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20 Grateful “Thank You for Your Referral” Notes

20 Grateful “Thank You for Your Referral” Notes

Have you experienced a successful phase in your life? Is there someone you may owe thanks, for providing you with their experience and lessons, and maybe even mentioning you to people who have helped further you?

If so, it would be nice to send a ‘Thank you for your referral’ note. Gratitude builds relationships.


‘Thank you for your referral’ notes to your previous manager

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01Words can’t express how much I value your mentorship and allowing providing me with a great recommendation. I want you to know that my time working at the company shaped me, both as a person and a professional.
Thank you for your referral and I am glad I can count on you.


02Nothing is better than knowing someone you admire acknowledges your work. Thank you for your referral!
It means so much to me and the development of my career. You’ve been nothing but a great mentor and supporter of mine throughout the years.

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03When I needed a referral, you were the first person I thought of. Of all the managers I had the pleasure of working with, nobody invested so much effort into making me a better professional.
On top of all that, your referral is very flattering. Thank you!


04No professional can develop without working under a skilled manager. I had the luck of developing my skills under your guidance, and it is a privilege to know you, both as a mentor, and hopefully a friend.
Thank you for your referral and the kind words.

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05Guidance is everything. When I made mistakes and didn’t know what to do in certain situations, you still trusted me with important tasks.
Those trials and tribulations make this referral even more meaningful. Thank you!



06Your management skills and work ethic made a lasting impression on me at the beginning of my career. Under your guidance, I learned how to be a better leader and a person that everyone can count on.
Thank you for your referral. I will never forget your kindness
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07A note could never compare to the belief you always had in me. Despite taking this next step in my career, your referral was of instrumental importance and instills confidence that I am making the right choice.
It means a lot to me and I hope I can repay you for everything you did for me.


08I always felt I was ideal for [desired position] and I honed my skills in that direction, but it was your referral that helped me get the job. Thank you so much, it’s yet another show of your amazing support.
You’re the ideal manager and I’ve been lucky to work with you.

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09The competition was fierce and even though I had confidence in my skills, just like you taught me, it was the referral that did the trick. There is nothing that makes me feel as lucky as having people like you in my professional life.
Thank you!


10Throughout my professional career, I’ve accepted and followed your advice. I will do so too at [new position], thank you for referring me and helping me improve.
It means a lot to me and I want you to know that.


Thank you notes for your professor

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11Education is all about acquiring the right tools for the future. I appreciate your referring me for this new position, but also for teaching me to analyze everything and do my best, no matter the situation.
Your referral was unexpected and I am deeply thankful to you for it.



12Your lectures were my first real contact with challenging situations and problems. During my time at [university name], I developed an aptitude for critical and rational thinking.
Your referral means so much to me and I cannot wait to express my gratitude in person, too.
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13Mentorship is a rarity, so that fact that I have a mentor in you, means so much more than you’d know. Your teaching methods are unique and I still tell people about my experiences from college.
Thank you for your referral!


14Before anyone else did, you gave me a chance to grow and succeed by incessantly honing my skills. With your expertise, I found a passion.
This is why your referral means the world to me. Thank you and I want you to know it was a pleasure to be taught by you.

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15Thank you so much for the referral you gave for me. It’s extremely flattering to be recommended by such a renowned expert.
Know that not one bit of my success would be possible with your effort and guidance.


16The very beginning of my experience with [subject] was at your lectures. You showed me what [your field] is all about and how can I change the world using my knowledge.
Your referral is the greatest compliment I could have received.

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17Thank you for this referral and for all the times you put up with me when I wasn’t willing to work hard. Due to the support you gave me, I transformed my life and found a calling.
Everyone needs a professor like you!



18Thank you for speaking so highly of me. It seems unbelievable that, of all people, you would refer me, but I know you would recognize my hard work and effort since they are qualities I learned from you.
I appreciate it, Mr. [name]. You are truly a professional.
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19Nothing gives me more joy than knowing my dearest professor gladly recommended me. It’s perhaps the biggest compliment I could have received from anyone.
I appreciate the gesture and thank you for it.


20I’m writing this note in order to express my appreciation for you and the effort that you put into setting my on the path to becoming an expert in [field]. Your referral is just icing on the cake and something that I still cannot believe happened.
Your mentorship and support were something I never experienced from a professor before.


Concluding thoughts

It’s important to know your mentors that you appreciate their effort. A good word can improve your existing relationships.

We hope these notes will enable you to further strengthen the bond you have with the people you value. Modify them according to your personal taste and the situation, as well as the person.