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15 of the Best Ways to Ask Someone If They Like You

15 of the Best Ways to Ask Someone If They Like You

Sometimes, you have a crush on someone. Sometimes, you are just friends with the person whom you admire, and you’d prefer that it remains that way. Either way, you need to know if that person likes you or not. Do you know how to ask someone if they like you?

Chances are that you don’t, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Below, you can discover some useful tips on how to ask someone if they like you.


What to bear in mind before you ask someone if he/she likes you


01He/she might say no or yes
Before you decide to make your thoughts known to the person of interest, you need to be aware that the response could be either positive or negative. In other words, the response you want may not be what you get.


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02He/she may shame you in public
Some people are meaner than you might think. After asking him/her if he/she likes you, that person can twist your request in order to profit at your expense by embarrassing you in public. It helps to be prepared for outcomes like this.


03The location/medium should favor you
Considering you can never know how the party you’re asking might react, it’s best to ask your question or admit your truth in a location that is favorable for you.
You should avoid very public places. Also, you shouldn’t use apps or platforms through which you can easily be shamed.


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04Have enough evidence before confronting the person
You start by asking yourself: do you really have enough evidence that someone is crushing on you?
You’ll want to make sure that you can back up your claims if you’re going to confront that person. If the person doesn’t like you, you will likely look very stupid. You should remember that a few glances in your direction don’t always mean something.


05Have a good, polite response ready for either a positive or negative reaction
The actual response may differ from what you expected, so you should be ready with a polite response that will help you to save face and keep you in control of the situation.
Sometimes, it’s a polite response that can trigger something between you and the other person.


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How to ask someone if they like you: if you are currently crushing on him/her


01Send him/her a text via WhatsApp, SMS, etc.
You can use the means that seems the most popular to you. You can write out a simple message that asks if he/she likes you.
You should prepare for the worst. You can send it when you know that he/she has time and access to his/her device.
Sending a message saves you the embarrassment of being turned down in person. If your crush turns out to like you too, you get the benefits minus most of the risks. You can say something like:


“Hey, this is Jimmy from accounting. We met last week in that sudden inter-department meeting, if you remember. All I want to know is… do you like me? Have you thought about me ever since we met? Thank you in advance.”
It always pays to be straightforward about what you want. This example can help you be clear and direct. It works well because you start by introducing yourself, and you won’t expose your feelings more than you should.


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02Write him/her a letter
If you trust your writing skills, you can compose a letter that asks your crush if he/she likes you. You should avoid making it too emotional or revealing in case the letter gets lost or stolen. Also, you should deliver the letter to your crush in person.
In a letter, you get more space to talk about your feelings and ask questions to your crush. A letter is also a great way to open up long term correspondence with your crush, which could end up in a date!


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03Send him/her a short note or a post-it
You can write a simple note, and you can use it to ask your crush to be honest with you. You can ask if he/she feels something for you or has ever had a crush on you. You need to make it clear that it’s okay if he/she doesn’t have a crush on you at all.
A good short note will allow you to express your feelings without exposing yourself and using too many words. It is straightforward.
The disclaimer about a negative answer being OK makes you sound modest. It could even help to trigger a real relationship or friendship between you and that person.


“Hi Becky. I hope I am not interrupting whatever you have going on right now. I just want to know if you ever think of me or if you like me? I’m asking because I like you, and I’d like us to hang out sometime.”
This example can help you to “hit two birds with one stone.” She can say that she doesn’t have a crush on you, but she may still accept a date. Or, you could get two positive answers if you ask confidently and have a bit of luck.


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04Use a GIF that asks “Do you like me?”
You need to choose a GIF that says exactly what you’re thinking. You can send it when that person is online.
GIFs can express the words for you, so you don’t have to give too much of yourself away. Besides, some GIFs are funny and innovative, so they can easily be brushed off if your crush isn’t interested in you. .


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05Confront him/her in a private setting, with no people around in case of embarrassment
The last resort is to meet the person somewhere and ask him/her if he/she has a crush on you or not. You should be straightforward and ready for any answer.
This method works best because you get the answer from the “horse’s mouth,” so to speak, and you won’t leave behind any evidence (written notes, letters, voice notes, etc.) that can be used to embarrass you.



06Use code language in a text or speech
Using code language involves presenting your situation while making it difficult to figure out. You can say something like


“Someone likes you very much; this person is wondering if you feel the same as he/she does? ”
If your crush picks up easily on code language, he/she will understand and send you a reply. It’s a fun way to approach the situation; you also come off as pretty relaxed.
He/she may say that he/she doesn’t don’t like you back, but you could try officially asking for a date with him/her in case he/she says yes.


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How to ask someone if they like you: if you don’t like that person, have no crush on him/her or are just friends with him/her


07Confront him/her directly
If you don’t necessarily like the person in question or if you’re just his/her platonic friend, you should confront that person with the question: “Do you have a crush on me?” You must have evidence to back you up if the individual denies it, but you know it’s true.
There’s really nothing to lose if there is no crush to be discovered. Even when it turns out a crush is really present, it’s better than beating around the bush for weeks. Here are some examples:


“Mike, is it possible that you are crushing on me? I am getting all of these crush vibes from you, and I am certain that they are not by accident. Be honest with me so that we can clear this up together.”
This works because it is straightforward, and it doesn’t beat about the bush. You can also clarify that you’ve seen the move that he/she has tried to make (if applicable). You want to know that he/she is serious.


“Hey Joanie, I know that we’re friends, but I have been getting mixed signals all week from you, like you are into me or something. Am I wrong? Please be honest with your response because this is a big deal for me. I promise not to make things awkward between us after if you say yes.”
This example works because it calms the individual’s worst fears first, including post-confession awkwardness. You also make it clear that you are serious about the query, which can result in a more honest confession from him/her.


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08Give him/her a call
You can get the phone number of the person if you don’t already have it, and you can try to give him/her a call. You should get straight to the point, but you can start by noting that you’ve been getting vibes from this person that suggest feelings exist or a crush exists.
As long as you aren’t crushing on this individual too, you don’t need to worry about being too forward. Making the phone call also puts you in control of the situation, which is where you want to be.



“Mr. Manning, I hope this isn’t too forward, but I need you to confirm something for me. Do you like me? I have been sensing something of the sort from you over these past few days; all of these small details feel like they adding up. I’d like you to be clear about this with me as soon as possible.”
This example works well because it sounds humble, respectful, and non-judgmental. Whether there is a crush or not, any friendship or work relationship that was present before this discussion can survive. However, it’s still important to be clear about what you want.


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09Have your friend ask on your behalf without revealing your role
You can find a friend who is a mutual friend between the two of you, and you can tell that friend your issue.
Then, you can ask the friend to help you ask your person of interest if he/she is interested. It’s important that he/she leave your role in the whole scheme hidden from the individual of interest.
If you fear that things may get awkward between you and your friend after asking your person of interest about his/her crush on you, this method can help you to avoid that.
When executed smartly, it is also very effective because it can get you the results that you want.


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10Conjure up a random game of yes or no to use to get your answer
Since he/she might already be your friend, and you might be feeling awkward about asking him/her directly, you can use a game of yes and no to get the answer that you are seeking.
You can come up with questions for the individual so that he/she can reply yes/no. Then, you can include a question like “do you have a crush on me?” You can play it using cue cards or text messages.
This method works well because you’ll get your answer without embarrassing yourself. It also works across different mediums.


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Is there really an easy way on how to ask someone if they like you?
As challenging as it may sound, yes there is an easy way on how to ask someone if they like you. In fact, there are many ways of finding out if someone is crushing on you, including some for the shy types and some for the extroverts. You can use some of these ideas listed above to learn how to ask someone if they like you.