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40 Gracious Thank-you Notes for an Overwhelmingly Expensive Gift

40 Gracious Thank-you Notes for an Overwhelmingly Expensive Gift

At some point in your life (if you are lucky!), you’ll receive an expensive gift that is so nice, that you’ll have no clue about what to say. Figuring out what to say when someone gives you an expensive gift is simple once we break it down.

First, you’ll want to make sure you acknowledge what was given to you. If you got a watch, say thanks for the watch, and if you got a car, say thank you for the car.

The second thing you should think about when you receive an expensive gift is what sort of gift it is. It could be a spa day at a luxury medical spa or a brand-new sports car. Those things are not in the same price bracket, so what you say for each of them will be vastly different. You would naturally want to be as appreciative as possible when it’s something overwhelmingly expensive.

Lastly, think about the format. If you’re going to send it in a text or note, it’ll be short and to the point. But if you’re sending an email, or even making a social media post, you’re free to write a paragraph or use a long format going into more detail.

If you still don’t have a good idea of what to say when someone gives you an expensive gift, these sample notes should help you along. Here are 40 of the best thank you notes to use in short and long format.


What to say when someone gives you an expensive gift: tickets to a nice trip or an event

It’s great to get away occasionally to let your hair down and live in the moment. Many of us are so busy that we forget what that’s like sometimes.
The rest of us simply can’t afford to take a day off because of all our responsibilities. If someone recognizes your need for a break and to do something you enjoy, it says a whole lot.
These are some examples of what to say when someone gives you an expensive gift in the form of a trip or event:

2 notes for a gift certificate to a luxury spa or a weekend away

macro close portrait woman having facial
Photo by karelnoppe on shutterstock


01“Ooo, some me-time. I really appreciate you doing this.”


02“This weekend is all about relaxation, fun and leaving all my troubles behind. I’m looking forward to unwinding and getting back in my groove. We’ve all taken quite a beating this year, so we deserve it. I’m glad we can do this together.”


2 notes for a trip to a luxury destination

beautiful woman enjoy onsen mineral hot water relax

Photo by SAHACHATZ on shutterstock


03“Thanks to you I can check this one off my bucket list. It’s going to be a blast!”


04“I’ve been wanting to come here forever! How did you know? This is like a dream come true. Thank you for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I can’t wait to enjoy every moment of it.”


2 notes for a ticket to a concert or sporting event

basketball players on big professional arena

Photo by Alex Kravtsov on shutterstock


05“Go [insert name/mascot]. You rock!”


06“Man, I’ve been wanting to see [insert name of team/band] for so long, I just haven’t had the time. I’ll definitely make the time since you got me these tickets. Thanks a lot. You’re the best.”


What to say when someone gives you an expensive gift: something special

Some gifts are special, not because of how much money was spent on them, but because of what it means. These types of gifts are priceless, and touch you on an emotional level sometimes.
Here’s what to say when someone gives you an expensive gift that touches you in a special place:

2 notes for a supplementary credit card

buri ram thailand visa card diamond engagement ring

Photo by DUANGJAN J on shutterstock


07“Sweet! You are the best [parents/partner/siblings] in the world! Now I don’t have to bug you for money anymore.”


08“I just wanted to say thank you for trusting me with a credit card. I know I haven’t been the easiest kid to deal with, but I promise I will do better. This just proves that you believe in me, and that makes me so happy.”


2 notes for a donation to a favorite charity in your name

people donating food charity bank collection box full of canned goods

Photo by Monkey Business Images on shutterstock


09“Thank you for your generous donation. It will be used well!”


10“Special thanks to you for your donation of [insert donation type, eg, cash, clothing, toiletries] to [insert name of charity]. It’s because of donors like you that we’re able to continue helping others in the community. May your kind actions be richly rewarded in the form of blessings and good favor.”


What to say when someone gives you an expensive gift: gift card/money

Other expensive gifts come in the form of actual money or something of equal value like a gift card or opportunity. These include things you would not be able to do yourself or something you did not see coming.
These examples should give you an idea of what to say when someone gives you an expensive gift in the form of a gift card or money.

2 notes for a gift card to your favorite store

cropped image persons hand holding gift card

Photo by Andrey_Popov on shutterstock


11“Every girl loves a little shopping spree. Thanks honey.”


12“Eeek, a shopping spree! Thank you so so so so much. My wardrobe is like two seasons behind! The girls will be so jealous when they hear this. I owe you a big kiss on the cheek for this!”


2 notes for a sum of money for sponsoring your home renovation

portrait upset young hipster guy glasses umbrella and pail

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13“This is the final thing I needed to get this project done. You have made such an important contribution. Thank you.”


14“Thank you for having my back on this. When I had to stop working because I was laid off, I was really stressed out about finding money to finish this house. You heard my frustrations with my situation and really stepped up to help me out of the hole I was in. Every time I walk through the front door, I’ll remember who was there for me when I was on my face.”


2 notes for a sum of money for sponsoring your tuition fee

classroom multi ethnic students listening lecturer

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15“You don’t know how much this means to me. Thank you, a million times, thank you!”


16“Thank you for playing a key part in my education this year. I come from a poor socioeconomic background and there isn’t always much to go around. I had already accepted that I would not be able to attend school this year, so imagine my surprise when I heard I had a sponsor. Thank you for believing in me and caring. I will not let you or my family down.”



What to say when someone gives you an expensive gift: an expensive product

When you get an expensive product from someone, show your appreciation right away. This person used their hard-earned money to get you something that you will love and appreciate, no matter the cost.
Usually, these gifts come from people that are very close to us, whether a lover or spouse, relative or close friend. These are the people that you mean something to, and they have no reservations about splurging on you from time to time.
Here are some examples of what to say when someone gives you an expensive gift in the form of an expensive product:

3 notes for a top-of-the-line computer or electronic device

nice beautiful lady blonde curly hair holding mug
Photo by simona pilolla 2 on shutterstock


17“This is the new [insert name of latest computer or electronic device]. I love you for this!”


18“I can’t thank you enough for my new [insert name of top-of-the-line computer or electronic device]. It will help me to get much more done and complete projects much sooner. I can’t wait to discover everything it can do.”


19“Now that I have this [insert name of top-of-the-line computer or electronic device], I have the final piece I need to start/upgrade my [insert name of business] business. Your support means the world to me. I’ll put it to good use.”


3 notes for a new car

young woman receiving keys her new car

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20“A brand-new car! I can’t thank you enough. You’re truly one-of-a-kind.”


21“I’ll be forever grateful to you for this new car. You must have gotten tired of hearing me complain about that piece of junk! I definitely won’t miss the breakdowns and embarrassment it caused!”


22“This new car has been such a blessing for me and my family. How can I ever repay you for such kindness? If there’s anything we can do for you, don’t hesitate to ask. I owe you one!”


3 notes for a piece of fine jewelry

square stone diamond jewelry set white

Photo by 1jewelry on shutterstock


23“You know I love the bling bling! Thank you! This will certainly make my days brighter.”


24“These earrings go with everything I own! Best believe I’ll be getting full wear out of them. Thanks a million!”


25“These must have cost a fortune! You always know how to make a girl feel special and loved. I’m looking forward to showing it off to the girls. They’ll be green with envy!”


3 notes for a luxury watch

round silver colored tissot chronograph watch blue green towel

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash


26“Neat. Now I’ll be telling time in style. Thank you so much for this thoughtful gift!”


27“This is exactly the watch I’ve had my eyes on. It’s almost like you read my mind here! Thank you for picking out such a wonderful gift for me. I appreciate all the time and coins spent on picking out something so awesome.”


28“I just wanted to say thanks a bunch for the watch. Now everywhere I go, I’ll turn heads. They say every man should have a nice watch, and you gave me a head start. Thanks Dad!”


3 notes for a luxury handbag

Girl holding a handbag

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash


29“Mama likey! Thank you so much for this handbag darling. I love it!”


30“A woman can never have too many handbags. Thanks for adding another one to my collection. Everyone knows I love [insert luxury brand], so you did a great job with this gift!”


31“I’ve been trying to find this handbag for months! You must be a magician because it was sold out everywhere! I can’t say thank you enough, so I’ll just repay the favor.”



3 notes for a piece of designer clothing

sexy couple car hollywood star fashionable red carpet walk
Photo by AS Inc on shutterstock


32“My birthday just got way more special. This is so cute, I can’t wait to try it on. You’re the best!”


33“Words fail me now because of how much this piece means to me. I’ve had my eye on it for quite some time, but never got around to making an order. I feel like a million bucks! I’m going to say thank you with more than just my words.”


34“I don’t know how you managed to pull this off, but I’m glad you did. I’m sure you had some help from the girls, so kudos to you for making the effort. Every time I wear it, I’ll think of you.”


3 notes for a musical instrument

woman in gray cardigan playing a violin during daytime

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels – under CC0 license


35“I’m going to rock the talent show with this new guitar! Thanks Mom!”


36“These things are not cheap and money is tight right now, so I know it took a lot of sacrifices to make this happen for me. I promise I’ll be dedicated to music and take it as far as it can carry me. I won’t let you down Mom.”


37“This [insert name of instrument] is every [insert name of instrument] player’s dream! I can’t believe this is happening to me. I so didn’t expect it, but here we are. I appreciate everything it took to make this happen.”


3 notes for a fine wine or spirit collection

three assorted wines

Photo by itay verchik on unsplash


38“Thank you for getting me this 12-year-old bottle. I’ll try to reserve it for a special day, but I can’t make any promises!”


39“How did I get lucky enough to have a friend like you? This bottle is going to make an amazing addition to my collection. I hope we’ll be able to open this up and enjoy it together in a decade!”


40“You’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met. This spirit collection makes great decor and will be the source of envy for all the neighbors! I can’t wait until it’s time to pop them open!”



It’s important to show your appreciation or say thank you, because you don’t want to seem ungrateful. Even if you’re used to getting expensive gifts, say thank you each time, because you never know what the person had to go through to make it happen for you.
By the time you’ve reviewed all 40 of our examples of what to say when someone gives you an expensive gift, you should be a pro at this. You’ll be able to create your own messages and thank the person properly for the gift.