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25 Perfect Things to Say When Giving Money As a Gift

25 Perfect Things to Say When Giving Money As a Gift

Ignore what people say about giving money as a gift, because who wouldn’t want a bit of extra cash? However, it’s important to know what to say when giving money as a gift.

See, you don’t want to make things awkward and make the person uncomfortable, and you definitely don’t want to be cheesy. You could go the generic route with what to say, but “safe” isn’t always what it chalks up to be, and it can come off as insincere.

Start with what the money’s for, whether as a gift for a life accomplishment, a push to a goal, or a financial favor. From there you can work out what to say to suit the situation and your relationship.

Are you very close or do you share an intimate relationship? Are you being a Good Samaritan to a stranger?

All these things should be considered when gifting cash. Here are a few examples of what to say when giving money as a gift:


10 things to say when money is a practical gift

Admit it. Buying gifts for certain people in your life can be a real headache, especially if you have dissimilar interests. It’s always better to be practical, and money is a practical gift.
Imagine dishing out that cash on something the recipient isn’t even going to use much, or even appreciate? That’s a waste, especially when giving money as a gift will allow the recipient to buy something that they like or want.
Here’s what to say when giving money as a gift when you want to be practical:

01“Congratulations on [insert achievement]. Enjoy your gift!”
This is good to use when a person does something he/she should be proud of like getting married, having a child, or graduating. This makes a great gift, especially in these scenarios where every dollar counts.


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02“I know dads don’t give the coolest gifts, so I’m saving both of us the torture this Christmas.”
You can use this message even if you aren’t a dad. It says that you are not great at gifting, and you wouldn’t want to get something he/she won’t like.


03“Don’t spend it all in one place!”
This is a humorous message you can use when you gift money to someone you’re close with. It can mean “spend it wisely”, or be a way to poke fun at the insignificant amount.


04“Since I can’t spend it with you, I’ll settle for spending it on you!”
This is good to use when you gift money to a close friend, child or lover. It says that you want to treat him/her in your absence.



05“It was either this or a Barbie doll/truck, and I know you’re not 9 anymore.”
This is good to use with a younger sibling or child who has grown up and you don’t know what’s good to gift to someone this age.


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06“You deserve this and so much more.”
Say this when the person you gifted the money to is someone you value, and no amount of money will equate to how you feel about him/her.


07“Who said money can’t buy happiness? I know there’s a big smile on your face right now.”
The phrase “Money can’t buy happiness” means that happiness should not depend on possessions or material things. Many people joke around with this adage because money can in fact give you access to a host of enjoyable things. Use this when you know the money will make the person happy.


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08“I know you have [insert occasion/event] coming up so this should help to make things easier.”
This is good to use when you know the person is doing something soon that will put a dent in their pocket like renovations, having a baby, moving, etc. It’s a practical gift because it won’t be a useless trinket, but instead something he/she can put to good use.


09“Life is short. Get yourself something nice.”
Say this when you want the person to enjoy their day and get something that they will like.


10“Just in case Santa doesn’t come through for you this year.”
You can use this message for both children and adults. It’s a great note to add to your younger sibling’s Christmas envelope when you know your parents aren’t good at gifting, or when you think an adult needs a pick-me-up.


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8 things to say when you think that the recipient might need money to reach their goals

Money separates the world and makes it harder for the underprivileged to meet their goals. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way life is.
Money allows us to do so much more in life, and have greater chances of meeting goals. This goal could be visiting a foreign country, starting a business, or even completing school.
Some cash can help to push someone you know closer to their goal and even make it attainable. When you wish to help someone reach their goals, this is what to say when giving money as a gift:

11“I know you can do this. There’s nothing stopping you now.”
This is good to use when you give the person all the tools he/she needs to pursue his/her goal. It lets the person know how much you believe in them.


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12“Here’s to [insert goal]. I hope this helps!”
Use this when you contribute to their goals in good faith. It may be small, but it comes from a good and genuine place.


13“This is for the man/woman I was many years ago searching for my place in the world.”
Say this when you gift the money to someone you don’t know personally, like a winner of a competition, an intern, or someone ambitious with financial limitations. It says that you wish you had someone to help you when you were coming up and that you want the person to accomplish their goals.


14“You’re going to take over the world someday.”
This is a good thing to say when you want to let the person know how much you believe in them.



15“There’s nothing in your way. Full steam ahead.”
Use this when the cash removes the financial obstacle from the person’s life, and you are excited to see what the future holds.


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16“Some people can only dream of success. Others work hard every day to achieve it. Now it’s within your grasp.”
This is a good little pep talk you can include with your cash gift as motivation to the recipient. It speaks directly to the goal and takes the attention off the money so it’s not awkward.


17“You never have to ask because you deserve it all.”
This is good to use when you’re supporting the goals of someone you have a close relationship with. It is best used when the person has never asked for help, but you want to do it anyway.


18“Never give up on your dreams.”
This is another quick message you can use whether the person is close to you or is a stranger. It can be used as motivation, especially if the person is still far from the goal.


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7 things to say when you think that the recipient might have financial difficulties

Many of us are a paycheck or two from financial ruin. The reality is that financial difficulties are a possibility for anyone.
Financial difficulties can develop over years, or pop up due to unfortunate circumstances. You never know.
For the most part, it’s completely out of our hands, so when you think money might make someone’s life a little easier, a cash gift is a great idea. These are some ideas of what to say when giving money as a gift:

19“Sending love and light in your time of need.”
This is a common message used when people are going through difficult times. It is good to use because it shows genuine love and concern for the person.


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20“Life gets us down sometimes. May it never defeat us.”
Use this motivational message to uplift the person and give them the drive they need to overcome the situation.


21“I know it’s not much, but I wanted to help in any way I can.”
Say this when you know the money won’t change much, but you still want to help out.


22“Don’t worry about it. You can get me back when things are different.”
This is a response you can use when the person tries to give you back the money or is concerned about repayment. It says that you’re not expecting the money right now, and he/she should focus on something else.


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23“I know what you’re going to say. Pay me back by being great.”
Use this when you know the person is going to try to reject the gift or make promises to repay even if they are in a bad situation. This is good to say to let the person know that you are only concerned about their well-being, nothing else.


24“What’s mine has always been yours. What is family for?”
This is good to use when a family member is having financial difficulties. It lets them know that you will always be there to help.


25“Even the rainiest of days have rainbows.”
This is a simple, yet thoughtful message that can help to improve the person’s mood. It says that things may be rough now, but they will get better.


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Some people are still on the fence about giving money as a gift, but as long as it is coming from a good place, it should be well received by the recipient. Combined with a good idea of what to say when giving money as a gift, you have nothing to worry about!