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30 of the Best Encouraging Words that Make Your Husband Smile

30 of the Best Encouraging Words that Make Your Husband Smile

Everyone feels a little insecure or sad sometimes, even your husband. It is your duty as his wife to give encouraging words for husband that will uplift him or help him feel better at any moment.

It does not matter what your husband is feeling blue about, the right encouraging words will put the pep back in his step and can renew his confidence.

Here is a list of 30 of the best encouraging words to use with your husband:


Eight encouraging words for your husband who has problems at work/obstacles in their career

Traditionally, men are the breadwinners of the family, and taking care of everyone is in a man’s nature. If something comes between a man’s ability to provide for his family, the chances are that it will take a huge toll on him.
Here are eight encouraging words for husbands who have problems at work or obstacles in their career:

01“You already work so hard for the family, and maybe, this is the universe’s way of saying that you need a break.”
This is a good thing to say when your husband’s job has placed him under tremendous stress, and he has ended up losing it. By saying this, you are finding the silver lining in a bad situation.


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02“I can’t believe this happened. You’re an amazing [insert job title], and you deserve better. This is definitely the company’s loss because I know that you will find something better.”
This is good to use if/when your husband was suddenly fired. It is good to say because you are sharing his outrage, but you aren’t dwelling on it either.
Instead, you are reassuring his faith in himself and his abilities.


03“I’m sorry that you had to quit your job. I know it was your dream job, but that place just wasn’t the right fit for you.”
This is good to use when your husband has removed himself from a toxic work environment.
It is good to say because you are showing that you understand how big of a decision he had to make and that you support him wholeheartedly.


04“Honey, losing your job doesn’t mean your career is over. It just means that you have to keep your eyes open for new opportunities.
You’ll get the chance to work in a completely different setting and meet new people. One day, you may even look back on this moment and smile. Keep your head up.”

This is a good little pep talk to boost your husband’s mood, and it can prevent him from thinking in absolutes. Highlighting the positives will give him something to which he can look forward.


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05“Darling, I don’t want you to get discouraged. Many people cycle through a number of jobs before they find the right one. Let’s keep our eyes open for new opportunities.”
This is good to use when your husband is acting as though losing his job was the end of the world. It is good to say because you can encourage him to keep working hard.


06“I know how hard you have worked this quarter, but there will be other promotions. Hopefully, your boss will soon see what I see in you.”
This is good to use when your husband did not get the promotion that he wanted. It is good to use because you are letting him know how much you believe in him.



07“Well, at least you’ll have more time with me and the kids! It’s a good thing that we made all of those good investments and saved for rainy days like this. We’ll be just fine.”
This is good to use if your husband is the type of person who prefers solutions over pity. This is a reminder of the safeguards the family has put in place to reassure him that the sky is not falling.


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08“If they cannot see your worth, then they don’t deserve you. You’ll come out of this wiser and stronger.”
This is a good thing to say when your husband is fired unfairly, especially when he is good at his job. This is your way of letting him know that he will recover from this, and he will be even better than he was before.


Eight encouraging words for your husband who has lost their confidence

Just as you get insecure about the way your body might look in certain clothes, your husband can start to feel disheartened by his appearance, especially as he gets older and settles into his “dad body.”
Here are some encouraging words for husbands to help them get their groove back and regain their confidence:

09“What do you mean that you’ve gotten too chubby? That just means there’s more of you for me to love.”
This is good to use when your husband has packed on a couple of noticeable pounds, and he feels bad about it.
This is a way to say that you don’t care about the weight and that you love him regardless of his size.


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10“Put on the blue jeans that I got you this past Christmas. They fit great!”
This is good to use when your husband is having a bit of trouble fitting into his clothes. It won’t make things awkward, and he won’t have to sit there feeling sorry for himself either.


11“Don’t be silly, you’re still the most handsome man in the world to me.”
This is good to use when age has altered your husband’s appearance, and his fine lines and wrinkles have made him feel insecure.
Saying this reminds him that the most important person in his life still finds him attractive.


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12“I still smile every morning when I wake up because I wake up next to the most handsome man in the world. I just wish that you could see what I see.”
This is good to say if your husband feels that his appearance has turned you off and has pushed you away from him. It lets him know that you are still attracted to him.


13“Hm, maybe you need a makeover. Clear your schedule for the day because we’re getting you a haircut, going shopping, and hitting the spa.”
It is good to say this because you’re actually doing things that will make him look and feel better.


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14“What if I told you that I fall in love with your handsome face more and more, with each passing day?”
It lets your husband know that you still find him attractive, and this will boost his confidence.


15“Why don’t you join me at the gym? They have great couple’s classes that could whip us both into shape by the time we go on our next vacation.”
You are giving an actual solution to the problem. The idea will also be more attractive to him because he won’t have to go about losing weight on his own.


16“Aw, I love your dad bod. Your tummy is so soft and squishy.”
This is a cute thing to say to let your husband know that you love him no matter what he looks like.


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How to encourage your husband when he has marital issues

If you are experiencing issues in your marriage, it can have a serious effect on both of you.
If your husband is taking it especially hard, and it is something that you believe the two of you can work on and move past, you need to make sure that he understands you aren’t going anywhere.
Here are seven encouraging words for husbands when you are experiencing marital issues, and he’s losing hope

17“Every couple goes through a rough patch, now and then. It doesn’t mean that I love you any less.”
This is a good thing to say to your husband if you realize that he is starting to lose faith in the relationship.
By hearing these words, his worst fears will disappear. Also, he is more likely to open up to you about how he feels.


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18“My parents have been married for nearly 40 years, and there isn’t a week that they didn’t bicker a little. I think we’ll be fine.”
This is good to say when the arguments have made your husband nervous or worry about the relationship.
Mentioning your parents and how long they have been together will show him that you have every intention of staying with him and making it work.


19“I booked us a session with a therapist, I believe that we can make it work if we talk to someone about our issues.”
Actions speak louder than words, as they say. The fact that you made an appointment will let him know that you want to fix things as much as he does.


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20“My mom always told me not to worry about arguments because that isn’t the problem. She said the only time I should be worried is when the arguing stops.”
This little quote simply means that as long as a couple is willing to argue, there’s something there.
Choosing not to argue means that there is resentment building, or it means that the couple has simply given up. This will reassure him and may make him smile.



21“I’d rather argue with you every day than be without you. We’ll make it through this!”
It means that you are willing to stay together and work it out. Some of your confidence about the future could also rub off on him.


22“Remember that restaurant we went to on our first date?
Well, I got us a reservation there. I just wanted to remind both of us why we’re together and how much fun we can have if we stick together.”

These words of encouragement for your husband are good because it shows thoughtfulness and signs of commitment.


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23“I miss the days when we didn’t have as much responsibility, and we could be spontaneous. At the same time, I also look forward to growing old with you.”
Sometimes, problems arise from added responsibility in a relationship. You can remind him with these words that you plan to weather the storm and achieve all of your goals together.  


Seven encouraging words for your husband who is depressed about issues with friends/family

Your husband’s feelings of sadness may not be the result of your relationship, but perhaps, it’s because of the strained relationships he has with friends or family members.
Here are seven encouraging words for your husband to keep him uplifted during this type of a rough patch:

24“Families fight, but at the end of the day, I know that you all love each other regardless of the fighting.”
This is good to say when a fight with his family has him feeling down. When you say this, he may start to forget his anger, and his heart will start to soften.


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25“Oh please, every other month, you guys break up and make-up. You’ve been best friends since the 8th grade, and a little argument like this isn’t going to change anything.”
It is good to say this when your partner has a fight with a long-time friend, and you want to cheer him up. This is good because it will encourage him to make up with his friend.


26“I bet if you called her right now, she wouldn’t hesitate to pick up your call. Your sister loves you very much, and she was just upset.”
It is good to say this when your husband feels like an argument went too far, and it was the final straw.
It will help him realize that the bond he shares with his sister or any other relative is unbreakable.


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27“Remember that time when you accidentally broke his favorite lamp, and he didn’t speak to you for a month? Remember how we laughed about it after? I bet this will be no different.”
This is good to say when your husband feels like this issue will last forever, and there’s no getting over it. It will help him understand that this is trivial, and soon, they’ll be laughing about it.


28“Well if he stops being friends with you over that, then he was never a real friend in the first place. Plus, you have tons of friends.”
You can use this whenever a friend is being hypocritical or spiteful with your husband. It will remind him that he isn’t lacking friends, and he still has tons of people in his life who love him.


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29“I know that you guys will make up soon because you’re just like brothers! He loves you very much.”
These are good encouraging words to use after your husband has a fight with a close friend, and he is broken up about it. This reminds him of how strong the relationship is that they share.


30“Want to try being the bigger person? I know that she’ll talk to you if you just apologize and admit to the role that you played in the issue. I mean, you’re the big brother, and it’s sort of your job.”
It is good to encourage your husband to be the bigger person because he will be able to take control of the situation, instead of dwelling in his depression or letting the bad feelings fester.
This way, it can be resolved quickly, and he can get back to being his usual self.



Your husband will need encouragement in many different circumstances, whether it’s because of problems with work or because of low self-esteem; even marital issues or disagreements with friends/family can be the cause of his need for encouragement.
These encouraging words for your husband are sure to make him smile and help him overcome whatever challenges that he is facing.