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Why Your Girlfriend Calls You as “Daddy” & How Best to Reply

Why Your Girlfriend Calls You as “Daddy” & How Best to Reply

If you think ‘Daddy’ only means ‘father’ in 2020s, boy do we have news for you: it doesn’t.

If a girl is not talking about her actual father, What it means when a girl calls you daddy? It all boils down to context, and the good news is when she calls you daddy, it’s always in a good way.

Look at it this way: Would you call someone you don’t think of in a special way “Mommy” or “Daddy”?

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When your partner or crush says it, congrats! There’s your declaration that she likes you.

When she calls you daddy in a dominant/submissive type relationship, it says she belongs to you and is dedicated to pleasing you.

These are just a few of the scenarios that earn you that title and help you get a better idea of what it means. Let’s explore some more examples of what it means when a girl calls you daddy and work out some ideas of how to respond to her:


So, what does it actually mean when a girl calls you daddy?

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Like we said, there can be a few different reasons she calls you daddy. Understanding why helps you figure out how to respond.
Here’s a little history for you: Back in the 70s, gay leather subculture leaped out of the closet as part of the visibility movement at the time. From this, we got terms like “leather daddy”, with the “leather” part being dropped a few years later, to “daddy” being a term of endearment.
At the same time, in the heterosexual community, popular music featured variations of “Who’s your daddy” with clear sexual connotations. Other words like “papi”, “zaddy”, “poppa” and “DILF (dad I’d like to f**k)” have come to bear the same general meaning.
What it means when a girl calls you daddy but she’s not your partner? Well, it’s not all about sex.
In some parts of the world, daddy refers to the dominant figure in a group or the boss man. This is the leader who others look to for guidance, reassurance or instruction.
What it means when a girl calls you daddy isn’t always obvious, so your final option can be being straight-up. Just ask her, or else you’ll be stuck never knowing, which isn’t going to work out well in the long run.
Warning: She can just be saying it to say it, so you don’t want to get your hopes up too much if her reasons aren’t clear. For her, it can be just another of those Internet things people say without any meaning.

When a girl calls you daddy online, she thinks you are hot

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We have social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to thank for making the phrase a compliment. Stans, or super fans, use it to show adoration or attraction, especially to male celebrities and influencers.
It sort of caught on from there, and now everyday people use it to refer to their partners and crushes alike. So if she says you’re “Daddy af” (or even Zaddy), it means she likes what you bring to the table, particularly in terms of your looks.
Not everyone’s happy about this, which shouldn’t surprise you. This Twitter user went viral for her take on its origins in queer BDSM (bondage, discipline or domination, sadism or submission, masochism) and how the Internet basically appropriated a sex phrase for ordinary use.
The whole #daddygate scandal was a moment in Twitter history that got tongues wagging about what’s appropriate and what borders on inappropriate. The reality is, the meanings of words evolve over time.
A few centuries ago, the word ‘gay’ only meant happy, and today we use it as a term for homosexual individuals.
And what about ‘catfish’? That’s a word that would have time travelers confused because to them, it would refer to a type of fish, but to us, it’s a person who pretends to be someone they’re not on the internet.
What it means when a girl calls you daddy on multiple posts? It means you should try sliding into her DM and shooting your shot. Good luck.

When a girl calls you daddy during sex, she wants an RPG (role playing game)

couple role play during sex policewoman and criminal

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If you don’t know what “daddy” means during sex, you can get turned off pretty easily, and we don’t blame you. We can already picture the image of her father in your head, making things awkward.
Relax, it usually means she’s really turned on and likes the way you’re taking control in bed. In the heat of the moment, things slip out, and calling you “daddy” is one of them.
The healthiest way to approach this type of thing is to have a conversation. Ideally, this should happen before sex to establish turn-ons and turn-offs, but obviously, it doesn’t always work like that.
What it means when a girl calls you daddy during sex out of the blue? It can mean she’s more comfortable with you now, and wants to share her true sexual desires.
If you both agree to have a BDSM relationship, it’s a sort of roleplay, just like doctor-nurse and teacher-student kinky sex. Just be sure to establish clear boundaries to make this fantasy situation comfortable for everyone involved.
What it means when a girl calls you daddy even though you asked her to stop? It means you need to have another conversation about it to make things clear.

When you take care of all her needs, she loves it

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If you pay all her bills, make sure she’s sound emotionally and look after her mental health, you’re Daddy for holding her down. She never has to worry about anything because her Daddy got it.

Daddy vs Zaddy

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A lot of people use the words daddy and zaddy interchangeably. They have the same general meaning, but if you want to go into specifics about distinguishing Daddy and Zaddy:
Outside of roleplay, and being a compliment, daddy can be the older man a girl sleeps with from time to time, with no emotional connection, like a sugar daddy.
When you see zaddy, you’ll know he’s zaddy.” It means he’s a man who has you so overwhelmed. If you are crazy about a man, and can’t take your eyes off him, it will make you say “Zamn Zaddy”.
Zaddy is an advanced version of daddy that embodies all those traits, but he’s also a man who sweeps you off your feet. It’s safe to say more people are comfortable with this variation since it’s further removed from daddy, i.e. father.
What it means when a girl calls you daddy, but not zaddy? Relax! It can be a matter of preference, and it doesn’t mean she doesn’t think you’re ‘that guy’.
But, if she calls other guys online zaddy, then maybe you should be concerned. Now’s the time to establish boundaries and talk about appropriate behavior in the relationship.  


How to Respond to Being Called “Daddy”

To recap:
What it means when a girl calls you daddy?

01She thinks you’re hot


02It turns her on


03She wants you to dominate in bed


04You take care of her


05You’re the ‘man’
Now that’s out of the way, these are some of the best responses to use when a girl calls you daddy:


6 of the best responses when a girl calls you daddy as a compliment and you like it

You’re in, now you just have to let her know you like what you’re getting. The best move is to flirt back, but the ‘acting dumb move’ is always a great plan B.
It depends on how confident you are that she actually likes you. If you aren’t sure, ask.

01“You know how I do.”
Play it cool with this response. You can use it to respond to comments on social media or messages from girls who like you. It says you’re confident and sure of yourself, which for some girls is a major plus.


02“Say that one more time. I like the way it sounds.”
She’ll either laugh or say it again, but either way, it’s a win.


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03“So, does that make you my baby girl?”
If you don’t know if she means it for real, or if she’s just joking around, play dumb. When you ask her, if she says she was joking, say you were too to avoid the shame (even if she’s wrong for leading you on).


04“Yes, princess?”
This will make her melt and will guarantee blushing. It’ll make her feel like the only girl in your world, which leads to more flirting, and more flirting will lead to you being more than just friends.


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05“I can be YOUR daddy if you’d like.”
Emphasis on the “your”. Say this when the girl isn’t your girlfriend, but you’d like it to be that way. You can even use it when you slide into her DMs after she leaves this comment on your post.


06“How am I daddy?”
Play dumb so you can hear how much this girl likes you, or if she even does. If she falls for it, it’ll be great for your ego. If she didn’t mean it that way, it’ll sting less.


10 of the best responses when your girlfriend “daddied” you and you liked it

It sounds like you’re getting lucky tonight. You gotta play it cool, so don’t fumble your chances of scoring by saying the wrong thing.
Here’s what to say when a girl calls you daddy and you LOVE it:

07“Stop playing, you know how much that turns me on.”
This says she should stop teasing you unless she plans to do something about it. It basically dares her to push further, which is pretty hot with the ladies.


08“At your service, baby girl.”
You can use this any time when she calls you daddy. It says you’re fine with the title because that’s the type of man you want to be for her, and you’re willing to go the extra mile.


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09“I love when you call me that. Say it again for daddy.”
Use this to let her know that it’s turning you on. She’ll do whatever it takes to get you there.


10“Daddy’s got you. What do you need?”
This is for the girlfriend you take care of in every way who also knows you love doing it. It makes her feel reassured about her position in your life.



11“There’s more where that came from.”
No clue how to respond after sex? This is it. It says you know you rocked her world and you can’t wait to do it again.


12“Now be a good girl for daddy and [insert desire].”
This is a great way to spice things up in bed, and allow her to submit to you. Whatever you say, she’ll do it. For example, “Now be a good girl for daddy and get on your knees”


13“Bring your sexy butt over here, mami.”
Use this when you want to show her who’s in control. It says you’re about to completely dominate her.


sexy woman bed black lingerie butt showing
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14“I’m gonna show you why I’m daddy later.”
Turn things up another notch when flirting with your girl with this sext threat. It says she’ll get what she’s craving when you finally get a chance to get your hands on her.


15“How much do you need, kitten?”
This is a sugar daddy response. It lets her know that she has unlimited access to your pockets. It goes after she says she needs something, or when she outrightly asks you for a treat.


16“Misbehave so I can teach you a lesson.”
If you have a clear dom-sub relationship, this response will really get her going. It dares her to do something worth punishing (which, as you know, is a great thing).


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7 of the best responses when a girl calls you daddy, and you don’t feel comfortable with it

Not everyone is comfortable with being called daddy, and that’s fine. Consent is key, and being vocal about what you like and don’t like is the foundation of any good relationship, sexual or not.
If you don’t say anything, she’ll continue because she thinks it’s fine. It may be a bit awkward, but it’s the only way.
Just be mindful of your approach to minimize the sting. Here’s what to say when a girl calls you daddy:

17“Yes? Mommy?”
When you know you can joke around with your girl, perhaps you can approach it by making fun of her. It will make her question how it sounds by implying the context is mother-father and not girlfriend-boyfriend. That will let her know not to do it again.


mixedrace guy shocked by talkative annoying girl

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18“I love that you think of me that way, but I don’t like that term.”
This is a gentle way to break it to her that you’re not turned on by it. Notice it doesn’t do it in a way that would make her feel like she’s doing something wrong, and chalks it up to not liking the phrase? So, it will feel like no biggie.


19“I’m sorry, I’m not into that sort of stuff.”
Guys who are more reserved may feel embarrassed by it, and if that’s you, this is your response. It establishes your boundaries and basically says she should keep her freaky replies to herself.


20“I’m not comfortable with that.”
What’s more straightforward than stating plainly that you’re not comfortable with being called daddy? It leaves no room for misunderstanding.


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21“How about another nickname?”
If you’re Mr.Cool, and you don’t like making a fuss, this is the response for you. It says you like the thought, but the nickname doesn’t work for you.


22“That just killed my mood. Let’s try another time.”
Use this when you’re having sex, and she uses it as a way to encourage your performance. She’ll wonder why you stopped, and this will sum it all up without having to repeat the cringey phrase.


23“Let’s stick with [insert your first name]”
You may be wondering What it means when she calls you daddy after you’ve given her hints that you don’t like it.
When you’ve ignored her when she says it or changed the subject, you need a firmer approach. This is the type of thing you say to a girl you never want to get with or don’t want compliments from. It says back off.


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Saying the wrong thing is just as bad as saying nothing. The first step to finding out what it means when she calls you daddy is to assess the context; in other words, what’s happening right now?
Is she flirting? Are you the boss?
Is it during sex? Is she just joking around?
When you answer the big question: “What it means when a girl calls you daddy?”, you should have no problem avoiding those awkward moments.

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