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32 of the Best Responses for When Someone Says “Thank You for Your Service”

32 of the Best Responses for When Someone Says “Thank You for Your Service”

After all your hard work, it’s nice to hear “Thank you for your service” once in a while, because it means that someone is acknowledging your sacrifice. The typical response is “Thank you”, or “You’re welcome”, but that’s not the end of what to say when someone thanks you for your service .

In reality, there are tons of ways to respond to “Thank you for your service”. What to say all depends on what you’ve done and whether you know the person or not.

If “Thank you” is all you can come up with, don’t worry about it. We’ll tell you what to say and give you options to choose from. Here are 32 of the best responses you can use right away:


7 responses when you are a frontline healthcare worker (pandemic related)

The pandemic put a strain on the entire world. Without our frontline healthcare workers holding down the fort, who knows where we would be.
One thing for certain is that they put a lot of time and effort into keeping us safer and curing the afflicted. If you are a healthcare worker, here’s what to say when someone thanks you for your service

01“I couldn’t have gotten through it without your support.”
This is a good response to use with someone you are familiar with, who has stuck with you and supported you in the thick of it. It is a humble response that acknowledges their part.


doctor senior woman wearing facemasks during elbow bump
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02“I appreciate your gratitude. It has been a tough journey, but it’s all worth it.”
It was indeed a tough journey, but as a healthcare worker, it’s your job to do your best to help people heal and recover. If you feel satisfied with your work at the end of the day, this is a good thing to say.


03“Many people forget to thank us for holding down the front lines. It means a lot to hear it from a stranger. “
Unfortunately, some people forget or don’t realize how much our frontline healthcare workers have done for us. This is what you can say if you have been feeling unappreciated.


04“It wasn’t easy, but I was able to get through it because I knew you were watching.”
This is good to say when someone who you always want to make proud says it. It says that the person motivated you to succeed.


05“Thank you for wearing a mask and giving me one less patient!”
Use this response when a stranger says thank you, and you want to be lighthearted with your response.


little boy mom medical mask mother

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06“I’m happy to do my part and help people.”
This is another good response to use when a stranger thanks you. It’s a humble approach to something so important that you could never be repaid for it.


07“Thank you for saying that. People like you are the reason I will continue to work with my colleagues to bring this crisis to an end. “
This is another way to let someone know you appreciate the gratitude and will keep doing everything necessary to serve people well.


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What to say when someone says thank you for your service as a frontline healthcare worker (non-pandemic related)

Frontline healthcare workers have done so much for our society, even before the pandemic hit. They have always been there to heal wounds, cure diseases and give life-saving advice and expertise.
People will continue to appreciate and celebrate them for their dedication. When they do, this is what to say when someone thanks you for your service:

08“All I’ve ever wanted to do was make my friends and family proud. It means a lot to hear that coming from you. “
This is what you can say when someone who is important to you thanks you for your service in the healthcare field.


09“Making a difference has always been my goal. I’m happy I got to do it this way. “
Use this with a stranger, or someone you’re not very close to like a colleague or boss. It is a gracious way to accept the gratitude and show your love for your job.


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10“I should be the one celebrating you! It was your strength that pulled you through and got you where you are today. Thank you for trusting me, and for not giving up!”
Use this when a patient thanks you for tending to their needs. It turns the attention to the person who has recovered and makes them feel even better about their situation.


happy female doctor greeting disabled black american patient

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11“Happy I could be of help!”
It is good to use this in passing or when you don’t know the person well. It is a quick and simple response that gets the point across.


12“I wish things had gone differently. Knowing the rest of your family will continue to stay safe and healthy is a consolation. “
Use this when you were unable to save the patient, but the family wants to thank you anyway for trying. These kind words will help them to feel less depressed about losing their loved ones.



13“I’m just happy I got to meet a beautiful soul like you. I’m excited to see how well you will recover. “
Use this when you manage to build a relationship with a patient over a long time. It shows how dedicated you are to their case and your selflessness.


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14“Thank you for showing your appreciation. You were a great patient!”
This is good to use when a patient thanks you for your service. It says that you enjoyed the time you spent together and wish them well.


What to say when someone says thank you for your service as a veteran

People have a lot of respect for veterans because they risked their lives for the greater good. It’s nice for the veterans to know that people recognize the sacrifice that goes into it.
This is what to say when someone thanks you for your service:

15“You’re welcome. It was a privilege to serve my country in this way.”
This is a typical veteran response, and it shows that you are happy to be of service.


woman rifle battlefield area

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16“I appreciate you honoring me with your thoughtful words. My country means a lot to me.”
Use this after someone shows you appreciation and sends well wishes to you as you re-enter life as a civilian. It says you are grateful for the support.


17“No problem, just happy to serve.”
This is good to use with a stranger who is very excited about seeing you. This brings down the situation a notch and gives the impression that it’s no big deal.



18“Absolutely welcome. It’s my duty. “
Use this when you want to let people know how dedicated you are to the cause.


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19“And I’d do it again if I could!”
This is a good response to use when you want to show your patriotism and how much you enjoyed serving.


20“It was a life-changing experience. You don’t know how much it means to me to hear you say that.”
People change after they sign up to serve and experience life as a soldier. For some, it’s an enriching experience; for others it can lead to mental illness, particularly PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Hearing the person’s gratitude will always touch something inside of you, and this is your way to let the person know how it has affected you.


happy military man shaking hands female

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6 responses when you are a police officer

Police officers are tasked with protecting our communities by keeping danger away. It can be a tough and demanding job, but it serves a greater purpose.
If you’re a police officer, you’ll encounter a lot of people who will thank you for getting them out of a situation. This is what to say when someone thanks you for your service:

21“Thank you for your continued support. I’ll do my best to keep our community safe. “
This is good to use with a resident who has always shown love and appreciation for you and the force. It is good to say because it acknowledges the continuous support.


london uk police neon green uniform reflective

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22“People like you inspire me to keep doing what I do. Thank you for your kind thoughts.”
Use this when the words of a civilian have really touched you and you want to show how much you care about your role.


23“No thanks needed. Stay out of trouble!”
This is good to use when a stranger says thank you for your service, particularly a kid or young adult you let off or helped to stay on the right track.


police inspector teenager wearing gray hoodie jacket

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24“I just wish I could do more. Keep in touch.”
Use this when things do not end well but you want to still help the family and friends of the victim in any way you can, or want to receive updates about an ongoing case.


25“These kind words are what keep me going even when the going gets tough. I really needed to hear that, thanks.”
Everyone gets down on themselves now and then, especially when they feel unappreciated. This response says that you are motivated by the kind words and won’t give up on your duty.



26“I’m just in it for the donuts!”
This is a lighthearted response to use when someone thanks you for your service and you don’t take yourself too seriously. It might even get a laugh out of the person who said it as long as they understand the Simpsons reference.


close portrait pleased pretty girl eating donuts
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What to say when someone thanks you for your service as a firefighter

Firefighters sometimes see the worst of the worst and do more than just put out fires. They are an integral part of our society, but unfortunately, go unappreciated for the most part.
It’s the job though, and even if you don’t get as many praises as other groups, you keep at it. When you do get the appreciation you deserve, this is what to say when someone thanks you for your service:

27“That’s what I’m here for! You don’t have to thank me. “
This is what you can say if a person thanks you profusely for rescuing them or someone/something they cherish. This lets them know there’s no need to thank them because you’re happy to be of service.


brave fireman descends stairs burning building carrying child

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28“Don’t mention it, I’m happy you survived the ordeal. “
Use this when the person thanking you has gone through something traumatic and you want them to focus on getting better and moving on from the situation.


firefighter holding child boy save him

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29“Thank you for finding the strength to persevere. Because of your strong will, I’ll be able to sleep soundly tonight.”
Many rescues are a team effort, where the person in need has to make it easier for themselves to get help. If you are dealing with a fighter, this is your way to let them know that you could not have done it without their mental fortitude.


firefighters helping injured woman car

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30“You are most welcome. You keep me going.”
This can be used with both strangers and people you know. It says that the support is what makes the job worth doing, no matter how dangerous it gets.


portrait young woman firefighter standing near fire truck

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31“Not necessary. I’m glad we managed to get here in time.”
Use this when you and your team managed to help someone before it got too serious.


32“It’s been an honor to help but I hope I won’t be seeing you anytime soon!”
This is a lighthearted approach to someone showing appreciation for your service. It says you are happy to help and hope the person keeps safe.



As someone who makes personal sacrifices for the greater good, you’ll always hear “Thank you for your service.” “Thank you” and “You’re welcome” are enough, but they don’t have to be your only responses.
You know now what to say when someone thanks you for your service, and you have a lot of ways to do it. Use them to best suit the situation you’re in and say how hearing it makes you feel.