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45 Cute Things to Say to Your Crush That Can Make Him Smile

45 Cute Things to Say to Your Crush That Can Make Him Smile

When you find someone you are interested in, it is important to let him know that you like him romantically. While saying outright, ‘Hey, I like you’, may not be your thing, you can send him a few cute messages here and there to give him a hint.

To do this, you must figure out some cute things to say to your crush.

Here are 45 cute things to say to your crush that are sure to make him smile:


Cute Things To Say To Your Crush About His Appearance

Even though some guys aren’t fussy about their appearance, acknowledging your think they look good will matter to them. Here are 15 cute things to say to your crush about his appearance:

01“How do you manage to look so yummy all the time?”
Yummy is the equivalent to ‘looking like a snack.’ Of all the cute things to say to your crush, this is one of the simplest, making him smiling all day.


Photo by nappy under pexels license


02“Your outfit today was on point! That green sweater you had on really brought out your eyes.”
If your crush is really into fashion, complimenting his dressing will surely make him feel good.


03“How do you get your hair to stay perfect all day?”
Some guys are very fussy about their hair. The fact that you noticed his efforts will be appreciated.


04“I can’t help but get lost in your dreamy eyes.”
If your crush’s eyes are what attracted you to him, be sure to point this out. This will let him know that you like things about his body.



05“Do you work out? Your arms are so big.”
A guy who is athletic or into working out is sure to appreciate this compliment. This is one of the best cute things to say to your crush because maybe he will even start flexing those muscles for you.


Photo by panther sohi under pexels license


06“I love your new haircut. It really compliments your face.”
Sometimes guys get anxious or nervous about how their new haircut will be perceived. This will reassure him and let him know that you’re keeping yourself updated on all matters regarding him.


07“You have the most amazing fingernails. Do you get them done at the spa?”
Some guys are more into their appearance than others. Highlighting these things show that you pay attention and tells him that you like these qualities in a guy.


Photo by Alex Smith under pexels license


08“I love the way your arms look in that shirt. You weren’t kidding when you said you’re at the gym 24/7.”
Guys who work out love to get feedback on their muscle and progress. And they especially love hearing it from a girl!


09“What is that cologne you are wearing? It smells heavenly.”
Everyone knows smell is a big part of attraction… Let him know it’s working.


Photo by Aleksandr Slobodianyk under pexels license


10“Your voice is so deep and manly.”
Nothing strokes a man’s ego like hearing how deep, commanding and masculine his voice sounds. You can also top it off with the fact that it makes you feel safe, or even that it arouses you.


11“Your smile can brighten my entire day.”
This compliment works for everyone; some guys have smiles that are real show stoppers. Let him know that it makes your heart skip a beat and you are sure to see that smile once again.



12“Blue is your color, you look so good.”
This is one of the cute things to say to your crush that can help you figure out if he likes you back. If he wears that color again, and brings your compliment up, you can bet on the fact that he’s interested too.


Photo by Mihai Stefan Photography under Pexels License


13“You have a really cute butt.”
While some guys are a bit reserved about these kinds of compliments, take a chance and be a little cheeky to get a laugh out of him. (no pun intended).


14“Most guys can’t even match clothes, but you are always put together so well.”
It is true, many guys wear things that don’t even match. By mentioning this to him, it will let him know that you are into him.


15“Are those shoes new? They go great with that jacket.”
Noticing these things shows that you are paying attention to him. Plus he will love the attention


Photo by AJ Nakasone under pexels license


Things To Say About His Talent/Intelligence

Want some other cute things to say to your crush? Here are 15 phrases that will complement his talent/intelligence:

16“Every time we talk, I seem to learn something from you.”
This is a great way to let him know that you are actively listening to what he says and that it has had an impact on you.


Photo by bruce mars under pexels license


17“I wish I could dance half as well as you.”
This kind of compliment is not too over the top and is a cute way to let him know that you appreciate his talent.


Photo by Luis Quintero under pexels license


18“You have such a refreshing perspective and mindset.”
For a more mature guy, hearing something like this is sure to put a smile on his face. It also shows that you guys are on the same page.


19“You are a skilled problem-solver.”
This kind of compliment is more suited to a leader type, someone who takes pride in taking charge and is maybe more work-oriented. It will let him know that his efforts and accomplishments are being recognized.



20“Is there anything that you can’t do?”
For guys who are all-rounders, this is a perfect compliment that is sure to make him smile. Be sure to let him know you mean this positively though. If you are texting, be sure to send an emoji indicating you like it.


Photo by Becca Tapert under Unsplash License


21“You’re like a modern-day Einstein.”
Smart guys are sure to appreciate this type of compliment. Not only will it make him smile, but he will appreciate that you like him for his best quality.


22“You are certainly a jack of all trades!”
This phrase is for guys who are good with their hands or who are absolute all-rounders. If he knows what a jack of all trades is, he will find it cute.


Photo by Mervyn Chan under unsplash license


23“How did you calculate those figures so fast? Are you a human calculator?”
Chances are he will laugh at this and making your crush laugh is always a good sign.


24“Have you always been this gifted musically?”
For musicians, their art and talent are held very close to their heart. By complimenting this, you are sure to spark an emotional response.


Photo by Toa Heftiba under Unsplash License


25“Not everyone is able to maintain an intelligent conversation. It must run in your family.”
It is no secret that not everyone can maintain, or even take part in. an intelligent conversation. Highlighting this can stroke his ego and put a smile on his face.


26“What would I do without your insightful input?”
Smart guys will always give you smart advice. By making sure he knows that his advice was insightful, it will make him more inclined to give it to you, and that is one of the cutest things in the world, and among some the cute things to say to your crush.



27“Nobody can touch you when it comes to hitting those notes. Where did you learn to sing like that?”
This is cute because it tells him that you are in awe of his talent. It will also make him smile.


Photo by Thibault Trillet under Pexels License


28“It takes a really brainy person to know four languages! Maybe you could teach me a few phrases sometime.”
This phrase is kinda flirtatious, but still cute. It could lead to a very interesting conversation or even some well needed one-on-one time.


29“Being able to make an important decision at short notice is a great asset. Some guys are so indecisive.”
This is a cute thing to say because it lets him know you think he is better than other guys.


30“How did you come up with that? That’s amazing!”
This phrase should be used after your crush tells you about a brilliant idea. It is cute because your enthusiasm will encourage him and give him more confidence in his idea.


Cute Things To Say To Your Crush About His Personality

If your crush has a great personality, be sure to mention it. Here are 15 cute things you can say to your crush about his personality:

31“You have such a great personality.”
Sure, this may be simple, but simple can be the best way to go sometimes. It is cute because it is not to over the top.



32“I don’t think I know anybody as caring and as gentle as you are.”
Nice guys are sometimes hard to find and if you have one in your sights you better let him know you appreciate it. Use this cute thing to say to your crush to let him know.


33“You have great manners.”
A well-mannered guy will appreciate this compliment. It is simple and to the point.


Photo by Jeswin Thomas under Pexels License


34“I’m impressed by how you handled that situation. I just love how you are always able to keep your cool.”
If something happened that would make most people lose it, be sure to let him know that he handled it well. This is cute because it shows that you see who he really is.


35“You’re really something special.”
Anyone would love to hear this. If your crush fits this description, it will make him feel important and one-of-a-kind.


36“How do you always manage to make everyone laugh?”
This is a cute thing to say about a guy with a funny personality because if he likes you back, it will let him know that he is doing something right.


Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes under unsplash license


37“You are an amazing listener.”
This is especially cute after you’ve told him something important to you. It will let him know that you are grateful for his ear.


Photo by Magda Ehlers under pexels license


38“You’re great at telling stories.”
Guys who talk a lot will love this compliment. It is a cute way to let him know that you are soaking up every last detail.


39“You have a beautiful heart.”
This is one of the cute things to say to a guy who is very giving, thoughtful and generous.


Photo by Boxed Water Is Better under unsplash license


40“You’re one of the most adventurous people I know.”
Outgoing, adventurous guys will love this compliment. It lets them know that you love who they are and can lead to invitations and discussions.



41“Do you get paid to be this high spirited?”
This could come across the wrong way so make sure you sound like you enjoy it! Let them know they are a pleasure to be around and can make you smile.


Photo by Zachary Nelson under unsplash license


42“Your work ethic is admirable.”
Working guys who give their all are often tired and worn out. This is a cute thing to say because it can give them motivation and will let them see their efforts are not going unnoticed.


43“The world would be a better place if everyone was as truthful and honest as you are.”
This is a very sweet thing to say to someone who is open and honest. This way, he will know that this is a good thing.


Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky under unsplash license


44“I always have a blast whenever I hang out with you. You have such a fun spirit.”
This is among the cute things to say to your crush because it tells him that you enjoy his company.


45“I love how optimistic you are because it inspires everyone around you to be positive.”
This is a cute thing to say about someone who has a positive outlook on life because it tells him that you recognize and admire that trait.


Look no further for cute thing to say to your crush.

If you use this list, you will never run out of cute things to say to your crush. They are guaranteed to make him smile!
Which phrase will you be using first?