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20 warm graduation congratulations messages full of hope

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20 warm graduation congratulations messages full of hope

The celebration is in the air, the price has been paid, the sacrifice has been made, there have been Impressive achievements and now it’s time to celebrate with the grandaunts. If your loved ones, family or friends are graduating then the prayers, graduation congratulations texts, well-wishing and words of encouragement should be coming in by now and yours should not be found missing. Graduation days are filled with young individuals who are full of high hopes, expectations and a lot of confusion about what the future holds. You can do your part in making them feel better by writing warm graduation congratulations messages and words full of hope and assurance.


Graduation congratulations texts for high school grads


01“Congratulations are in order; you have come to the end of a series of studies which also marks the beginning of another series of learning. Do not be afraid or worried about what is to come. I know you and I know you have it already covered. Brace up, chin up and explore the world before you. I look forward to your other graduations.”

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02“Look ahead to the future, you have done your best and your best has brought out the excellence in you. You may be done with high school but another journey has just begun. I wish you success every step of the way and lots of luck as you climb the ladder to greatness.”


03“As you move to the university, make the most of every opportunity you meet, show kindness to those who deserve it and stay away from those who don’t. Life through university is not all about getting a good job at the end of your education; it’s about making a difference and putting your best in everything you do.”


04“Hurray!!! I celebrate with you this day as you graduate out of high school. Pack up all you have learned from here and use the knowledge wisely as you go further into your studies. Always thrive to do anything you put your hands on the best way the first time, and if for some reason you don’t get it right, keep trying till you do.”

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05Watching you grow to become a bigger boy/girl has been a pleasure. Now being able to share this glorious moment with you as you graduate is an even bigger honor. I am impatient to see how your life turns out and what the future holds for you. Whatever the case may be, I know things will always end well for you.”


06“Welcome into adulthood, welcome into maturity. I know you have just graduated and you must be exhilarated but there are still a lot more you need to learn. Knowing the person you are I know whatever it is you come across it is going to be a walk in the park for you. Take this graduation congratulations text as a show of my love for you.”


07“As you transit into preparing for the university, take out time to enjoy the best moments and whatever mishaps you might have had. There is more to life than just feeling sorry for the past. Learn as much as you can and be the best you can be every moment of your life.”

high school students celerating graduation

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08“A new start is here, do not relent in your hard work, have fun every step of the way and do not be afraid to make mistakes, they make you stronger and more experienced. A hundred steps taken and missed are better than a hundred days of regrets wishing you had at least taken a step.”


09The sky is the limit for you. You are one the most courageous and endearing person I know. As I watch you march up the stage my heart leaps for joy, as I know you have more than earned all the praises you receive today. Allow me to usher you into the new world in front of you.”


10“I look forward to watching you push through university flawlessly just as you have done through high school. The high school life might have been fun but trust me when I say your best days are yet to come. Never be afraid to chase your dreams and never be resentful about creating dreams. Congratulations my dear.”

graduation ceremony students laughing

Photo by Kalm Visual from Pexels

Graduation congratulations texts for university grads


11“Congratulations my dear. I hope you grasped as much as you could because you are going to need every bit of training and learning you have ever had for the world out there. I wish you a good life. May all your dreams come true and all your hopes soar.”


12“Many are called but only a few are chosen, you have been picked amongst the few who would grace the occasion. Although you might think you have been through a lot of learning, still have it in the back of your mind that life itself is a series of training. Do not be too quick to assume you have seen it all; there is always something somewhere that is worth knowing and understanding.”


13“As you pass this stage to a higher realm, you should be aware of the accomplishment you have just achieved. Hurdle after hurdle you have run this race beautifully and come out in prosperous colors. I have always believed in you, and I know you will always make me proud. Congratulations, enjoy your graduation.”

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Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

14“Success always follows with continuous hard work. I wish you the best of luck in the days to come, and best of wishes in the path you decide to follow. I will continue to give you my support in any way I can. Use all you have gained wisely, and keep being humble. Have a lovely graduation day.”


15“All your hard work and sleepless night have finally paid off. There is no greater investment than the one you make in yourself and you have done just that. Never stop being a winner in all you do. If you keep up at this pace, the places you will go and the heights you will reach will be immeasurable. Congratulation.”


16“This graduation day ushers you into the many glorious days that you will be celebrated as a success. Every aspect of your life now shows the hard work you have put into becoming an achiever. You have made us all proud and I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.”

throwing graduaion caps in the air university

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17“Bravo! Here is my graduation congratulations message to you my dear you have earned it. I am so proud of you, I have always had faith in you, and you didn’t let me down. Congratulations once again. Today is just the beginning of the many days you will be celebrated.


18“Now that you have graduated from the university it’s time to go further into living your life. With all that you have learned, and all that you have been through whatever you decide to make of your future will definitely be a masterpiece. Congratulations to you once again.”


19“I take my hats off to you!! Time flies so fast; it seems just yesterday you started the university and today we are celebrating your graduation. Do not allow the pressure of what the future holds get to you. All things are worth it in life including the mistakes. Congratulations.”

gray pigeons flying in blue sk

Photo by Zac Ong on Unsplash

20“A well-deserved honor you have gotten today. It’s your graduation day!!! Take a lot of pictures for the memories, and try to keep in touch with your real friends as best as you can. We have enclosed a lovely gift for you just to show you how proud we are of you. Congratulation.”



A simple graduation congratulations text can be used to show how much you care and how much you are willing to provide support. Leaving an academic system to a higher level or leaving it for good is a tough leap. No matter how composed or structured a person is there would still be a hint of lingering doubt as to what to do next, what step to take, what part of life to focus on, or what mistakes to avoid. So, providing hearty graduation congratulations text as an act of support should not be overlooked. You never know; you might be the next person getting a congratulatory message.

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