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12 Loving Messages to Your Husband in Heaven This Father’s Day

12 Loving Messages to Your Husband in Heaven This Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, use social media to send loving messages to your husband and keep his memory alive. Remember, the internet is forever, and you can use your Happy Father’s Day to your husband in Heaven message as a grief time capsule to reflect on memories, and even track how far you’ve come from when your husband passed until now.

The pain of losing a husband and the father of your kids will take some time to work through. Father’s Day is still an important part of that timeline, so it should be used to reflect and celebrate the man he was.

Let’s look at some ideas of what your Happy Father’s Day message should say, and how you can put it together to say Happy Father’s Day to your husband in Heaven:


What Your Happy Father’s Day Message Should Say

No one should have to suffer the pain of losing the person they planned the rest of their life with, especially when children are involved. Through your pain, you have to step up to fill in those shoes, often neglecting your own grief for the sake of the children.
A good way to address this grief is by penning a heartfelt Happy Father’s Day message to your husband in Heaven. This message can say any number of things, but it all boils down to how much you love and miss him.
Use this guide we created to make this task easier:

01Talk about your love for him as your husband and the father of your kids. Mention your gratitude for what he brought to the table and that it will be missed.


02Share your favorite memories of times you spent together with/without the kids or what impact he had on your life.


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03Give him an update about the family, and what you and the kids have been up to. For example, special occasions he would have wanted to be a part of, like birthdays, graduations, recitals, etc.


04Highlight the changes you’ve noticed in yourself and the family from when he was there to when he passed away.


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05Reflect on the bond you had as husband and wife, and how much it means to you. Talk about how much you miss him.


06Talk about the importance of having him by your side and the type of father he was to his children.


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07Picture his new life in Heaven, and wish him everlasting love, peace and happiness. Imagine him being surrounded by loved ones who have passed.
End your message saying Happy Father’s Day to your husband in Heaven with your usual declarations of love, as if he were still alive. Put the prospect of meeting again in the universe to show that he’ll always be your husband no matter what happens, life or death.


6 Happy Father’s Day to your husband in Heaven Messages When He Recently Passed

Your grief within the first year or two will not manifest itself the same as it will in say ten years or so. The feelings are still very raw and fresh, and you may not even understand them.
When you look back on early Happy Father’s Day messages, you’ll see how far you’ve come in understanding and accepting these feelings. For now, speak your truth, and say what immediately comes to mind.
It doesn’t have to be perfect, but these messages can serve as a guide to saying Happy Father’s Day to your husband in Heaven:

01Today’s the first Father’s Day since you’ve been gone, and the air feels different. I woke up feeling heavy, knowing I’ll have to face Kam and Kat and pretend everything is normal.
I miss waking up to the smell of you brewing coffee in the morning and the sounds of your 90s jams filling the house. I miss the way you’d make the kids lunch, remembering all their least and most favorite snacks, even better than I could.
Father’s Day would start with some elaborate scheme to get you out of the house, and end with your favorite meal: curried chicken and white rice. I don’t make it anymore because it doesn’t taste the same without you.
Maybe when we meet again up in Heaven, we can share it once more, and celebrate Father’s Day like we used to. Love and miss you always, Robin.

Use this message to say Happy Father’s Day to your husband in Heaven and talk about your favorite memories of him (idea 2), and how much the mood has changed around the house without him being there (idea 4). Post with a throwback picture of the last Father’s Day you all celebrated together.

02Look at what Hannah made you for Father’s Day. I know it would’ve ended up on your office wall for the world to see how much your sweet angel loves you.
Today we visit your grave, and we plan to leave it there for you. She’s picked out some flowers I think you’d like, and she even plans to perform her new song for you.
The past few months have been rough, but she’s doing well considering, much better than anyone can expect from a 9-year-old. Her grades are still up, and she wants to make sure you’re always proud of her.
I’m glad she got to know the man I fell in love with before cancer took over. You were always so smart and caring, and I see those same traits in her.
Happy Father’s Day my love. Your babies are fine, so rest in peace


child girl hanging her drawings on the wall


Photo by Evgeny Atamanenko on shutterstock

A good way to send this message is with a picture or video of the art your daughter made for her father. You can also share it with pictures or videos of what you did at the graveside.
This Happy Father’s Day message gives him an update about what your child is up to (idea 3) and talks about how you’re doing as a single parent (idea 6).

03Happy Father’s Day to my Husband in Heaven, gone but never forgotten. Today marks just under 2 years since you’ve been gone.
Thank you for giving me the most beautiful children in the world, Jake and Peter, and for being the type of man they can aspire to be like.
Thank you for loving me for who I am, never once wavering in that love, and for being an amazing husband. Thank you for being a friend to me in my times of despair, and reassuring me every step of the way.
Thank you on behalf of your close friends and family for being someone dependable, honest and trustworthy. Thank you!

This is a good way to say Happy Father’s Day to your husband in Heaven when you want to show gratitude for him (idea 1) and his impact on other people. Upload with a collage of all the things you mentioned or a video reel reflecting on your favorite memories.

04Remember when we first met? It was back in high school, I was a junior, you were a senior, and we were nothing alike.
We both got in detention for some silly reason or another, and the rest is history. We started as friends, two peas in a pod, and then it grew into something more, something special.
College was a blast, and before we knew it, we were walking down the aisle making lifelong promises. The best part of it all was Lily, and I thank God every day for giving her to us.
I’m glad I got to experience those milestones with you and build an incredible bond. The story of us may have paused these past few months, but I know it’s not over.
If the Universe sees fit, we’ll meet again in another life. I know it will be even more fun.
Until then, Happy Father’s Day up in Heaven darling.


seniorcouple happy dancing kitchen


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Say Happy Father’s Day to your husband in Heaven by reflecting on the bond you shared (idea 5) and how much it meant to you. Post it with your favorite milestones to show how far you came with your husband.

05The pain of losing you is still fresh, and I still cry at night in our half-filled bed when I’m sure Nick’s asleep. Mommy has to be strong now that Daddy’s gone, and it hasn’t been easy.
I tell him every day that you’re up in Heaven with Grandpa Ben, fishing and playing toss ball in a field. He’s still practicing his catch, and our little butterfinger’s getting better.
He says when it’s time to go to Heaven, all four of us can play together, so I better start practicing too. His determination reminds me so much of you.
I’ll take him up on his offer to teach me today. I know it’s not the same as playing with you, but this is our way of honoring you this Father’s Day.

If you know your husband is up in Heaven (idea 7), use this message to imagine what his life is like up there. At the same time, it talks about life on Earth and how you’re dealing with the loss.
This would go perfectly with a picture or video of your son playing toss ball, or a picture of him with Grandpa doing the things they enjoyed.

06Happy Father’s Day, Luke, and much love to my daughters, Ericka and Gabby.
Losing all three of you at the same time was not something I imagined for our family. Sometimes I wish we all went at the same time so we could be together in Heaven, but I’m glad you’re up there with our precious girls to keep them company.
I can’t pretend I don’t miss you all around the house, especially on Family Game Night when we’d catch up and play games until midnight. I’d even take the sounds of them arguing over who stole whose clothes or blasting Taylor Swift in their rooms.
I love you from the bottom of my heart. Take care of our girls up in Heaven.

This is a Father’s Day message for women who have lost both their husband and child(ren). It highlights your favorite memories as a family (idea 2) and imagines them all together up in Heaven (idea 7).
Post with your favorite picture/video of them taken on family game night or another special occasion. It can go with something of you at their gravestone or a video tribute that includes your entire family. 


6 Happy Father’s Day to your husband in Heaven Messages When He Died Years Ago

As the years go by, the feelings tend to become more contained. You’ll see the changes that have occurred since his passing more easily and be at peace with the situation.
This doesn’t mean you don’t still love him and wish he was here on Earth. At this stage, you can be more grateful for who he was as a person, and find more balance in your life.
Here are some ways to say Happy Father’s Day to your husband in Heaven:

07Even though it’s been half a decade, I still feel you all around me. I haven’t forgotten what we had and the beautiful memories we shared.
I hold them close to my heart, as I do our Andy. We talk about you a lot, and he’s becoming more inquisitive with each passing day.
The other night, he asked me your favorite color, and he was so happy that it was red because he loves red. He did an entire presentation in class about his dad for Father’s Day: it was the highlight of the day.
I wish you could’ve seen his celebration of your life. We both miss having you around, and I know you two would’ve been the best of friends.


young man writing notebook sitting university lovePhoto by George Rudy on shutterstock

Use this message to say Happy Father’s Day to your husband in Heaven and talk about how much you love and miss him though he passed years ago (idea 1). It fills him in on what his son is up to these days (idea 3), as well as how you’re managing the grief these days.
This post goes best with a picture or video of what you mentioned, but if you don’t have anything from the presentation, any recent media will do.

08It feels like just yesterday I was sitting on a park bench watching you push Julian on the swing. I can’t believe it’s been nearly 12 years, and our little man is a teenager.
Like his dad, he’s on the school’s swim team and is a natural at tennis. His teachers are so impressed with him, and everyone says he’s on the path to greatness.
That’s thanks to your good genes and your guidance from up in Heaven. Keep watching over our little boy as he becomes the man he’s meant to be.
Untill next time, Happy Father’s Day.

This message covers a memory of the family together (idea 2), as well as how life has changed now that he’s gone (idea 4). It also mentions that your husband is guiding the family from up in Heaven (idea 7) as he would on Earth.
Post it with your child’s achievements or even a side-by-side of him doing the same things as his father, for example, if you have a picture of Dad in his Speedos, and one with your son, make a collage.

09Sometimes I wonder if you’d even recognize Abby now that she’s all grown up and in college. When you left us, she was still wearing Pampers and going crazy for her Da-Da.
I hate that she didn’t get to know you or even have the opportunity to remember the sweet sound of your voice. Pictures aren’t enough, but at least she knows her Dad was a good man.
She’s studying engineering, and I know that would’ve made you happy. It would have been a lot easier if you were here to help her since I suck at math, but you’d be proud of how well she’s managed on her own.
Happy 22nd Father’s Day up in Heaven, David.

Use this when the father passed while his child was young and didn’t get a chance to know who his child would become. It gives him the latest news about him/her (idea 3) and says you’re doing well after all these years.
Post with a picture of your child now in university or of them together when he was still alive.  


10No matter how many years have passed, it still hurts to have lost my husband, the father of my kids, and most of all, my best friend. Sure I have my girlfriends and my mom here with me to help with Greg and Toby, but their father is irreplaceable.
You were the one that taught them how to brush the dirt off, stand tall when they fall and how to be strong. A mother can’t do the job of a father, no matter how hard she tries (and believe me, I’ve tried).
I do my best to give them all the tools they need to grow into fine young men, but only a man can teach them what it means to be a man. I’ve had this fear for years, and now that they’re older, I hope it was enough.
Happy Father’s Day in heaven, my love.


cheerful son graduation cap holding diploma with motherPhoto by LightField Studios on shutterstock

This post talks about how close you were to your husband (idea 5) and how difficult it is to be a single parent (idea 6). It gives credit to his role as a father and wishes he was there to be a part of raising the children.

11Happy Father’s Day, Mike. You were a wonderful father, provider and teacher.
You were the embodiment of what it meant to be a good husband and a hands-on parent. I know you’re up in Heaven teaching the children that had to leave their parents all the things you know to be good and true.
Thank you for all you’ve done on Earth and what you continue to do in Heaven. Men like you deserve to be honored on special days like these.

This message goes out to a father in Heaven who was a great dad to his children (idea 6). It pictures him up in Heaven (idea 7) playing a similar role to other children and being a guiding light.
It can go with any picture you like of your husband, but one with the kids makes the most sense.

12No woman should have to lose her husband and child at the same time. It’s not something I’d wish on my worst enemy.
I keep your memories alive by being a support system for other women who’ve faced a loss of this magnitude. The Ethan Grace Foundation is here for widows like me, especially on days like Father’s Day, as a symbol of resilience through the worst of grief.
I spend a lot of time helping other families, and sometimes I forget to stop and reflect on my own loss. Rest in Heaven my sweet angels, and Happy Father’s Day, baby.


nice friendly woman smiling volunteering food


Photo by Dmytro Zinkevych on shutterstock

This is another message women who lost both their husband and child at the same time can use. It talks about how the experience has changed you (idea 4) and how much it has influenced you to do great things (idea 3).
Upload with a link to donate to the foundation, as well as pictures and videos of the work you do in their name. It’s a great way to bring attention to the cause while saying Happy Father’s Day to your husband in Heaven and keeping their memories alive.


There are many ways to say Happy Father’s Day to your husband in Heaven. These examples are here to guide you and help you find the right words to say how you feel this Father’s Day.
Keep his memory alive through the pictures and videos you have from when he was alive. It will mean a lot to you and those who knew him, especially if they’re still struggling to come to terms with his passing.

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