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35 Perfect Responses for When a Girl Asks Why You Like Her

35 Perfect Responses for When a Girl Asks Why You Like Her

If you tell a girl you like her, then she asks why you like her, don’t be alarmed, it’s normal. Even though it’s common, we don’t always know what to say when a girl asks why you like her.

Obviously, there’s a reason, but finding the right words and figuring out what to say can be challenging. If you’re not big on expressing your feelings, this guide is for you, because it teaches you what to say when a girl asks why you like her:


7 responses about how she makes you feel special and loved

Unfortunately, a lot of us guys don’t have people around us that make us feel special and loved. When we finally meet a girl that does that for us, we cherish her for what she adds to our lives and we want to return the favor.
This is what to say when a girl asks why you like her when she makes you feel special and loved:

01“I’ve never had anyone listen to me and actually care about what I had to say before.”
When someone takes the time out to listen to you, it’s a sign that they care about what you have to say. If you’re attracted to her because she’s a great listener, this is what you can say.


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02“Guys don’t get butterflies in the stomach, right? Well, I did.”
Butterflies in the stomach happen to everyone, but typically it’s used when speaking about a female. Saying this says that she makes you feel loved.


03“I really appreciate the way you pay attention to my needs.”
Use this when she is in tune with your needs and tends to them however she can.


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04“You really know how to make me feel like I matter.”
This is good to use when she makes you feel important, or she holds you in high regard.


05“I feel like the only guy in the world when I’m with you.”
It is good to use this when she only has eyes for you and treats you better than other guys.


06“Somehow you never get tired of me, and you make me feel like I’m important.”
This is good to use when you feel like you’re a handful, but she never shows any sign of being overburdened or fed up.



07“I love how you love me.”
Use this when her love language suits your needs. For example, if you’re someone who needs attention, and her love language is quality time, then she loves you in the way you need to be loved.


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7 responses when you think she’s beautiful inside and out

Beauty is more than just on the surface. It’s concentrated on the inside and is shown through actions.
When she is beautiful inside and out, she is kind, caring and loving to you, the people she loves and strangers. Here’s what to say when a girl asks why you like her when she is beautiful inside and out:

08“I love that you are full of love for the people around you.”
Use this if she’s caring and loving towards everyone, especially her close friends and family, both in her words and her actions.


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09“You’re the most beautiful girl I ever laid eyes on.”
It is good to use this when you want to compliment her eternal beauty. Just be sure to mention other things you like about her because it will come off as shallow if you only like her because of her looks.


10“You have a heart of gold.”
Someone with a heart of gold can be described as genuine, kind, compassionate, generous and good-natured. Use this if she embodies all these traits.


11“I admire the way you treat others.”
This is a simple statement you can use when you notice and like how courteous she is towards other people.


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12“Your energy is positive and contagious.”
Use this when she can light up a room with her good vibes and optimism.


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13“I’ve never met anyone as understanding as you are.”
A person that is beautiful on the inside does not judge anyone, and will try to be understanding of what others do and say.


14“It takes a special type of woman to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and treat others fairly and equally.”
This is good to use when everyone likes her because of how well she handles situations, despite what others have to say about a person.


7 responses about her great sense of humor and intelligence

Another great character trait is a good sense of humor. No guy wants a stuck-up girl they can’t have fun with or enjoy the humorous moments in life with.
Intelligence is another popular reason why guys like girls. We like when our women know stuff and aren’t ditzy.
Either of these characteristics or a combination of both can be a reason for liking a girl. Here are some examples of what to say when a girl asks why you like her when these are the reasons:

15“You’re very emotionally intelligent.”
Use this when she is in tune with her feelings and can comprehend the feelings of other people without difficulty.


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16“I can actually have a conversation with you, a real conversation.”
It gets tiring to talk about shallow topics all day. Serious conversation is needed from time to time, especially on pressing topics. Use this if she is someone you can relate to, turn to for advice or depend on for words of wisdom.


17“I love that you’re a nerd.”
This is good to use if she’s a bit nerdy and is passionate about things that aren’t mainstream or considered cool.


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18“Nothing’s sexier on a woman than intelligence.”
Let her know that her brains turn you on. It’s especially good to use if you know that she wants to be respected and desired for what she brings to the table, not for her looks.


19“You make me laugh until my stomach hurts.”
This is another way to say she makes you laugh a lot or you enjoy her company.


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20“I’m glad we can joke around and have a good time with each other.”
Use this if she is someone you can laugh and be goofy with.


21“I love that you don’t take yourself too seriously.”
This is good to use when she shows you the real her and doesn’t get offended by silly things.


What to say when a girl asks why you like her: 7 responses about how you admire her passion for the things that matter to her

Having a life outside a relationship is important because this way, you don’t feel trapped or overwhelmed. It’s important to be your own person and have passions.
Her passions can be anything from her career to her hobbies. They show you her independence and drive to elevate herself.
This is what to say when a girl asks why you like her, and it’s because of her passions:

22“Your drive is sexy.”
If you find it really sexy how hungry she is to succeed, then this is something you can say.



23“I love how devoted you are to becoming a better [insert job role].”
This is good to say when you know how much work she puts into becoming better at her job, and her ambition in aiming for the top.


24“Nobody loves art like you do!”
You can substitute art with whatever she is passionate about, as long as it’s something you like about her.


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25“I really admire your love for music.”
You can also substitute music with whatever she is passionate about. Use this phrase when it was what drew you to her.


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26“It’s nice to know someone who is as dedicated to their career as I am.”
This is good to use if you put a lot into moving your career forward. You can relate to and admire her need to advance.


27“You make your dreams come true by giving it everything you’ve got.”
This can be used with any hobby that she has worked so hard at that it became a career for her. For example, if she loves doing makeup and she advanced her talent into becoming a makeup artist.


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28“We can enjoy things outside of each other.”
Use this when you like her for the fact that she is her own person who has her own likes and tastes.


7 responses about her always being there for you when you need her

If she’s someone you can depend on and is always there for you when you need her, it will make her stand out as the girl for you. If you don’t know what to say when a girl asks why you like her and this is the reason, below is your cheat sheet for portraying these feelings:

29“Nobody understands me like you do.”
This is good to use when you feel like she’s the only one that gets you, and you can always count on having her there.


30“Even when I doubt myself, you remind me that I am more than my negative thoughts and feelings.”
This is good to use if she reassures you during tough periods and has a positive attitude about making you feel better.


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31“You accept me for who I am and help to pick me up when I fall.”
Use this if you want to say you’re not a perfect guy, but she loves you all the same and supports you.


32“You support everything I do and encourage me to succeed.”
It is good to use this if she’s your cheerleader and pushes you to be your best.


33“I feel better knowing someone like you always has my back.”
This is good to say if you love her because she makes you feel secure, and you don’t ever feel alone.


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34“If I need you, you’re there, and I want to do the same for you.”
If she’s willing to do anything for you, whatever it takes, this is what you can say to let her know you appreciate it, and you will do the same for her when needed.


35“You know me inside and out, and stand by my side through everything.”
It is good to use this when she knows you intimately and remains faithful even though you’re not the most perfect guy in the world.



Don’t get lost for words on what to say when a girl asks why you like her. You know your feelings better than anyone else, and if it’s the words that trip you up, use this guide to figure out what to say.
These answers will leave her satisfied, and she won’t question your feelings once you are genuine and honest about it. With any luck, declaring your feelings will help you move to the next stage in your relationship.