozzarella sticks before hitting the dance floor! #homecomingfood


29Half of my night was spent in the bathroom because I drank too much punch. I wish that I could bring some of it home! #punchbowl #homecomingpunch


fruit punch dispenser juice beverage disposable cup

Photo by Belle Hunt on unsplash


30I had more fun stuffing my face than dancing! #homecomingfood


8 Homecoming Instagram Captions About Dancing

Homecoming is not only about your outfit, the food, or even the decor. A huge part of it is the party aspect and the fact that you can dance the night away with your friends as well as the school staff!
This is what makes the night so much more memorable. You can forget about your worries, and you can put all of that energy on the dancefloor!
Here are eight homecoming Instagram captions about dancing:

31Tonight, we dance like no one else is watching, and we live like tonight is our last night! #homecomingparty #dancingshoes


two women in red dress on homecoming dance happy lively

Photo by Omar Lopez on unsplash


32My mom always told me that it doesn’t matter if you’re the homecoming queen; it only matters if you’re the dancing queen!


33A little dancing has never killed anyone! I never miss a chance to dance! #schooldance


34These are officially my dancing shoes! #footloose #homecomingdance


35Put your hands up in the air and dance like you just don’t care #dancerock


woman in black flare dress dancing raising her hand and foot under water fountain

Photo by JoelValve on unsplash


36A wise man once said, “live for today, plan for tomorrow, and party tonight.” My response to that is “say less”! #homecomingparty


37Tonight, we are young. Let’s get the world on fire, and we can shine brighter than the sun!


38Dance first, think later, and that’s an order! #homecomingrules #homecoming[insert year]



6 Homecoming Instagram Captions About Football

Homecoming started as an afterparty for football matches, and they were organized to celebrate a victory or a good season with all the members of the team, the school, and the families.
These days, the party can overshadow its origin; however, the point is that you’re meant to have fun. That’s all that matters!
If you’re a football fan or a part of the team, here are six homecoming Instagram captions about football:

39This is my favorite time of year because there’s football, festivities, and fun! #homecomingfootball


football player in white tackling another player in black on football field people watching
Photo by Katrina Berban on unsplash


40I’ve got my head in the game and my eyes on the prize. Let’s go [insert name of school mascot]! #homecomingvictory


41We’ve got the championship, and now it’s time to dance till our feet hurt!


42Win or lose, the sun comes up tomorrow! Tonight, we’ll party the night away! #homecominggame #varsity


football game photo during daytime players in white and yellow uniform

Photo by Riley McCullough on unsplash


43We win with pride, and we lose with dignity. Our heads are held high, and our standards will never waiver. #homecominggame


44We emerged victorious today, and tonight, we’ll enjoy the spoils of war! #footballparty



No matter how you decide to spend your homecoming, we’ve got the perfect homecoming Instagram captions for you. You can mix and match them, customize them, or use them as-is.
Now, these memories are out there for the world to see, and you can make your Instagram posts say everything that you want them to say!