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45 of the Best Instagram Captions to Spice the Fall season Up

45 of the Best Instagram Captions to Spice the Fall season Up

Summer is the most popular season for photos, but fall is definitely the most beautiful time for photos; all of those fall photos on Instagram have good captions.

If you are looking for fall Instagram captions, you are not alone. You need unique, sharp captions for fall to give your photo of fall some meaning and gravitas.

However, not everyone is a maestro when it comes to creating captions; Below, you’ll find some Instagram-worthy sentences.

If you need some inspiration while captioning your Instagram photos, we’re here to help.

You can check out some of our ideas for fall Instagram captions below.


Best Fall Instagram Captions: Photos of Nature During Fall


01All of these orange/brown leaves are so so strangely beautiful and captivating! It’s no wonder they call it the fall, and it doesn’t sound lame. I want it forever.


woman holding brown 7 hand leaf bokeh focus brown trees background
Photo by Erico Marcelino on unsplash


02This morning, this is the view outside of my window. I am so glad I get to live in a place where nature is present all year round.


03These are the trees outside my house last weekend. I’ve seen them for the last 10 years, but I can’t stop staring at their fall-triggered blossom; the orange that comes out is beautiful.


04Even I can’t believe that I took a photo, and it came out looking this gorgeous. I guess that’s the beautifying power that fall has on nature.


05Do you ever feel like leaving fall leaves in the driveway because they are so beautiful? If only they stayed bright orange forever, I could take photos daily! #beautiful #fall


brown trees road curve in the middle

Photo by Elijah M. Henderson on unsplash


06There’s something about fall trees that both excites me and creeps me out. One moment they’re vibrant and brown, and the next moment, they’re dry and leafless. #wondersofnature


07These days, I can’t stop taking walks and extending them by a few minutes more each day so that I can observe how the fall season is so captivating.


08Just taking a walk in St. James Park, I have to say that walking outside during the fall and enjoying nature up-close is very refreshing.


daytime shot sunlight gray concrete buildings trees body of water

Photo by Josh Couch on unsplash


09I wish this amazing photo of fall, in all of its beauty, was a painting on my wall. Sadly, painting skills skipped my generation! [laughing emoji]


Best Fall Instagram Captions: the Colors of Fall


10I just love the color of fall, don’t you? The pumpkins alone couldn’t look more captivating. All this brightness and vibrancy makes me feel so alive!


orange pumpkins on the brown grass field during daytime

Photo by Ana Essentiels on unsplash


11I know fall is supposed to be the season when the world dries out, but it’s so beautiful in these photos above.


12My mom always said that fall was just a waiting period between summer and winter. If all waiting periods were this colorful, I’d surely enjoy the wait at the hospital too, right? 


13Every photo taken during the fall season gives off some colorful, earthy vibes that I really like. Maybe, it’s all the brown and orange in the trees.


coffee on the table smartphone leaves pumpkin garlic cookies

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on unsplash


14There’s nothing like the colors of fall to trigger inspiration within me. Its monotonic color palette should be limiting, but each shade is just so captivating and awesome.


15Give me the color of fall every day instead of winter’s astute whiteness or summer’s blinding blueness. Fall is more generic, but it’s still colorful, beautiful, and very bearable.


16This photo just amazes me. I am supposed to see my sweet family; instead, my eyes keep seeing fall’s beautiful hues all around us.


child playing with dried leaves in the backyard happy boy

Photo by Scott Webb on unsplash


17I always call the season of fall the masterpiece season because every photo and view feel like a piece of art; it looks like something we could see in the Louvre.


18Everyone should experience a Rhode Island fall before they die, if only for its color and fruitful scenes. #Fall4Eva



Captions for Photos of Fall Outfits


19This is me bundled up in a huge coat because of the sudden cold that hit the city. I’ll tell my grandkids that it was the coldest fall in the 21st century.


woman in brown coat standing on brown field photo holding a bag
Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on unsplash


20If I am putting on these boots, it means I’ve finally accepted that fall is here, and the look has to be tweaked for comfort!.


21This is yours truly and my besties @lam22 and @cul12. Who knew that I’d ever wear a thick blazer against my will? That’s the power and charm of the #fall.


22I love fall, but I hate all this coldness. #HateToLove


woman tired resting eyes closed eyelashes red bangs knitted colorful scarf

Image from Pixabay under pexels license


23Y’all know I can’t stand long-legged boots, unless I have nothing else to wear. It’s the fall season over here, and the seasonal weather is demanding it.


24@Gugu forced that ‘trendy’ tight dress on me for my housewarming party, and now, I am LOVING it! I’ll pay more attention to #fallfashion trends starting tomorrow.


25About last night at the @LaCliche restaurant, no amount of weather systems this fall is going to stop me from going strapless when I want.


26Have I scared you yet? I chose this costume for Halloween because this time, I want to really scare folks. What do you think?


halloween woman scary looking away see through clothes web

Photo by JJ Jordan under pexels license


27They say feeling better starts when you feel good about yourself. This outfit makes me feel 200% better than anything else right now. #FallFashion[Year] #IHeartFall


Captions about Autumn: Photos on Love 


28Shopping with the love of my life @lou21 yesterday. There’s something extra charming and romantic (and definitely less creepy) about flea markets during the fall. 


happy couple in black leather jacket under a tree

Photo by Flora Westbrook under pexels license


29Other people wish for romantic trips to St. Tropez; I say that you can give me endless sunsets in the fall with my love, and I’ll be OK.


30What do you call a bright, orange-leaf-filled fall afternoon with your one true love? It’s called the full package. Hey @Patry, I feel lucky for my package.


31I don’t know about you guys, but the fall just triggers lovey-dovey sentiments in me. It makes me want to be in love and give love.


young satisfied woman in headphones with fresh red leaf listening to music with pleasure while lounging in autumn park

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio under pexels license


32Can you see this beautiful face? That’s my beautiful #fiancee folks. This fall marks our anniversary, and I just feel so lucky to be her fiancé.


33Why is it that the photos we take of my boo and I in the fall always look better? This one in particular feels just perfect.



34I know it feels like showing off, but we’re in LOVE! It feels amazing. There’s something about the fall that just makes falling in love feel so natural.


35I feel like I’ve won the lottery every day of this fall because I started dating this amazing woman in the fall, and it’s just been heaven ever since!


couple sitting on wooden bench looking at each other park people
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio under pexels license


36If I had to find a way to make a day more interesting this fall, I’d recommend taking a hike with the person you love, like we did. 


Best Fall Instagram Captions: Photos of Fall Changing to Winter or Summer Changing to Fall


37Can you see of this beauty? The seasons carry temporary beauty, only staying for a few weeks and deteriorating steadily into a new season of winter.


river between orange leaves body of water forest like

Photo by Emre Kuzu under pexels license


38I’ve always loved capturing that moment when fall is about to turn to winter; it makes me feel like everything is becoming new again. #LoveFall


39I had to capture the last bits of this summer before it slipped away. Now, I am excited and can’t wait for the fall to start. #SignMeUp #HereforThis


40I thought I didn’t want the fall to start, but now I feel like it’s exactly what I needed. There must be something in the air.


man and woman standing near lake wearing formal clothes trees on the side

Photo by Jonathan Borba under pexels license


41I don’t know about you guys, but I am still nostalgic about last fall. That photo just sends me back to that beautiful period in the past.


42Can you see all that color and beauty? Is there a more uplifting image of the fall season than this?


43This photo makes me want to take one last walk during this beautiful fall season before the snow takes over. #ILoveFall


44Don’t you sometimes wish that fall lasted longer than it does? We would have more beauty and less of winter’s coldness; we’d also have less heat strokes.


gray mug on top of piled books in the middle of dried leaves

Photo by fotografierende under pexels license


45This is a random photo that I took of the world. The fall looks even more beautiful when you know it’s about to leave for another year.


46These days, I like to look out the window a lot because fall makes me feel relaxed and calm, but the #winter is about to take it away. 



You don’t have to spend hours coming up with amazing fall Instagram captions for those wonderful photos that you’ve taken.
Assuming that you really want your photo to stand out on Instagram, among other fall season photos, one or more of the 45 ideas above of fall Instagram captions should do just fine.
You can tweak the captions to customize them and make them fit your current situation.