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35 Different Ways to Say “Thank you For Reaching Out to Me” in Emails

35 Different Ways to Say “Thank you For Reaching Out to Me” in Emails

Typically, when professionals receive an email, they use words like “Thank you for reaching out to me”  to show appreciation for their consideration, as a greeting for your response or to simply make a good impression. But don’t you wish there was another way to say “Thank you for reaching out to me” without sounding like a broken tape recording?

Well, there is, and better yet, there are many other ways to say “Thank you for reaching out to me”. You just have to be creative when finding another way to say it, and it should make sense.

After reading this post, you should find another way to say it in five different scenarios. Here are 35 different ways to say “Thank you for reaching out to me” in emails:


Alternatives for “Thank you for reaching out to me”: 7 ways to say it when a colleague reached out to introduce themselves

When someone new joins the company or your specific department/team, introductions are customary. The purpose of this is to break the ice and create a comfortable and communicative workspace.
While an in-person introduction is widely considered more suitable or “better”, circumstances may not allow it. For example, working at different offices or more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic.
Instead of being cliché and impersonal, use another way to say “Thank you for reaching out to me” from this list:

01“What a lovely surprise. I was just about to send you an email.”
This says you are happy to hear from the person. It also says you were about to reach out yourself and initiate introductions.


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02“It was so thoughtful of you to reach out. I’m so happy to meet you.”
Use this when you weren’t really expecting the person to email you, but you’re glad he/she did. It says you’re happy to be working together.


03“It’s so refreshing to have someone like you on the team. I’m glad we are working together.”
Use this when someone with unique skill sets joins the team, or someone much younger or older. It means that you believe this person will make a difference, present new ideas or offer unique expertise.


04“The pleasure is all mine. I’m just happy to be working with someone of your caliber and expertise.”
This is good to use when a senior member joins the team. You are thankful because you believe there’s a lot you can learn from the person.


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05“It has been wonderful learning more about you. I look forward to meeting you in person soon.”
It is good to use this when the person emails you with a lot of details about themselves. It says you want to learn more when you meet in person.


06“I’m so sorry we are unable to meet in person right now. You seem like a wonderful colleague that I will come to depend on. Nevertheless, it should be a pleasure working together.”
This is good to use when you are unable to go to the office and meet face-to-face. It says that you don’t think the distance should create a problem.


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07“Thanks for getting in touch with me. I look forward to everything we will accomplish together.”
It is good to use this when you are partnered with someone else from the company to work on a specific project. It says you have high hopes for the endeavor.


8 ways to say thank you when someone (e.g. a colleague/a client) reached out to ask for your help to solve their problems

It shouldn’t surprise you that other colleagues or even a client will sometimes come to you when they have a problem. It means he/she values your opinion, expertise and experience, and believes you’re the best person to provide an answer.
If you’re looking for another way to say “Thank you for reaching out to me”, here are 8 ways:

08“This is quite a tricky one. I appreciate you trusting my expertise with this.”
You don’t want to approach the situation by saying how easy it is for you because this might make your colleague feel bad. This response acknowledges the problem and thanks him/her for coming to you.


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09“You made a good call by contacting me. Thank you for raising this issue. I’ll work on it and get back to you.”
Use this with a younger colleague who doesn’t have as much experience as you. It says that you will help him/her and will always be available to help.


10“You’re on the right track, you just needed a bit of perspective to solve this problem. I’m happy you reached out to me for this.”
Use this when guiding a younger or less experienced colleague. It helps to encourage the colleague when he/she feels discouraged about being unable to solve the issue.


11“I appreciate you contacting me, but unfortunately, I’m not the right person for this. I’ll refer you to another colleague who can be of better help.”
This is good to use when you are unable to help with the issue, but you know someone who can.


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12“I’m glad you decided to get a second opinion. It shows you’re a real team player. I’m thankful they added you to my team.”
It is good to use this when the colleague is utilizing other team members to solve an issue instead of trying to keep all the ‘glory’ to himself.


13“Thank you for passing along this challenge to me. I gave it my best shot, but I think we need to call in [insert name of person/department] for this one. All the best!”
Use this when you are stumped by the problem as well, and you have to call in the cavalry so to speak. It takes true self-awareness and honesty to admit to this, especially to a new colleague or client.



14“It takes a real professional to know when he/she is biting off more than he/she can chew. I’m happy to help you with this and anything else, and I’m flattered you chose me as a mentor.”
“This is good to use when you want to praise the person for doing the right thing and offer your services in the future because you don’t mind helping.”


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15“It would be an honor to get on board. I think if both of us throw everything we have at it, we can come up with a good solution. I can’t wait to see what we come up with.”
“This says you’re glad to help and work together as a team. It says that with teamwork you should be able to overcome the obstacle. “


8 alternative ways to say “Thank you for reaching out to me”: when someone reached out for learning more about your products/services

When someone reaches out to you or your company seeking information about your products and services, you’re supposed to be courteous. That is simply good customer service.
This means that you will show appreciation for the question and immediately offer help with whatever is needed. One way to do it is by saying “Thank you for reaching out to me”, but that isn’t the only way.
Browse this list for another way to say “Thank you for reaching out to me” in this scenario:

16“Thank you for getting in touch with me. There’s so much we have to discuss.”
Use this when the person sends a detailed explanation of what is required or has many questions. It says you are thankful for the inquiry and will provide him/her with all the needed information.


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17“I’m so grateful to you for contacting me about this.”
Use this when someone you admire or look up to contacts you about your products/services. It shows appreciation and respect.


18“I deeply appreciate your support and kind words.”
This is good to use when someone you’re already familiar with contacts you about your products/services. It says that you are thankful for their business and well wishes.


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19“Thank you for thinking of us. We will not disappoint.”
Use this when someone you know professionally contacts you for business. It says you appreciate the fact that he/she chose you, and you will do your best to fulfill the request.


20“I appreciate your business. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.”
Use this when you have already provided the service/product, and you want to say thank you. It also makes yourself available for future transactions.


21“Thank you for making contact. What can I help you with?”
Use this when a customer or client contacts you without details. It prompts him/her to provide you with more information so you can better assist.


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22“We’re so happy to hear from you. We have a lot of things in store and more on the way. Is there anything in particular you wanted to get your hands on?”
Use this when selling products. It is a good way to get the customer to actually buy something even when he/she was just asking questions about it.


23“It has been lovely hearing from you. I have a few ideas about this project that I think you will like.”
This is good to use after you have reviewed the project requirements and you’re ready to respond. It is also a good way to set yourself apart from other candidates.


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6 ways to express your gratitude when someone reached out to offer you a job opportunity

As you advance in your career, you’ll come across several job opportunities, some advertised and others directed to you. It’s a good feeling to know someone has requested you personally, and even if you can’t do it, you’re expected to respond courteously.
This list has a lot of ideas and you should be able to find another way to say “Thank you for reaching out to me” easily:

24“Thank you for sharing this opportunity with me. I will consider it carefully and get back to you.”
This is good to use when you’re not sure if you can take the job yet, and you need to think about it for a while before providing a final response. It is good to use this right away so you don’t leave him/her handling it because it can come off as rude and dismissive, and the opportunity may be passed onto someone else.


25“I’m happy you approached me with this job opportunity. I’ll be more than pleased to get on board.”
This is good to use when you want the job and you just want to say thank you to the person for considering you.


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26“This sounds like the job of a lifetime. I’m honored to even be considered for this position!”
It is good to use this when you are offered your dream job and you are 100% on board.


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27“I appreciate the gesture, but I am currently under contract with the intention of renewal. As a result, I will not be able to accept this offer at this time.”
It is good to use this when you plan to stay with your company and cannot accept any new job opportunities.


28“This sounds promising. May I have more information about what this role entails? Until then, many thanks.”
Use this when you need to know more about the job before accepting. It says that you are interested, but you need to make an informed decision (a good quality to have as a professional).


29“Unfortunately, I cannot accept this role. However, I appreciate the time and consideration that went into reaching out to me.”
This is good to use when you want to say no to the job in the most polite way possible.


6 ways to say “Thank you for reaching out to me”: when someone reached out to offer you a work partnership/collaboration

When someone reaches out to you to talk business, your response needs to be prompt, concise and, of course, courteous. You want to show that you are a professional and someone capable of what is being asked of you.
Similarly, if you’re not interested, you need to let the person down easy without burning any bridges because you never know what the future may hold. Read through this list to find another way to say “Thank you for reaching out to me” when you’re in this position.

30“I’m so happy to hear you considered me for this role. I accept!”
It is good to use this when you want to show enthusiasm for the job. It is a humble response that will set the tone for the collaboration/partnership.



31“Two heads are always better than one! I’m honored to collaborate with you on this.”
This says you are happy to help and think you will make a good team.


32“I cannot contain my excitement about partnering with you. This has been long overdue and I’m just glad it’s finally happening.”
Use this when someone you know personally asks you to partner/collaborate. It says that you’ve been looking forward to this and expect great things from it.


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33“While I do appreciate the offer, I am currently tied up with other engagements and will be too busy to fulfill this role. Perhaps we can double-back to this in the future.”
Use this when you wish to partner/collaborate, but you’re too busy to do so right now. This says that if the opportunity arises again and you’re free, you’ll do it.


34“This is such an exciting opportunity. I am happy to be a candidate.”
Use this when you are one of many candidates up for selection and you want to show your enthusiasm. It also says that this is something you would be interested in.


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35“I would love to collaborate with you on this. Thank you for choosing me.”
Use this when the job is yours if you want it and you are confirming your participation.



Depending on the situation and relationship between you and the other person, there are many ways that you can express your gratitude when someone has contacted you. If it’s someone you don’t know, you’ll want to be a bit more formal and make a good first impression.
But if it’s a known client or someone you’ve already worked with, your approach can be different. Be creative when using another way to say “Thank you for reaching out to me”, and customize the above responses to suit your needs.
It may not seem like a lot, but receiving these personalized messages can really make the recipient’s day and even raise you in their esteem! Just try it out!