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12 Templates: How to Write a Recommendation on LinkedIn for your colleagues

12 Templates: How to Write a Recommendation on LinkedIn for your colleagues

Knowing how to write a recommendation on LinkedIn is an incredibly valued skill. With a well-written paragraph, you can do your friends and colleagues an immense favor.

The skill of writing a recommendation can reflect back on you positively if you write it correctly. Use these 12 templates for different industries and influence a career move for your colleagues.


How to write a recommendation on LinkedIn for HR

HR is one of the more people-centric functions and therefore you have to be specific on the people development side when learning how to write a recommendation on LinkedIn. Communication, leadership and effective problem resolving are the most important traits to mention.


01William has always had a way of getting the most out of a group of people and maximizing their potential.
During last year’s set of projects, he successfully implemented his software to improve data acquisition. Hiring him will be the best thing that has ever happened to your HR department.


Photo by Christina Morillo under Pexels License


02Only a few people can handle interpersonal relation as William can. With his patience and experience, there is no problem or misunderstanding he can’t resolve.
Due to years of working with people, William will hire the right people to be the backbone of a functional collective, balancing the team’s expansion with the existing budget.


Photo by Moose Photos under Pexels License


LinkedIn recommendations for finance and accounting

It’s not hard to learn how to write a recommendation on LinkedIn for accountants and finance workers. Think of highlighting the importance of mastering the Microsoft Office package, as well.


03Martina has extensive experience working with companies that have massive revenues, effectively managing tax reports and project budgets.
Not only is she versatile, but she also approaches every project with the utmost care and explores every option meticulously. With her aid, growth is imminent.
Martina makes sure everything is compliant to regulations and that there is no risk of failure.


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04There is no person in the world who is more devoted than Martina. Her expertise in the field of accounting and finance controlling is considerable.
During her time at our company, she has developed several different models which enabled data-driven decisions. Those contributions were invaluable to the entire collective and have led us to immense success.
She handles herself professionally, while always being ready to aid, explain and teach. A dream coworker, to say the least.


Image fro, Free-photos under Pixabay License


LinkedIn recommendations for the supply chain industry

Professionals who work in the supply chain industry must be responsible, excellent in negotiations, and supplier management. Knowing how to write a recommendation on LinkedIn involves using these qualities to highlight the expertise of your coworker.


05George has always been willing to take control of supply chain management and increase production and efficiency.
His approach helped us minimize production costs by a significant margin, as well as handling various logistics issues. Responsibility and being vocal are some of George’s most distinct qualities and have helped him immensely along the years.


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06With George, every supply chain sees a rise in efficiency and an overall boost in production.
Due to his vast theoretical knowledge, George can easily handle supplier audit and management, in addition to handling logistics issues with skill and poise.


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How to write a recommendation on LinkedIn for e-commerce professionals

E-commerce is one of the fields where versatility is required. When you’re learning how to write a recommendation on LinkedIn, be sure to focus on improving customer retention, creation of deals and season-limited projects.


07Josh is one of a kind when approaching the eCommerce industry. He has extensive experience improving customer retention rates thanks to several analytics models he developed.
In addition to being a manager and analyst, Josh also has experience in finding trendy products to add to the catalogue, as well as web design. Hiring him is investing in the future.


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08With extensive skills in software development, delivery techniques, and international law, Josh is the ideal person for any eCommerce brand.
In him, you get a dedicated professional who is always willing to develop new solutions and effectively use A/B testing to improve user interface. Josh doesn’t only solve problems – he takes them apart and analyzes them to make sure they never happen again.


Image from Burst under CCO License


Writing a LinkedIn recommendation for the sales and merchandising industry

Learn how to write a recommendation on LinkedIn properly and emphasize the right traits. Be sure to mention that the person achieves their sales targets and maximizes the use of an existing budget for maximum turnover.


09If there is one trait that defines Catherine, it’s intuition. Due to spending years in sales, she has gained a sixth sense for improving customer relationships and your ROI.
Her specialty was focusing on the customer service sector and developing new packaging solutions for a more modern image.
Her efforts will improve your customer retention. An excellent team worker and a true, responsible leader.


Photo by shattha pilabut under Pexels License


10Catherine is someone who takes product development seriously. She has extensive knowledge of the market and actively develops new solutions for optimizing existing ideas.
At any given time, she is ready to take on as many responsibilities that she can, as pressure not foreign to her. She excels in designing new projects. Combining both old and new approaches, the products she develops are a success.


Photo by Christina Morillo under Pexels license


LinkedIn recommendations for the digital marketing industry

Digital marketing is a unique niche that includes viral content, visual design, human psychology, analytics and much more. It takes a special recommendation to highlight the skills of your colleague or associate. Once written correctly, such a recommendation can have a massive echo.


11Jennifer doesn’t only live and breathe marketing, but she also has extensive knowledge of how the human mind responds to different stimuli in the sphere of digital marketing.
Leave it up to her to apply her extensive knowledge in SEO and SEM to boost your clickthrough rate. She is truly a wizard with keyword analysis.
She doesn’t just know the product and the techniques, but she also knows the audience and their preferred approaches.


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12Unlike most people, Jennifer has an uncanny way of creating unique and effective backlinking and social media advertisement campaigns.
Along with her artistic spirit, Jennifer has extensive experience in using various analytical tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Ahrefs and SEMrush and gathering the information to support her decisions.
If you’re looking for a responsible and resourceful individual, there is no one more suited than her.


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To sum up: How to write a recommendation on LinkedIn

Different industries require different characteristics and traits to be emphasized. Knowing how to write a recommendation on LinkedIn for everyone is always useful.

Improve your coworkers’ chances of getting hired and paint a positive picture of yourself. Recruiters and other professionals will see you as a team player and a good leader.