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8 of the Best Ways to Find the Perfect Birthday Gift for Your Grandpa

8 of the Best Ways to Find the Perfect Birthday Gift for Your Grandpa

Your grandpa deserves the world. He’s been there for you and your family, so it’s only right that you get him a fabulous birthday gift for his big day. However, there are so many things you could get him.

Depending on the type of person your grandpa is, some may be better choices than others. We ran through 8 points that will make your birthday gift for your grandpa a success.


01 A Timepiece

Timepieces are great gifts that can be given to anyone. They are intricate as they come in all sorts of designs and styles. Depending on the one you choose to get, your grandpa could feel very luxurious.
You can get him an automatic one. Its gears are able to move on their own, which means you don’t have to wind them. Many people think timepieces are expensive, but there are automatic watches for all budgets.
You could get him a quartz device. However, watches from his youth will use mechanical and automatic movements, so he might appreciate them more.
Remember how we said that you can make him feel luxurious? Watch manufacturers dupe more expensive models all of the time. They’re especially big fans of doing this to the name brand Rolex Submariner. Seiko’s dive watches are great at doing this.
When gifting a timepiece as a birthday gift for your grandpa, you can attach a note that says:

“Happy birthday, Grandpa! You’ll surely always be on time now!”


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Photo by Ruthson Zimmerman on Unsplash


02 Look to his Youth

You know him as your grandfather, but he was once a young person like you. He probably lived a very exciting life too.
If he hasn’t spoken to you about his time as a youth, don’t be afraid to talk to family and friends about it. They’ll be able to help you find gifts that will remind him of his best memories.
Gifts that work the best for this would likely revolve around his childhood – was there a favorite food that he liked?
If you can’t find a gift from his childhood, you needn’t look that far. You may have shared a fond memory with him a couple of years ago. This could be a vacation or a night with the family, and you can remind him of it.
Here is a sample note that you can attach to your gift.

“Hopefully, you’re looking back and smiling– love you, Grandpa! Happy birthday!”


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Photo by Rumman Amin on unsplash


03 Show him Something from his Past

Although you might know about his past, you could have no idea who his ancestors were. Your grandpa may not know a lot about his lineage either. This isn’t uncommon as records weren’t freely available in the past. One of the best gifts can be a look into his past and where he comes from.
With some digging online, you may be able to trace his family history. You can turn it into a detailed chart, adding descriptions of who his ancestors were.
You could take it up a notch by getting him an ancestry test. It’d give him a detailed look at his family tree. You could say the following in your message:

“Let’s take a look into your past. Who knows how cool your ancestors were? Happy birthday to the best grandfather around!”


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04 Give him a Night Out

Just because he’s older doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t be up for a good time through a night out with you. You should gather his friends and family to celebrate at an establishment that you know he enjoys.
He probably has a favorite sport, so why don’t you take him to a game on his birthday? If there isn’t a game that is happening on his birthday, his gift could be tickets to an upcoming one.
Here is a note that you can attach to the tickets:

“Happy birthday, Grandpa! We know how much you love having a good time.”


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Image from Pexels – under CC0 license


05 Is he a Drinker?

If he’s a drinker, there’s nothing more than a good bottle of his favorite liquor that would make the best gift for him on his birthday. Of course, what he drinks would depend on the type of person he is.
If he’s a fan of artisan beers and wines, getting him a spirit like whiskey may not be a good choice. You don’t need to be afraid to splurge; the more expensive ones taste the best, most of the time.
If you look around, you’ll be able to find a bottle with a deal on the price. You’ll want to be sure to look ahead of time so that you can find the best rates.
If he’s a whiskey drinker, you may know how expensive a good bottle can be. If you don’t want to spend so much, whiskey stones are a great idea too. They cool down drinks without having to water them down with real ice cubes. Yes, they can be used for all sorts of beverages, even non-alcoholic ones.
Here is a sample note to go along with this birthday gift for your grandpa:

“Don’t get too excited about the bottle. Let’s see how long it lasts! Have a wonderful birthday!”


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Photo by Ridham Nagralawala on Unsplash


06 Remind him of You

There’s nothing that your grandpa would love more than being reminded of his loving family. You should do as many things as possible to remind him of your love.
One of the easiest ways to do this is by giving him a picture of the two of you, and you can have it dolled up in a frame. You can also decorate it with things that he likes or souvenirs.
If he’s a fan of football, having clay footballs glued on the frame could be a great idea. You could go the extra mile and make the frame yourself.
Here is a note that you can attach to go along with the gift.

“Happy birthday to the most amazing grandfather anyone could have. I hope the photograph of us will always remind you of my love for you Grandpa.”


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07 Does he Already have it?

When making note of these points, you should consider whether he already has the item that you want to gift him. If you’re not sure whether or not it’s already in his possession, you’ll want to talk to your family.
There are some things that you won’t be able to know if he has or not because he may have just received it, like tickets to an upcoming game. You can also ask him, but you’ll want to avoid being too direct about it.


08 Take him Somewhere

Everyone loves a good trip to a new place. Your grandpa has probably been on many trips throughout his life. For his birthday, why don’t you take him on a trip that he’ll never forget?
He probably has a favorite location, or he’s maybe had his eye on a place that he’s never visited before. Finding out where to go is easy because you can casually bring it up in conversation with him beforehand.

“Hey Grandpa, why don’t we switch things up by seeing some amazing places together? It’ll be a blast! Happy birthday, adventurous soul!”


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Photo by Mael BALLAND on Unsplash


Final Thoughts

Your grandpa deserves the best. He’s taken care of you and your family, so it’s only right that you get him something amazing for his birthday.
In terms of what this could be, there are quite a few options. Depending on the type of person he is, some of them may not work too well while others will work great.
We think that getting him a watch is a great idea. Everyone loves timepieces, no matter the age. Automatic ones are superb because they ooze luxury. If he’s a swimmer, something that’s ISO 6425 certified is a must.
Besides watches, liquor is just as good a choice as any other. He probably has a favorite drink, so treating him to a finer version of that will do.
A birthday gift for your grandpa doesn’t have to be too expensive either. You can take him somewhere nice too. He may love a night out with the family. Whatever you do, your grandpa will surely appreciate your effort.