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14 Good Ways to Turn the Tables on the Annoying Prank Callers

14 Good Ways to Turn the Tables on the Annoying Prank Callers

Don’t you just wish you could turn the tables on those pesky prank callers? In this article, we’ll share what to say to prank callers in different scenarios to turn the tables on them, or to flip the script.

Prank callers obviously have too much time on their hands and think it’s funny to annoy people who just want to go about their day.

With these comebacks, they’ll be stuck on what to say and their mission of chaos will backfire in their faces.

Here’s what to say to prank callers when:


01 – They don’t say anything

How to find out if it is a prank:
If you want to find out if this is a prank call, the best thing to do in this instance is to remain quiet for a few minutes.
If no one says hello, then chances are it is a prank call or even one of those robocalls that telemarketers and scammers use to see if a number is assigned to a human.
What to say/do:
In this instance, you should either wait for them to hang up, or hang up yourself. Then, block the number.
When the prank caller, telemarketer, or scammer attempts to call you again, they’ll realize their plan has been foiled when you don’t answer. If there are instructions there to “speak to a live operator”, ignore them.
Any legitimate company will try to reach out to you through other means, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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02 – What to say to prank callers who speak gibberish or use a weird voice

How to find out if it is a prank:
This one is pretty obvious since people rarely speak that way. Sometimes, they even use modulators to prevent their voices from being detected.
What to say/do:
Once you are sure it is a prank call, you can flip the script by talking to the person in gibberish as well. Most likely it is a kid or teenager fooling around with his/her friends.
The prankster will get upset that you are beating him/her at his/her own game and will likely get annoyed and hang up.

03 – They say you didn’t call

How to find out if it is a prank:
The best way to find out if this is a prank is by asking the person his/her name. If he/she ignores the question or gives a phony name you don’t recognize, then it’s clear that it’s not a legitimate call.
What to say/do: Turn the tables on this prankster by going completely silent. Let them sit there saying “hello” until they get frustrated and hang up.
Mission failed!

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04 – What to say to prank callers who say you called them

How to find out if it’s a prank:
It’s easy to find out if you accidentally called someone or not. Simply check your call log for the number and if you don’t see it there then clearly this person is just trying to mess around.
If the number is private, ask the person for the exact time you called. If they can’t provide an answer, then you have yours.
What to say/do:
In this instance, the person might try calling you again. Do not answer your phone.
He/she will get frustrated and move on to the next victim. You might also want to block the number.


05 – What to say to prank callers who says “it’s been so long”

How to find out if it’s a prank:
It can be embarrassing when you don’t remember someone who claims to have known you for a long time. However, the best way to find out if it’s a prank is by doing a mini interrogation.
Ask the caller for his/her name, and details about how you met. If the caller cannot provide a factual answer then there’s a good possibility you don’t actually know him/her.
What to say/do:
Play along and make a date to meet up at a random location.
If this person is some psycho or weirdo who actually shows up at the location, he/she will be pretty mad when he/she realizes he/she’s been stood up.

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06 – What to say to prank callers who ask to speak to someone you know by name

How to find out if it’s a prank:
Certain names are pretty popular and you probably just happen to know someone with that name. In this case, ask the caller for the person’s last name or ask another question only a friend would know.
What to say/do:
Pretend to call the person then say something like “Okay, he/she’s in the shower. He/she said to hang on.”
The prankster will get excited and think the plan is working, but since he/she wants to waste your time, you’ll go ahead and do the same to him/her.
When the prankster realizes that you tricked him/her after waiting for some time, he/she will get annoyed and will probably stop making prank calls for the day.

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07 – They say you’ve won tickets/the lottery

How to find out if it’s a prank:
Unfortunately, many people have fallen victim to these phone calls and have even been scammed by unscrupulous characters.
If you haven’t entered any competitions or haven’t played the lottery, then there’s no way you could have won anything.
What to say/do:
Say “I’m reporting you to the [insert name of the agency responsible for nabbing scammers]” in a serious tone.
If the person is a bored kid trying to make trouble, he/she will start to feel scared and might confess it was a joke right away to avoid getting in trouble. Others might hang up and block your number.

08 – They are doing a survey

How to find out if it’s a prank:
Listen closely to the type of questions being asked. If they are ridiculous or require personal information, then it is either a prank or a scam.
If the caller is unable to identify the agency they represent, then it is likely a scam.
What to say/do:
Give the prankster or scammer bogus answers. He/she might feel like he/she has won at first, but when the information is used for anything, he/she will quickly realize that the joke was on him/her.


09 – What to say to prank callers who pretend to be the mobile operator

How to find out if it’s a prank:
This prank usually entails the prankster pretending to be conducting tests on behalf of your service provider. A dead giveaway is asking you to repeat ridiculous phrases to check the quality of the call.
If the prankster doesn’t take that route, request the name of the service provider.
What to say/do:
The prankster will be listening closely for your answers, so use this to your advantage. If you have an airhorn, blow it into the microphone, or blast music into his/her ears.
This will suck for the prankster and he/she will regret ever calling.

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10 – They pretend to be the principal at your kid’s school

How to find out if it’s a prank:
Most times, principals don’t call parents unless it is really important, so make note of that. Secondly, there’s a pretty big chance you already have the school’s number saved and it is unlikely the principal will call from a personal number.
If you are still unsure, simply Google the area code of the number calling. If it is not from your area, chances are, it’s a silly prank.
You may also ask for the principal’s name, the name of the school, or the name of your kids to determine if it is a prank call.
What to say/do:
Say “My child does not even in this country anymore.” The prank caller will feel bad and will confess it was just a prank.

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11 – They say your house is haunted

How to find out if it’s a prank:
C’mon, everyone knows ghosts aren’t real. And, if you do happen to believe in ghosts, is there any sign of paranormal activity?
What to say/do:
The prankster is trying to scare you, so turn the tables on him/her by showing that you aren’t falling for it. Shout “BOO!” and hang up.

12 – They claim to have left a note on your car

How to find out if it’s a prank:
If possible, look at your car to see if there’s a note there. If not, ask the caller about the model and color car that you drive.
If he/she gives a wrong answer, then you’ll know it was a prank.
What to say/do:
Say “I didn’t drive my car today”. The prankster will likely not expect that answer and will not know what to say and hang up.

13 – They ask for food delivery

How to find out if it’s a prank:
Clearly it’s a prank if you don’t do food deliveries. If you happen to, google the area code.
If the number is far outside of the delivery range, they are likely not a legitimate customer.
What to say/do:
Pretend to take the order and give an estimated delivery time. The prankster might feel like they were successful initially, but at the end of the call this is what to say to prank callers before you hang up: “Psych!”

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14 – They pretend to be your love interest/partner

How to find out if it’s a prank:
You should know how your love interest/partner sounds on the phone so it shouldn’t be difficult to find out if it’s a prank.
You can always put the prankster on hold and call your love interest/partner’s cell phone to verify if it is him/her.
What to say/do:
Since you know it’s a prank call, you can go ahead and hang up. Do not give the prankster the satisfaction of becoming angry.


You know what to say to prank callers when they try to deceive you, so you shouldn’t be so easy to fool again in the future.
The tables have turned, and hopefully, the pranksters will grow up and find something better to do!