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45 Cool Instagram Captions for Your Best Graduation Pictures

45 Cool Instagram Captions for Your Best Graduation Pictures

After all of your hard work, you have finally made it to graduation. You can look forward to congratulatory messages flooding your social media feeds and DMs, especially when you post your graduation pictures with graduation Instagram captions:

Now, you don’t have to worry about coming up with your own Instagram captions on graduation day.

We’ve sifted the net and put our brains together to come up with the best Instagram captions about graduation for you so that you have plenty to choose from.

Here are 48 of the best graduation Instagram captions:


8 Graduation Instagram Captions About the Graduation Ceremony

Graduation ceremonies mark the end of your tenure at your high school or college.
Now, you and your classmates will walk across the stage to collect your diplomas and step into the next chapter of your lives.
Here are eight of the best graduation Instagram captions about the graduation ceremony:


01Whew! I thought this would never be over. Congratulations to the Class of [Year]. We did it! #classof[Year] #gradpic #graduationphoto #schoolsout #gradday #graduation


woman wearing red academic dress smiling looking at the right side
Photo by Jane Carmona on unsplash


02Some students graduated with honors, but I’m just honored to graduate with the #classof[Year] #highschooldiploma #graduationceremony


03It was never about how fast I could get there, but it was always about what was waiting on the other side. #graduation #theclimb #journey


04After I thank God for getting me here, I’m going to thank the guy that invented copy and paste! #graduationday #newbeginnings


woman using macbook floral dress hands with red nail polish

Photo by Polina Zimmerman under pexels license


05Now that I have my degree, does anyone have a job lying around? The bank won’t leave me a-loan. #hireme #newgraduate


06I was kind of disappointed that no one started singing like it was a high school musical!


07Yes! Class is officially dismissed forever! It’s time to start making that moolah!


man s hand counting dollars long sleeves black and gold watch

Photo by Nina P on reshot


08I started from the bottom, and now the whole team’s here! Congratulations to the class of [Year]!


8 Captions About the Graduation Party

It’s customary for high schools or colleges to throw a party dedicated to the graduating class. Other times, the students will host one for themselves, for friends, and for family to enjoy.
If you had a blast at your graduation party, and you snapped a few pictures, you can use any of these graduating Instagram captions to share the moment with your followers:

09Now, it’s hotter in here by just one degree. I’m so proud of my B.S! #graduatuionoutfit #graduationparty #graduationmakeup


blur background hands holding a thermometer sick person checking temperature

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch under pexels license


10Cheers to the class of [Year]! May we continue to do our best and work hard to reach success! #graduation #toast #classof[Year]


11We all know I’m not the type to make a speech, but I wrote a few words in honor of the class of [Year]!


12What a night! If all college parties could be like the one last night, I’d pack my bags right now! #collegeparty #graduationparty #graduationturnup


people foam party outside house happy raising hands

Photo by Ruslan Biktagirov on reshot


13I’m very proud and also very tired; however, I’m never too tired for a final turn up with the class of [Year]! #graaduationparty #party #grauationnight


14Even if I don’t remember everything that happened in high school, I’ll remember this night forever. #memories #highschoolgraduation #senioryear



15I’m 100% certain that I have 0 clue about what to do next, but tonight, I’ll party! #graduationdance #graduationdrink #collegegraduation


portrait paint colorful celebration bright party woman eyeglass smiling with paint on her face
Photo by alberto Ginés Melero on reshot


16We’re living it up for one last time #classof[Year] #graduationpicures #graduationparty


8 Captions About the Graduation Gowns and Hat

Most high schools and colleges require graduates to wear a gown and hat at the graduation ceremony. This is a symbolic part of the graduation ceremony because the hats are often tossed into the air at the end of the ceremony.
Here are eight graduation Instagram captions about gowns and hats:

17I want you to let your cap fly as high as your dreams! #grad #graduate #hereigo


graduates throwing their hats with blue ribbon many people smartphones taking photo

Photo by Adrian Dascal on unsplash


18Yup, the tassel was worth the hassle! #justgraduated #imdone #semesterover


19It’s not a tiara or a cape, but the gown and cap will do for now! #graduationmakeup #graduationofinstagram #graduationstudent


20My favorite part of graduation is the part when I get to toss my cap into the air! #graduationgown #graduationcap #graduationstudent


21This is the only occasion when I don’t mind being overdressed. #graduationgown #graduationmakeup #instagraduation


photo of smiling woman in black academic dress standing in front of marble wall holding up diploma

Photo by Davis Sanchez under pexels license


22Graduation was lit, even with no cap! #collegegraduation #youngeducated #schoolgraduation


23Hats off to those who made it all the way to graduation. Good on you for being brave enough to try and never give up. I salute you.


24Whose idea was it to make us wear these long, hot gowns in the middle of summer? #justgraduated #graduationgown #guesswhograduated


8 Captions About the Tears and Smiles

Graduation day is a pretty emotional time for everyone involved, from the parents and students to the staff and faculty members. There will be many tears shed, but there will also be a ton of smiles; these are signs of hope for the future.
Here are eight graduation Instagram captions about the tears and smiles:

25I cried because I was sad that this phase in my life was over, but I can also smile about it because I’m glad it happened.


woman wearing blue and black graduation coat blonde hair

Photo by Adrian Dascal on unsplash


26Saying goodbye is hard, and I hate to close this door. I’m lucky to have experienced high school with the most wonderful people in the world. #highschoolgraduation #college


27The best part about this journey is the end when your parents smile at you because of how proud they are. #memories


28I’m smiling because I know that I am ready to face any challenge that is foolish enough to face me! #endurance #perseverance #graduation


man wearing black tank top and brown shorts climbing white rock trees on the back

Photo by Dominika Roseclay under pexels license


29I have a big smile on my face because graduating means that I’m like all smart and stuff! #congradulations #graduationday #proud


30My tears are not because I am sad about leaving high school; they are about how proud I am of how far I’ve come. #tearsofjoy #graduationday


31Here’s to the class of [Year]. We’ve had a ton of laughs and shed tears that will bind us for life!


graduate blue shirt white gown black girl throwing confetti

Photo by Joshua Mcknight under pexels license


32Here I am crying at a crossroads because my friends are going one way, and I’m going another way. Hopefully, we will meet again on our journeys through life.


8 Graduation Instagram Captions About High School/College

High school and college graduation ceremonies are very emotional because the students have been through a lot and have formed some real bonds with their peers.
It is tough to say goodbye, but you can use your captions to inspire your fellow graduates; you can express that this is not the end of the road.
Here are eight of the best college/high school graduation Instagram captions:

33It may feel like the end, but in reality, it’s just the beginning. You can let the adventure begin! #classof[Year] #graduationday #collegegraduation #graduationday


aerial view of graduates wearing hats happy graduating people

Photo by Good Free Photos on unsplash


34A wise man once said, “Take pride in what I accomplish, believe in how far I can go, and never forget where I came from!


35Behind me are all of my memories, and in front of me, that’s where the real fun is. That is all of my dreams. #highschoolgraduation


36High school was tough, but college is where I will find out who I truly am. So, the adventure begins! #collegebound #graduationday #graduation[Year]


woman near concrete house wearing black and red graduation coat

Photo by princess on unsplash


37No matter where life takes us, you should remember what it took to get us here and all the times we shared in between.


38My fellow graduates, I want you to remember to enjoy the journey. The best is yet to come! #collegegraduation #collegekid #grateful


39Now, I’ve unlocked a new chapter in my life. The book of me is getting very interesting! #lifejournery #college #freshman


woman relax reading book eyeglasses sitting flip flops

Photo by Tonya Snow-Cook on reshot


40This is the beginning of everything that I want. I’m just here to enjoy the ride!#highschool #highschoolgraduation #senioryear


8 Graduation Instagram Captions About Future Goals

Having reached the graduation milestone, you will start to position yourself as someone who wants to accomplish some goals that you have set for yourself.
Some of these may be short-term or long-term, but as long you stick to the right path, you will succeed!
Here are eight graduation Instagram captions that you can use to talk about future goals:

41I’m in pursuit of everything that sets my soul on fire! This is the start of something beautiful! #graduation #goals #success


bonfire on forest night time rocks trees fire

Photo by Timothy Meinberg on unsplash


42Every accomplishment requires you to try, so I’ll never stop trying until I knock out all of my goals! #perseverance #graduationday #journey


43If your dreams aren’t scaring you, then you aren’t dreaming big enough. The sky’s the limit! #lifegoals #graduationgoals #career


44I honestly have no clue where I will end up, but I’m well on my way. I’ll never lose faith!



45It always seems impossible until it’s done. Watch out naysayers because I’ll prove every last one of you wrong!


46There’s no way in hell that I’m going to believe the sky is the limit, especially when there are footsteps on the moon!


assorted color hot air balloons during daytime blue skies
Photo by ian dooley on unsplash


47If your dreams excite you and scare you at the same time, then you’re on the right path. You can defy the odds!


48There’s no telling how far I will go after this, but I am dedicated to the journey!



High school/college was already hard enough. You don’t need to make finding the right graduation Instagram caption harder than it needs to be.
With these graduation Instagram captions, you can say exactly how you are feeling and really embrace the moment. Your followers may also get a few laughs as well.