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25 of the Best Words of Encouragement for a Sick Person

25 of the Best Words of Encouragement for a Sick Person

No one wants to be the “sick person” and live the rest of his/her life managing and coping with a serious illness, such as Parkinson’s, cancer, diabetes or even dementia.

The right words of encouragement for sick person will give them a break from constantly worrying about their illness, whether they will make it or not; it can even ease the sick person’s pain for a few moments.

Finding the right words of encouragement can be tricky because there is a lot of sensitivity to be given to the message. Saying the wrong thing can cause the sick person to fret or feel even worse.

Here are more than 25 examples of the most appropriate words of encouragement for sick person.


14 words of encouragement for sick person who just got diagnosed with a terrible illness

Who wants to hear that they are terribly sick? You can imagine how the sick person must feel after receiving this news.
There’s not much you can do, but be kind and share good thoughts. Here are 13 words of encouragement for sick person who just got diagnosed with a terrible illness:

01“I know you are worried about this diagnosis, but you’ve always been a fighter. You’re the bravest person I know, and you will get through this. I have faith in you!”


This is a good message to use when your friend is scared or doubtful. This will remind him/her of his/her strength while helping him/her to feel better.


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02“Don’t be sad about what you can’t change. I want you to find comfort in knowing that this is something you can manage. You can work towards staying healthy.
Plus, you’re not alone. Whenever you stumble, I will be there to pick you up.”


It is good to say these words of encouragement for sick person when the diagnosis has made him/her feel depressed.
This will help to change negative thoughts while letting him/her know that you are there for support.


03“This is definitely a low point, and it’s something we didn’t see coming. However, I’m not going to allow this unfortunate disease to get in the way of our goals. We’ve got this!”


This is a good pep talk for a disease that can affect the quality of someone’s life. It lets him/her know that you are still on-board with the plans you both had. It shows that the illness won’t change anything.


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04“Did you know that most people with your condition live full, long lives? As long as we take care of it now, you’ll be fine. Don’t worry, I’m here for you.”


When patients are diagnosed with certain conditions, their first thought is the worst-case scenario, even if there is a low mortality rate for the condition they have.
This reassures the sick person, and it lets him/her know that this is not something that has to be tackled alone.


05“I know you must be having a tough time, but I want you to know that I am here for you. Would you like me to come with you to your next doctor’s visit for support?”


You are offering more than just words. Your presence can help make the sick person feel better and feel more courageous in the face of the illness.


06“What can I do to be helpful right now? For anything you need, I’m there for you, and I hope you know that.”


This message offers actions instead of empty words. It is good to ask what you can do because it shows that you want to support the person.


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07“I just heard about your cancer diagnosis. How are you managing? I’m always here to talk.”


This is a good thing to say because a sick person may really want to vent emotions, but he/she likely does not want to put the burden on anyone else.
Offering your ear can help the person feel like he/she has someone for encouragement.


08“I’m just writing to let you know I heard about what happened at the doctor’s office today. I know it must be tough, but you are the epitome of strength and grace. You got this!”


This is a quick pep talk to uplift the sick person. It reminds him/her of his/her strength.


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09“I know that this situation sucks for you, but I want you to know that I am rooting for you. You will overcome this!”


This is a quick message that you can use as a pick-me-up message for the sick person. It is good because it doesn’t get into too much detail, and it isn’t depressing.


10“There’s no doubt in my mind that you’re freaking our right now, and I don’t blame you. First, you need to let it all out.
Once that’s over, let’s talk about how we can get past this together because being sad about it won’t change anything. We will find a way to get over this together.”


It is good to say this when the person is feeling very sorry for him/herself. It helps him/her to pull up his/her socks and focus on what matters.
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11“It’s been a while since you’ve been suffering with this illness, and I’m so happy that today you’ve gotten some good news.
While it wasn’t the answer you were looking for, I’m glad because you’ve started the process.
You can do it now that you know which route to take to get your health back on track.”


It is good to say this to someone who has been to several different doctors and has been trying for a while to find out what is wrong.
This positive outlook is good because it reminds the person that, even though the diagnosis may be bad, it allows him/her to get the right treatments and start the healing process.



12“I heard you got some unfortunate news today, and I understand if you are not willing to share it right away.
I just want you to know that Mike and I love and support you; we will keep your family in our prayers.”


Sometimes, patients do not want to share the diagnosis right away; this is usually because they are still coming to terms with it.
It is good to say this to show that you respect the person’s privacy and that you also support him/her regardless of what information is shared with you.


13“I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I will continue to pray for you while you undergo treatment. I hope for a speedy recovery.”


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This is a good example of encouraging words for a sick person because it tells the sick person that you wish him/her well. It shows that you are there for him/her.


14“I don’t know why bad things happen to good people, like you, but we will fight it as long and as much as possible. I’m not letting you give up!”


You are complimenting the sick person by letting him/her know that you think he/she is a good person. It also lets him/her know that you have his/her back during this difficult time.


13 words of encouragement for sick person who is undergoing treatment

After a diagnosis, sick people will still need words of encouragement to help them get through the difficult times that come with getting treatment.
Finding the right words can be hard, so here are 13 words of encouragement for sick person who is undergoing treatment:

15“Sure, this is not the life you had planned, but you should greet this new life that is happening to you now with open arms! Who knows what is waiting for you after all of this? It’s exciting.”


woman in scrub suit patient sitting on hospital bed while laughing with the doctor wearing medical gown

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These are general words of encouragement for sick person undergoing treatment that can help them to see the light at the end of the tunnel or the silver lining under the dark cloud. It gives the person something to which he/she can look forward.


16“Congratulations on making it to a new day of treatment!
Many people with this condition don’t get this chance, so kudos to you on defying the odds! Life will continue to improve after treatment.”


This is good to say when you want to remind the sick person about his/her progress and how well the treatments have been going.
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17“I know today was rough for you, but you can find comfort in knowing that today will not repeat itself.
All you can do is go into tomorrow with positive thoughts while trying to make the best of the blessing that is a new day!”


This is an optimistic message that will encourage the sick person to look on the bright side while boosting his/her mood.
It is good to use this message after a bad day of regular treatments, especially when the sick person is feeling fed up.


18“Today may have been rough, but I don’t want you to ever forget where you come from and where you want to go.
You may not be where you want to be today, but you are definitely not where you were yesterday. I want you to trust the process.”


This is a good thing to say when the sick person expresses concern about the progress of his/her treatment. It lets him/her know that any small improvement is worth being celebrated.



19“You may not think like this right now, but you are stronger than you realize. I don’t think I could have held on as long as you have, and you make it look so easy. I do not doubt that you’ll make a full recovery!”


This is good to say when the sick person has not realized or acknowledged the improvements that he/she has made. This is a good pick-me-up message to give to a sick person so that he/she can feel hopeful.
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20“In life, when we focus on the things that we don’t have or haven’t done, we lose sight of what we have and what we’ve already accomplished.
Don’t let one day ruin all of the progress that you have made thus far.”


This is good to say when the sick person’s negative attitude overshadows the progress being made by him/her. It reminds him/her that the situation is getting better slowly, despite the challenges he/she is facing.


21“The medicine and treatments are doing the best they can, but if you don’t believe in them, I don’t believe that you can totally get better.
I want you to cast that negative attitude aside and welcome more positive thoughts. You’ll be better off for it, and you’ll recover sooner than you think.”


It is good to say this when the person has given up or lost faith in his/her treatment, or he/she doesn’t believe it can work.
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22“It will work because positive thoughts play a huge role in healing from the inside out.”
[Disease’s name] is a word; it’s not a sentence and definitely not a death sentence. It is only one part of your life, and I’m sure the next chapter of your life will be less gloomy. I want you to keep writing your story and never give up on it!”


[Disease’s name] may feel like the end of the road for many people, so it is good to say this to remind the sick person that it is not the end of the road. It is a good way to encourage him/her to never give up or lose hope.


23“[Disease’s name] may have started this fight, but you are going to finish it. Remember, you have [disease’s name], and [disease’s name] doesn’t have you. You’re already beating it!”


This a good way to let your friend know that you believe the treatments are working; it shows that you believe he/she will overcome the illness.


24“I know that you are scared, but my dad always told me that being scared is a sign that you are doing something really brave.
I know this will work out in your favor because you are brave enough to try and get through it.”


This is a good thing to say when the sick person is feeling doubtful and depressed. It is good to say when the sick person is feeling like nothing is working; this message will help make him/her feel better.


25“It’s in the darkest moments that the stars shine the brightest! My dear, you surely are glowing! Your light will never dim as long as you keep doing what needs to be done to manage this illness.”


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This is good to say when the person feels insecure about his/her appearance or condition, especially if they are the result of the treatments. It lets him/her know that you don’t see him/her any differently.


26“You are almost at the end of your treatment journey, and you’ve made so much progress. You should be proud of yourself because you are a true warrior!”


This is good to use when the sick person’s faith begins to waver during the “final lap.” It gives him/her the strength that he/she needs to keep fighting and get to the end of the process.


27“Having to come to the hospital every week for treatments has got to get tiring, but this is the only way that you will be back to your old self. When it’s over, we’ll take a much-needed vacation, and it’ll be on me!”


This is a good thing to say to a friend in treatment because it gives him/her something to look forward to as well as a reason to keep pushing through.



There you have it: 25 of the best words of encouragement for sick person to brighten his/her day and show your love and support for that person.
You can keep the sick person in your thoughts, and you can let him/her know that you are sending your prayers for a speedy recovery through a kind, encouraging message!