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7 Things You Should Know Before You Confess to Your Crush 

7 Things You Should Know Before You Confess to Your Crush 

If you’re crushing on someone right now, chances are that you’ve wanted to confess your feelings for a while. But how to confess to your crush is not a simple topic, and you need to do it right, starting with the time and location you choose, and what to say.

We’ve got a few tips and ideas for how to confess to your crush that are sure to make the occasion a successful one.


Before Confessing to Your Crush

Not all confessions to crushes end well. Most scenarios end badly, but not because the woman in question did not like the man.
Sometimes, it’s the small details that matter, like whether she was in a bad mood or not. Below, we explore the different things you need to consider before confessing to your crush.

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01The location
The location of a crush confession is everything. The success of your confession depends partly on the location you choose and what is happening at the time.
No one likes to feel embarrassment, but some of the best-planned confessions have ended in ugly embarrassment for both parties. Public places with a lot of people are not always the best places to confirm your feelings to your crush. The chances of embarrassment are higher here if it ends badly, while the chances of bungling it mid-step are even higher if you are a shy individual.
Private locations—or slightly private ones—are perfect for the secretive, tender nature of a crush confession. A private location can be anywhere that’s away from a crowd. The best bit about a private location is that her reaction stays between the two of you unless you both decide otherwise. Also, private locations tend to be quieter in general, so you get to explain your feelings more thoroughly before you’re interrupted. 
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02Does she feel the same?
You are crushing on her, and your feelings are overwhelming you, but is there a possibility that she might be crushing on you, too? Are there any signs? Women who crush on men tend to drop signals about their feelings.
If she has been crushing on you too, your attempt to confess your feelings will most certainly end well. But those are the minority situations. Most of us crush on people that aren’t crushing on us at all. This doesn’t mean you should give up. Go ahead and try your luck.
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03What mood is she in?
If there is one thing that affects women’s decisions to a great degree, it is their moods. Even when confessing to your crush, you need to figure out what her mood is before you start talking. The answer will greatly affect how she will respond.
When a girl is in a positive mood, she is more likely to respond to your confession positively, even if she doesn’t like you. A bad mood almost always results in a bad response, even when she might have admitted to liking you, too.
So how do you know if she is a bad mood? It’s simple. Watch her for a while before you talk to her. If she seems unhappy or too silent, she might be in a not-too-good mood. If she is jolly and care-free, that’s the perfect mood.
Some girls are complicated, so the reverse could be true. Either way, don’t confess your feelings to someone that appears unhappy or stressed out.
At the same time, just because your crush appears to be in a terrible mood, it doesn’t mean she can’t take your confession. Sometimes, your confession will be the good news that improves her mood, so go ahead and pour your heart out.


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04Who is she with?
Public confessions of crushes tend to look great in movies, but that’s only because they always end so well. The people your crush is with can make a confession awkward, especially if you choose to deliver your truth in front of them, too.
If you think she might be with a few highly judgmental people, try asking her to step aside with you so that you can talk in private.
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05Is she already in a relationship?
One thing that has always messed up people’s chances with wonderful women is bad timing. It doesn’t make sense confessing your feelings to a woman that is already in a relationship. That’s disrespectful unless she has shown signs that might indicate the relationship is fizzling out.
Find out if the woman is dating someone else or if she’s still single. The latter is the best to confess to.
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06The extent of your crush
If you’re already planning to tell your crush, that’s a sign that you’re ready to express yourself. But you still need to assess your mind and the extent of your crush before you try to discuss those feelings with the object of your affection.
If your crush has only grown stronger since you first saw her, go ahead and express yourself. If you’re not sure you like her for the right reasons, it’s best that you don’t confess just yet. 
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07The medium you’re using
It’s very important to choose the right medium when contacting your crush. There are many avenues available to choose from, including letters, texts, social media messages, or doing it in person.
Each comes with its pros and cons, so be thoughtful about what you pick. 


Texts are great if you already know the woman in question.
But you should also be aware that the woman—or anyone else with access to her phone—can use your words against you if she turns you down.


Social media works well if you’re not all that close with your crush.
It can also be used against you if things don’t work out, so choose your words carefully. 


Using a letter works well if you are comfortable sending something to her house.
Some people, however, think letters are old fashioned, and receiving one from a near stranger might even be a little scary.


Talking about your feelings in person is always great, if you read the atmosphere right.
On the positive side, when a personal confession goes well, you will get immediate feedback. When it doesn’t, because you played it wrong, it can result in all manner of embarrassment. 



Examples of How to Confess to Your Crush Face-to-Face

The best way to confess to your crush is by telling her face-to-face. That way, you can identify her reactions to you and your feelings, and judge for yourself.
Below are three examples of how to confess to your crush face-to-face without embarrassing yourself.

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01When she is your friend
Hey Janie, I think you are one of the best kind of people any guy could have for a friend.
For the years I have known you, I have found you to be kind, caring, funny and sensitive, and quite honestly, my type of girl.
I know we’ve been friends for years and all that, but…I’d like us to be more than just friends…what do you think?


02When she is your classmate
Hi Jane, I’ve been meaning to tell you something for a while now. I have a major crush on you, and I’ve felt this way for a long time.
I find you very attractive, and I like the way you carry yourself at school. I would really like to get to know you better.
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03When she is your colleague
Hey Marie, don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you are a very attractive woman.
I have been thinking about you for a while, in fact, and I just can’t ignore my feelings any longer. I have a huge crush on you, and I’d like to get to know you better.



Examples of How to Confess to Your Crush Using a Letter

Not all of us are bold enough to stand face-to-face with the object of our desires when expressing our feelings. For these moments, letters have always been good alternatives; they’re personal and sweet.
Below, we explore three different ideas for how to confess to your crush using a letter.

06When she is your friend
Dear Janie, I am writing to admit that I have had a huge crush on you for a while now.
For the years you’ve been my friend, I have found you to be an absolutely amazing human being that also happens to be my type. I’d love us to be more than just friends. Let me know what you think.
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07When she is your classmate
Dear Jane, I don’t know when it started, but I have had a huge crush on you for the last three months we’ve shared classes.
I find you smart and beautiful in a unique way I’ve never experienced before. I’d like to know you further, beyond class.
I look forward to hearing from you.


08When she is your colleague
There are hundreds of women in this office and even more in the building.
But, out of all those, only one caught my attention with her unique personality, natural beauty, and wonderful sense of humor.
That woman was you, Jane. I’d love to know you more if you’ll let me. You won’t regret it.



At first blush, confessing to your crush might appear to be one of the hardest things in your life to do. But when you look at it closely, it doesn’t have to be.
There are hundreds of ideas for how to confess to your crush and express your feelings. We hope the ideas above can help give you the confidence to get started.