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30 Ways to Say “Congrats on Passing the Exam”

30 Ways to Say “Congrats on Passing the Exam”

Most of the time, showing appreciation for someone’s good grades is as easy as saying, “Congrats on passing the exam”. But when the achievement deserves something more unique, a personalized “Congrats on passing the exam” is the best choice. The trouble is that personalized messages are not always easy to create.

If you feel stuck, check out these 30 examples to inspire your own congratulatory message.


“Congrats on passing the exam”: for any kind of exam


01“Hey, Janie! Congrats on passing your exams! I heard you aced every paper like a pro. I am so proud of you.”


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02“Hey, Janie! I just wanted to congratulate you on passing your exams. Exams are not always easy, so you deserve all possible credit—no pun intended.”


03“I never did well enough in school to see any results, but I am really happy you’re doing the opposite. Congratulations on acing all your exams, Janey.”


04“Hey, Janey! I heard you passed your exams. Congrats! If I called you Einstein right now, I wouldn’t be wrong.”


05“Hey, Janey, I’ve always thought you were a sweet and smart girl. Congrats on passing your exams with flying colors.”


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06“Janey, dear, your uncle and I are very happy about your exam results. We are sending you our congratulations. We love you!”


07“Hey, Janie, what’s the right kind of gift for a smart girl who has just passed her exams?”


5 Messages to say “Congratulations on passing the graduation tests”


08“Dear Mike, I just heard about your high grades on your graduation exams, and I am so happy for you. Congratulations, and all the best wishes for college.”


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09“Lainey, you have made your grandpa and I very proud by passing your final exams. Congratulations, honey!”


10“Dear John, your high grades on your final exams have made me very happy. I always knew you could do it, and you proved me right. Congratulations and keep up the good work.”



11“Dear Alice, great news about your good grades on your final exams-congratulations. I hope you’ve thanked the Lord already. Some folks work hard and never reap a thing.”


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12“Patrick-for a minute there, I thought your mom was pranking me about your excellent grades on your graduation exam. Now I know she was being serious, and I want to say congrats!”


5 Messages to say “Congrats on passing the driving test”


13“Dear Julia, I can personally attest to how challenging the driving test can be, so congrats on passing the exam. I am very proud of you.”


14“Hey, Johnny-boy, just heard of your prowess in the driving test. Congratulations! Dinner is on me! You’re officially an adult to me.”


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15“Congratulations, Lainey! Your uncle and I are thrilled you passed your driving test with flying colors. Keep winning, baby! We’re so proud of you.”


16“I remember how hard it was for me to pass the driving test ten years ago, so I am delighted that you passed yours on the first attempt. Congratulations, Patrick!”


17“Hey, Julia! Congratulations on completing the whole driving thing. Suddenly I feel inspired to retake my own driving test again.”



Congrats on passing music grade exams


18“Dear Mike, congratulations on passing your guitar grade 7 exam. You’ve proven yourself worthy of a career in music, and I am proud of you.”


19“Hey, Mike, I heard you passed that cello grade 6 test. It sounded quite challenging, so congrats from me! Good luck in the future, the next Yo-Yo Ma.”


20“My dear, Alice, your mama and I are very pleased that you passed your violin grade 8 exams. We congratulate you and promise that you will receive a present from us soon.”


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21“Dear John, when I heard you’d passed the piano grade 8 test, I felt so proud of you. You’re well on your way to becoming the next Chopin now, so don’t mess this up.”


22“Congratulations to you, Michel, for acing your saxophone grade 8 test. You’ve made me very proud, and I hope you will be as successful as Kenny G in the future.”


Congrats on passing admissions tests for graduate management/law/medical school


23“So, I am sure it’s already old news, but congratulations on passing your admissions test for graduate management school, Mikey. It’s not a simple test, so you deserve some major props.”


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24“Jolene, I don’t know what to say. Just saying congratulations on passing your law school admissions exam seems inadequate. I am forever proud of you”


25“Dear Mark, I just received word that you aced your admissions test for medical school like a whiz. Congratulations! Now, go show them what you’re made of.”



26“I did an admissions test for law school in 1970, and it was the hardest thing ever. So, I am really glad that you aced yours with bright, flying colors. Congrats, Mulaney!”


27“Hey John, remember back in eighth grade when you decided to become a doctor? Well, look where you are now—passing admissions tests for med school like a whiz. I think the right reaction to all this is simple. Congratulations!”


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28“I passed my management school admission test and embarked on a career in finance. Today, you did the same, son, and I am so proud of you. Congratulations! The sky is your limit now.”


29“Hey Rachel, just saying congrats on passing the law school admissions tests and getting in. Always thought you could beat this thing, so thanks for proving me right.”


30“Arthur, you have made me very happy with your news about passing the med school admissions test. I’ve always been hopeful, but this has made me very happy, and I am so proud of you. So, congratulations.”



There are hundreds of ways to say “Congrats on passing the exam” without sounding dull. With the examples above, you don’t have to spend hours crafting an inspiring, unique congratulatory message. All you have to do is copy and paste, or copy and tweak a little. Good luck!