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10 “Mother’s Day” Messages for Your Beloved Mother-in-law in Heaven

10 “Mother’s Day” Messages for Your Beloved Mother-in-law in Heaven

Even though you’re not related by blood, losing your mother-in-law can hurt just as much as it would if she had given birth to you herself. And, with each passing year, saying Happy Mother’s Day to your mother-in-law in heaven will remind you of your special relationship with her.

Use this opportunity to speak from the heart and show your love with your Happy Mother’s Day message. Your mother-in-law is here with you in spirit, just as she was by your side in life, so her memory should be honored whenever possible.

Your Happy Mother’s Day message should say all the things you would say to your mother-in-law if she was here today. Use these ideas as a guide, and your heart will do the rest.


What Your Message Should Say

Having a close relationship with your mother-in-law is always a beautiful thing, and death shouldn’t come between that. Therapists often recommend things like writing letters to deceased loved ones to help you get through the grieving process: this is a similar concept.
Your Happy Mother’s Day to your mother-in-law in heaven message keeps her memory alive, and your partner and other in-laws will appreciate you making an effort to do so. These are some ideas that will help you write your messages:

01Express your love and gratitude for who she was as a person, what the MIL relationship means to you and how happy you are to have met her through your spouse.


02Use the opportunity to share your favorite memories of her. This can be something funny she said/did, how she helped other people or your relationship, how you felt when you met, etc.


02 mother in law and son in law hug happy momentPhoto by Sergii Sobolevskyi on shutterstock


03Update her on the changes that have happened in your life (especially if you were close and talked a lot) or some good news about the family and how you and your family are coping with her loss.


04Talk about what happened before and after she left your life, and how it has impacted your spouse.


05Cite examples of your bond or closeness to your MIL and how much you miss her.


06Talk about how good of a mother she was and how she made you feel like her own child.


06 loving asian adult daughter sitting on couch with mother in law


Photo by imtmphoto on shutterstock


07Imagine what her life is like up in Heaven, and wish her eternal peace and happiness with other loved ones.
Close your Happy Mother’s Day to your mother-in-law in heaven message with well wishes as you would when she was alive, for example, “I will always love you” or “I hope we meet again in Heaven”.


7 examples of Happy Mother’s Day to your mother-in-law in heaven if you are her daughter-in-law

The bonds between women and their mothers-in-law are special because not every woman is lucky enough be close with their MIL. You should feel proud that you were able to build a close bond with your partner’s mother.
If you and your mother-in-law were best friends, writing her a message in celebration of Mother’s Day can be a bittersweet experience. Using these examples will serve as a guide to make things a bit easier.
Post it on Instagram or Facebook with your favorite picture/video together or anything you feel captures the emotion well to tie your words together:

01Getting through another Mother’s Day without you isn’t going to be easy. I should be celebrating with your grandchildren, but it isn’t that way for me.
Many of us in the family, especially Aaron, are having a hard time coming to terms with this loss. You were the glue in all our lives, and now that you’re gone, we’re working hard to keep all the pieces together.
I want you to look down on us and not have to worry, so I’ll keep fighting to make sure we continue to lift each other. You deserve your peace in Heaven.
Happy Mother’s Day to my mother-in-Law, forever in our hearts.
#HappyMothersDayMomInHeaven #WeMissYou


01 happy mothers day family old grandmother woman giving flower


Photo by Evgeny Atamanenko on shutterstock

This talks about the aftermath of her passing (idea 3). Post it with a picture/video of a recent family gathering to show the family is sticking together through the pain.

02When I think about you, I picture you in all white with your flawless skin and your hair long to your back. I think about you being at peace, and how you can finally rest after giving your all to be a wonderful mother-in-law, my role model and my best friend.
I don’t picture tears, sickness, unhappiness or turmoil. I picture good things, joyful things, wonderful things.
I know that even though you’re not here with us in person, everything will be alright because you’re our guardian angel. Thank you for everything you did and continue to do.
Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven. Love, Lily.
#AngelInHeaven #Motherhood #ILoveYou

It is good to use this when you want to talk about how you imagine her life in Heaven (idea 7). Post this with a nice picture of your mother-in-Law or a throwback picture of you together.

03Hey Mom, I just wanted to update you on how things are down here since we can’t have our girl-talk on Sundays anymore.
I’m holding down the fort like I promised to do and keeping us all together. Jerry has a new job at a top firm and our kids are starting school.
Bessie had puppies and everyone is excited about that. It’s Lisa’s first Mother’s Day and we’re all excited about baby Ethan. His eyes look exactly like YOURS.
Things are alright down here, so you don’t have to worry about us. Do they still have Mother’s Day up in Heaven?
If yes, I hope you have a good time. Talk again soon, Happy Mother’s Day!
#MissingYou #HeavensBestAngel #Mother’sDayInHeaven


03 mother daughter in law sitting winter park high five


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Use this to update your MIL about what’s going on in your life (idea 3). Post it with a picture collage/video of the specific events you mentioned

04Do you remember when we met? I was so nervous and wanted to impress you because Ryan meant the world to me.
I’m so happy we got along for his sake, but what we had was more than that. You felt like a mother to me, even though we aren’t related by blood, and that’s something special.
I cherish the bond we created. I still make those secret recipes you shared with me and I can’t wait until Hannah is old enough to make them with me.
There’s so much more I wish we could’ve done together because we got along so well. If we didn’t tell, I bet nobody would know we weren’t related by blood.
I’ll always love you and our special relationship.
#HappyMothersDay #MothersDayInHeaven #Memories

This example talks about your favorite memories together (idea 2) and says she felt like a real mom to you (idea 6). Share it with a picture of you, your spouse and your mother-in-law.

05I hope we reincarnate in the next life together as best friends because I enjoyed every moment of the time we shared on your patio, especially when you were singing there in summer days. You taught me so much in such a short time, it’s insane.
I miss the way things were before, before the sickness when you could do all the things you wanted to and we could explore the world together as mother and daughter.
When you left, it was like the world stood still and lost all its color. I lost one of my favorite people in the world, so please allow me to cry you a river one more time, even though you wouldn’t want me to.
#BreastCancerAwareness #HappyMothersDay #UnbreakableBond

This Happy Mother’s Day to your mother-in-law in heaven message talks about the close bond you shared and how happy you are that you met (ideas 1 and 5). It also shares your feelings after losing her (idea 4).
Post it with pictures/videos of you together, for example, vacationing together or simply hanging out.  


06They say we lose the best people in life because God needs a new angel. If anyone suits that role, it’d be you.
Even though it’s been over a decade since you’ve been gone, I sometimes think about our girl dates and how we’d spend hours preparing for Thanksgiving dinner and decorating our home for Christmas every year. You always put your family first, even while you were battling your illness, and made sure everyone felt loved.
God is lucky to have you by his side. I sure know I was.
Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven to my mom-in-Law
#WorldsBestMom #DaughterinLaw #Love

This says you know she’s in Heaven and you’re glad she’s in a better place (idea 7). It says you looked up to her and she made you feel like a part of the family (idea 6).
A good way to post this is with a picture/video about you preparing for festive dinners together or with other members of the family to highlight precious memories.

07Happy Mother’s Day to the best mother-in-law a gal could ask for. Thank you for raising Mike to be someone I can love and depend on.
You’re someone I’ve always admired, and I hope one day I can be a best friend to my children in the way you were to Mike. I’ll always tell them about how their grandma inspired me and what she meant to me.
I hope one day we will meet again so I can properly thank you for being YOU. Love always, your daughter-in-law.
#MomInLaw #HeavensAngel #MissYou


07 mother in law home weekend drinking coffeePhoto by Viktoriia Hnatiuk on shutterstock

Use this Happy Mother’s Day to your mother-in-law in heaven message to show just how much you admired her and how lucky you were to have met her (ideas 1 and 4). Post it with your favorite picture/video of you together.

Happy Mother’s Day to your mother-in-law in heaven if you are her son-in-law

As a man, you’re expected to be strong for the family and keep everyone together. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have strong emotions about the death of your beloved mother-in-law, especially when Mother’s Day rolls around.
Use these examples of Happy Mother’s Day to your mother-in-law in heaven messages to share your feelings on social media:

08My biggest regret is not telling you how I felt about you while you were here. I’m not the kind of guy to say how I feel, but you meant the world to me.
You were like the mom I never had. Somehow you saw through my hard exterior and loved me despite my flaws.
I’ll continue to protect and love your daughter like I promised to, and be the man you knew I could be. I promise to reach all those goals we talked about so you can look down at me and smile.
Happy Mother’s Day Sharon. Love always, Mikey.
#SoninLaw #HappyMothersDayinHeaven #Family


asian mother son in law sitting on couch laughing 1


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This shares how much you loved having her as a MIL (idea 1) and that life is going well. Share these words with a picture/video of you accomplishing something you promised to, like graduating university or buying a new home.

09My favorite thing about you was your strength. You never backed down, you never told yourself no, and it all paid off.
You carried your family on your back through dark times and never complained. Even with the chronic pain you endured from your arthritis, you showed what it’s like to have poise no matter what life throws at us.
Women like you are one of a kind, but you managed to raise a woman unlike any other for me to call my wife. I’m forever grateful to you for everything.
I wish I could’ve surprised you this Mother’s Day with something special, but Heaven couldn’t spare an angel for another year.
#MothersDayinHeaven #StrengthofaWoman #MissingYou

This Happy Mother’s Day to your mother-in-law in heaven message highlights things you enjoyed about her (idea 1) and says you know she’s in a better place (idea 7). Share your favorite videos/pictures of her with you and your wife. 


10If I knew I wouldn’t be spending another Mother’s Day with you, I’d have hugged you tighter and longer. I’m trying to hang in there like a man should, but these milestones make it harder. You were such an invaluable asset to the community, an incredible mom to both Sally and me, and a cool grandma for little Jackie.
I try to find comfort in knowing that your dedication to Christ and being a good person has earned you a spot in Heaven. I imagine you finally escaping the hectic life you had.
The void you left can never be filled and you will never be forgotten. Happy Mother’s Day up in Heaven, my dear mother-in-law with the other wonderful angel moms.
#HappyMothersDay #IMissYou #MotherSonBond


mother daughter son in law hugging smiling blue skyPhoto by KOTOIMAGES on shutterstock

This Happy Mother’s Day to your mother-in-law in heaven message talks about how losing her made you feel because she was a very important figure in your life (idea 3). Share new pictures of the family with this message to showcase the strong bond.


What they don’t tell you about losing someone, especially a maternal figure, is that the grief doesn’t go away, and on days like a birthday or Mother’s Day, you’re reminded once more that the person is no longer here. A good way to deal with this grief is by writing a heartfelt message, and you can even post it on social media with your favorite videos and pictures.
Use these ideas of what your message should look like to help say Happy Mother’s Day to your mother-in-law in Heaven!