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40 of the Most Blessed Thanksgiving Instagram Captions for Turkey Day

40 of the Most Blessed Thanksgiving Instagram Captions for Turkey Day

Ever seen one of those beautiful Thanksgiving captions for Instagram that just moved you or made you feel jealous? You can create them too, and you can add gravitas to your Instagram photos by using good captions.

For this year’s Turkey Day, you can get some inspiration for your Instagram posts from our list of ideas for Thanksgiving captions for Instagram below.


Thanksgiving Captions for Instagram: Posts about food


01I’ve taken some beautiful photos of food before, but this plate of #Thanksgiving food is just too mouthwatering. All of that cranberry sauce, bacon, and pumpkin pie makes me scream YUMMM!!!


thanksgiving food pie people eating table bread
Photo by Element5 Digital under pexels license


02Look at all of that food! There’s something about food on Thanksgiving that just makes me so happy and feel so fulfilled inside; I feel like a child. Happy Thanksgiving!


03Happy Thanksgiving people! I hope you’re having a great time. Is your turkey ready yet? Ours is ready, and we’re ready to jump right in.


04That moment on #Thanksgiving when the hunger is arousing thanks to the curry-infused aroma of turkey; it starts floating around the house, and you know the grand meal is up next!!


05For this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve decided to finally prepare this amazing bacon and Brussels sprouts recipe’ from #ChrissyTeigen’s cookbook. What do you think?


brocolli in wooden bowl on top of the table

Photo by SouthStore Design under pexels license


06For the first time in months, I’ve cleaned up all of the food on my plate in just minutes, and I did it during #Thanksgiving dinner of all moments!


07Is it just my eyes today, or does perfectly burned #Thanksgivingturkey just look so beautiful and shapely? Our turkey today looks too perfect to be eaten.


08Until I tried cooking my own Thanksgiving dinner, I didn’t appreciate how much effort went into putting together a beautiful #Thanksgiving spread. How does mine look?


woman is about to slice a turkey wooden cutting board

Photo by audio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on unsplash


09All the food on our Thanksgiving dinner table right now reminds me of those illustrations of feasts from the Old Testament. #Thanksgiving #OldTestament


10So far, the best thing about Thanksgiving this year is this pumpkin pie. I have paused my #ketodiet this once to make room for this treat. #dontjudgeme


Captions for Posts about being thankful


11This Turkey Day, I just want to take a second to appreciate this wonderful woman; it’s my #mom, and I want to thank her for everything she’s given me. I am so #lucky.


woman on gray cardigan standing near table doing cheers smiling happy

Photo by cottonbro under pexels license


12I met Bobby Grahams on #Thanksgiving last year when I spilled coffee on his suit. One year later, I am still very grateful for the accident.


13As we celebrate #TurkeyDay, I have to celebrate someone who is so close to me, and that is Lana Winters. I am grateful to be your #BFF, Lana!!!


14Hey @Brei, wherever you are, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart this Thanksgiving for your extra kind heart.


15If someone asked me what I was grateful for this Thanksgiving, I wouldn’t miss a beat. I would say these lovely faces, and I’m talking about my #children.


mother curly hair and son opening a gift near the table

Photo by cottonbro under pexels license


16Every year on Thanksgiving, I remember my good friend Wanda Smith (1972-2006) and feel grateful for her life. Wanda, you went to Heaven too soon.


17What would I do without this lovely human being @lita_1? It’s been a crazy year, and she’s been my rock. Also, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!



18I took this photo of my family today, and I suddenly realized how lucky I am to have a family this healthy and happy. #Sograteful #Thanksgiving


19This hasn’t been an easy year for me, and I have made so many mistakes. This dude has stayed by my side. I am so proud to know you, buddy.


man and woman hugging on the greenfield
Photo by Christian Bowen on unsplash


20No #turkey photos from me this Thanksgiving. Instead, I’ll give a shout-out to my Dad who is perhaps the kindest living soul on this planet.


21I woke up this Thanksgiving feeling grateful for everything around me – the earth, my family, the sun, clean water – because we’re so lucky to have all of them.


Thanksgiving Captions for Instagram: Posts about family


22I got home last night for Thanksgiving, and I was feeling tired, hungry, and angry. One look at these lovely people, who make up my wonderful family, and I knew flying was worth it.


family bonding man white hair hugging one girl and boy gray wall

Photo by Elly Fairytale under pexels license


23What can I say? I am proud of everyone in my family, and I wouldn’t substitute any one of them for anything. Happy Thanksgiving to every one of you! #Tribe


24This is my family and I during Thanksgiving dinner in [Year]. #TBT. The first thing you notice is how everyone in my family has aged so much!


25I am spending Thanksgiving alone this year, away from this wonderful family of mine. Sadly, I already miss you guys so much. #Sad #Thanksgiving


husband and wife with three kids sitting on the grass and flower field

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on unsplash


26So many people have countless horror stories about Thanksgiving with their families. I feel lucky that my sweet family has never given me Thanksgiving trouble.


27This is shaping up to be my best Thanksgiving ever, especially now that my whole family has arrived in town. Thankfully, they are all healthy and fine. I am so excited!



28I guess it’s true what they say: #Holidays are much more fun when you’re with your family, chosen or natural (like mine above)!


29The proposed plan for today, Thanksgiving [Year]: Eat, drink, play a fun game of tug-o-war with my family, Thanksgiving dinner, and finally, catching a game together. I am so #blessed.


group of people playing tug of war tattoo on the arms
Photo by Victor Freitas under pexels license


30This year, our whole extended family came down to Boca Raton for Thanksgiving, so we’re a very large group. We are having so much fun!


31This is when you haven’t been home for Thanksgiving in a while, and you’re too excited to see everyone or take selfies with them. Have a great Thanksgiving!


person holding iphone SE showing a man with camera and group of people

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on unsplash


32I couldn’t make it home for Thanksgiving this year, so this bunch of funny, crazy friends is standing in for my family tonight. Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Captions for Instagram: Posts about football


33Watching my home team beat the Maine Eagles today is going to be the best Thanksgiving present ever. Today will be #WILD people. Go Rams!!


man in blue and white striped soccer jersey playing rugby two people pulling him

Photo by Patrick Case under pexels license


34This is how we are rounding out Thanksgiving this year: We’re watching the #Cowboys whip the #Tigers into line and away from the trophy. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


35We got the beers ready, and we got the TV ready. We got everybody ready. Everything’s ready for the game to start. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


36I love Thanksgiving dinner, but I couldn’t sit still knowing the game was on in the other room; So, I slid out to scream “Go Pistons Go!!”


men playing rugby one man carrying ball referee catching up

Photo by Patrick Case under pexels license


37My boys and I are down at #TheAvenueBar waiting for the game to come on. Hey @trina and @ghree, it’s great out here, so you better join us!


38Today, this once, I am catching the #Thanksgivingfootball game. I thought I’d be bored stiff after five minutes, but instead, I am hooked!!


man catching man in white team uniform football

Photo by Chris Moore on unsplash


39Today I finally get to wear my brand new *and autographed* Pistons jersey to the #Thanksgivinggame tonight. I can’t wait to make some folks feel jealous.


40If anyone needs to know, all I want for Thanksgiving this year is a win from the Bullets against the Pistons and nothing more. #NFL


41About five hours ago, the Bulls lost! I still had so much fun hanging out with my goonies: I’m with @annie, @greerand @filo on Thanksgiving night.



Instagram always lights up on Thanksgiving with the best photos, most of which are accompanied by the most amazing captions. Crafting these captions is no simple task, but you can achieve it.
If you are already crafting your captions, but you feel overwhelmed or just uninspired, you can check out our ideas for Thanksgiving captions for Instagram above. You can tweak them any way you like before posting.