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15 Things to Say to Someone Who Loses Their Job 

15 Things to Say to Someone Who Loses Their Job 

It’s never easy to find what to say to someone who loses their job. Whether they’ve been fired or just laid off by a downsizing company, it is a difficult moment.

No one wants to lose their job. If someone you know has, we have 10+ inspiring comments you can use to help your friend overcome this hardship.


What to Say to Someone Who loses Their Job- When Their Company Closes


01“It’s time for a new start. I hope you can see this as a chance to take on a new career or dive into a new company .”
It is important that your friend doesn’t dwell on the loss of their old job for too long. Focusing instead on the new opportunities available to them will help your friend move on and cope with their change in circumstances.


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02“This could be an opportunity in disguise. Better jobs are waiting.”
This comment helps the victim look at the job loss not as a terrible thing, but as an opportunity they are yet to recognize. This kind of attitude toward major life changes helps people to overcome obstacles because it paints a brighter picture of the future.


03“At least you’ve got a few years of work experience under your belt.”
This comment helps a victim look forward. It also helps your friend focus on a few of the positive things they got out of the experience. Experience is always an advantage in the job market. 


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04“It will get better. This will all be history tomorrow.”
This is a generally supportive comment that tends to work well, especially if you don’t know much about the particular company or why it shut down. This message also works if you don’t know the victim very well. With a simple, generic note of support, you can comfort the victim in their time of mourning.


05“At least you weren’t fired.”
If you are trying to look for an upside to the whole event, this is an ideal message. It will work well on a practical individual, not a sentimental one. If you’re facing an awkward situation, finding what to say to someone who loses their job can seem like a major challenge, but a comment like this will fit the objective wonderfully.



06“Don’t give up. You still have a name to make for yourself.”
If an individual seems to be giving up after the loss of their job, this is the ideal comment to make. It’s straightforward and practical, both of which are necessary qualities in times like these. Most importantly, the forward-thinking nature of this message pushes the victim out of their hurt and points out what needs to be done.


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07“It’s not the end of the world.”
This is the perfect way to pacify someone who is feeling really disappointed in the way things have gone. The victim might be feeling like the world is incredibly unfair or that their lives are over. This comment offers comfort and shows them that there is a new day waiting for them tomorrow.


What to Say to Someone Who loses Their Job – When They Get Fired


08“It’s not your fault.”
When people get fired, they often blame themselves. This comment helps take them out of their misery and reminds them that they have an advocate in you. Messages like these help victims see the job loss as an effect of something outside their control and thus externalize the loss.


09“You’re going to find another company that appreciates you.”
This comment tries to look toward a positive future. The assumption is that the victim was fired from their company because the organization didn’t appreciate your friend’s many talents. This comment avoids the fact that they were fired and emphasizes your friend’s best qualities to help rebuild confidence.


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10“You were so much better than that company deserved.”
When someone gets fired, their self-confidence will naturally take a hit. This comment will help your friend regain some of that lost confidence. A message like this will help the victim understand that they deserve better and that their former employer wasn’t the best match for them in the first place.



11“You’re not alone. It’s an industry-wide thing.”
This comment works wonderfully when layoffs and downsizing are happening in many companies around the country. This subtle reminder helps the victim feel like part of a bigger problem and helps them to find a target for their frustration. Most importantly, this comment diverts the focus of the conversation from whether or not the victim deserved to be fired.


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12“Look at this as an opportunity to start fresh.”
This comment helps the victim look forward rather than dwelling too much on the hurdle. It helps to turn the focus away from the job loss and toward the countless possibilities that the future holds. This message will work best when used on a victim that sees no future after being fired. 


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13“There are better bosses in this industry.”
This comment reminds the victim that they have someone on their side. It works best if the victim was fired by a boss who they’ve had difficulties within the past. In situations where the victim has experienced significant conflict with their supervisors, people tend to feel misunderstood. This message will help show that you support and understand them.


14“We all make mistakes. Don’t dwell on it too much.”
This comment helps the victim feel better about themselves, especially if they were fired because of something they did or failed to do. Support in this form helps them realize that everyone makes mistakes and that learning from those mistakes is what is important. Despite knowing the truth of the situation, a note like this doesn’t blame your friend.


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15“This stuff happens all the time. You’ll survive.”
When consoling a friend in this situation, it’s important not to blame the victim for their job loss, even if it might have been their fault. This is a feel-good comment for when you are stumped as to what to say to someone who loses their job.



Finding what to say to someone who loses their job can be a daunting task. There is no single perfect way to console a victim of downsizing or industry layoffs.
Nevertheless, if you say something kind, it will always be appreciated. Try any of these ideas to inspire your own consolation comment.