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24 of the Best Responses for When Someone Asks “Did you miss me?”

24 of the Best Responses for When Someone Asks “Did you miss me?”

Humans are social creatures, and, when separated, it’s natural for us to miss the company and presence of each other.

When you talk to someone you have been away from for a while, knowing how to respond to “Do you miss me?” can be the difference between a great encounter and an awkward conversation. Usually, it’s easy to respond to “Do you miss me?” when it’s someone you love or care about.

But when you haven’t even given that person a second thought, take a minute to think about your response before you immediately say “No”. No matter what, it’s important to be kind when thinking about how to respond to “Did you miss me ?”.

The next time someone asks, “Did you miss me?”, here’s what you’re going to say:


6 cute responses for when someone you missed asks “Did you miss me?”

When a friend, relative or your lover asks if you missed them, there’s a huge chance that you did. There are different ways you can say yes to this question.
Here are some ideas of how to respond to “Did you miss me?”:

01“I’d give anything to have you by my side again. “
This is a good response to use when asked the question by someone you’re dating or in a relationship with. It shows that you are longing for his/her company.


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02“I can’t wait to see you again.”
Use this response for a friend or relative. It will let him/her know that he/she is dearly missed.


03“I’m counting down the minutes until we’re together again.”
This is good to use when you are in a long-distance situation with your lover. When you say this, it will prove that he/she is always on your mind, and you want to be together soon.


04“They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but this really sucks.”
Absence makes the heart grow fonder” means the longer you are away from someone, the more you will cherish them. Using this phrase will let him/her know how hard it is to be apart.


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05“Easily twice as much as you missed me”
This response may be used in both platonic and romantic relationships. It’s another way to say, “I miss you more”.


06“Everything feels wrong when you’re gone”
This is best used with someone you have a romantic relationship with. It means that nothing has felt right or normal since you’ve been apart.


6 flirty responses for when someone you missed asks “Do you miss me?”

If you’re looking for a flirtier response for your lover, we’ve got a few of those too. You can spice up the conversation as much as you want, and make it very clear how you feel about being apart.
Look at how to respond to “Do you miss me?” in a flirty way:

07“I miss your lips.”
If you want to direct the conversation in this direction, a good way to do it without being overly explicit is by saying this. It means you miss kissing him/her.


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08“How could I not?”
You can use this response when the person is not yet your lover, but you have been actively flirting. This is subtle enough to show that you’re interested and that you did miss him/her.


09“Oh baby, more than you know.”
This is a good response for someone you’ve been with for a while. It’s another way of saying “You can’t imagine how much I miss you right now”.



10“Hmm, just a little.”
Use this when you want to play hard to get with someone who is courting you. It will initiate playful flirting.


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11“Wow, is it that obvious?”
This response says, “Hell yeah I miss you.” It’s great to use because it will make your partner feel special.


12“I need to have you in my arms “
Use this to say that you want to cuddle or be together intimately.


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6 polite responses for when someone you don’t miss asks “Do you miss me?”

Sometimes you will hear this question from someone you don’t miss. It’s always a better idea to be polite than to dismiss the person altogether.
Here’s how to respond to “Do you miss me?” when you don’t miss that person:

13“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”
While this does not directly answer the question, it is sufficient. It may even change the line of questioning.


14“We have tons of catching up to do!”
This is a good response when the person has been away for a very long time, and it wouldn’t hurt to catch up. It doesn’t mean you missed him/her, it’s merely a common courtesy.


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15“How are you doing?”
This simple question is enough to make it seem like you’re interested without making it obvious that you do not miss him/her.


16“It’s good to see you again”
Even if you did not think about the person or notice they were gone, you can still appreciate seeing him/her.



17“How was your trip?”
If the person told you when he/she was leaving, you may ask this question to make it seem like you’re interested in what happened.


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18“It’s always a pleasure having you around”
This response is good to use when you don’t hate the person, but you honestly did not miss him/her. It shows that you are cordial.


How to respond to “Do you miss me?” when you don’t: 6 funny responses

You can also use funny responses when you are asked the question to make it less awkward or lighten the mood. Be selective with who you use these responses on because you would not want to come off as rude.
This is how to respond to “Did you miss me?” when you didn’t:

19“I sure did. I have such bad aim!”
This is playing on the meaning of “miss”. It’s alluding to you throwing something at him/her but missing the target.


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20“Man, I was just about to report you missing.”
Use this when you have not seen the person in a very long time. So long that you could consider him/her missing!


21“Did you want me to miss you?”
This is a humorous response when someone you aren’t friends with asks you the question. It is sort of asking if the nature of your relationship changed enough for missing him/her to be a possibility.


22“And here I thought you were glad to get rid of me.”
Turn the situation back around to the person who asked you the question with this response. It jokingly means that he/she was trying to get away from you by being away.


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23“I missed you just as much as you missed me.”
You can use this response with someone who you know does not like you very much. This response is funny and sarcastic without being impolite.


24“Like a chubby kid misses cake!”
This funny response compares the feeling of missing someone to a kid who hungers for cake. You don’t have to mean it; it just sounds good.



The secret to how to respond to “Did you miss me?” all depends on the type of relationship you have with the person that asked. These flirty and cute responses work well with people you are romantically involved with, but you can also use some of them jokingly with friends and relatives who you have missed.
If it’s someone you did not miss at all, consider using one of these alternatives to “No” to avoid making the situation awkward. It doesn’t need to be.