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32 of the Best Responses for When Someone Says, “Good Luck”

32 of the Best Responses for When Someone Says, “Good Luck”

When someone says “Good luck” to you, in most cases, the intention is to show support for whatever you’re doing. Having different ideas of how to respond to “Good luck” gives you the chance to show your appreciation for the support.

When talking to a lover or your close family, the way you respond is usually different from when someone you aren’t very close to says it, like a co-worker, boss or teacher. It’s also going to be different when someone says “Good luck” in an insincere way.

If you’re struggling with finding ways how to respond to “Good luck”, then we’re here to help. We have 32 of the best responses ready for you to explore:


5 responses when your family says “Good luck”

Your family has had your back since the day you were born, and will always be there to support whatever you do. When they wish you good luck, it’s almost natural since they always want to see you do your best and achieve greatness.
Here are some ideas of how to respond to “Good luck” to let your family know you appreciate them having your back.

01“Your support alone is enough for any guy/girl to feel like the luckiest person alive.”
Use this with a relative you are close with who always supports you. It’s good to use because it lets him/her know how much of an impact the continued support has had on your self-esteem and life.


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02“I’ll make you proud.”
This is the perfect response for parental-type family members who you aspire to make proud in whatever you do. It is good to use as a sign of respect.


03“I’m truly blessed to have this type of support system.”
Use this in a setting where you have multiple family members wishing you good luck at the same time. It is good to use because it acknowledges everyone that is there supporting you.


04“I feel so loved and supported. You’re the best!”
This is a good response to use with a family member who is always motivating you to do well or has gone out of his/her way to do something specific to ensure you will succeed.


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05“I always knew this family was cursed, let’s just hope this turns out differently.”
This is a good response to use as a joke with your siblings or cousins when you want to make light of the situation.


6 responses when your lover says “Good luck”

A good lover is going to be proud of you in whatever you do, and cheer you on the whole way. It’s important to let your lover know you appreciate the support, especially when it’s not expected.
These are 6 ways to respond to your lover after they have wished you good luck:

06“You’re my good luck charm.”
This is a flirty response you may use with a girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse. It will make him/her feel loved and important.


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07I won’t let you down.”
It is best to use this response when you’re faced with a life-changing decision or opportunity. It says that you’ll do your best.


08“I needed to hear that. Thank you so much.”
Use this when you are feeling a little nervous. It shows that their words helped to calm your nerves and motivate you.


09“You’re the reason I do all this. Your excitement and support in everything I do are what keep me going.”
This is good to use when your lover is your main source of motivation. It says that luck has nothing to do with it, and it’s all about making a better life for you and your lover.



10“At the end of the day, my truest luck was the day I met you.”
This is a sweet response to use when your lover showers you with love and support. It’s good to use when you want to add some romance to the positive moment you’re experiencing.


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11“The good thing is, you’ll love me no matter how much of a loser I am.”
This is good to use when you want to make a joke. It says that it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, because you know your lover will always have your back.


6 responses when your good friend says “Good luck”

There’s a saying that goes “A good friend is better than pocket money.” They are there with you through your ups and downs and always have your best interests at heart.
If you have a good friend, it’s important to acknowledge his/her positivity by using any of these responses to “Good luck”:

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12“Thanks, buddy, I’ll try my best.”
This is a good response to use when a friend wishes you good luck and you want them to know that you’ll give your all to make him/her and everyone else proud.


13“That means a lot. I really need it.”
This is a humble response, making it clear that you experience feelings of nervousness and doubt like everyone else. It shows that you appreciate your friend’s support and that of others as you make a transition or decision.


14“Thank you for always cheering me on. I feel better knowing you have my back.”
This response acknowledges and shows gratitude for your friend’s support.


15“Luck has nothing to do with it my friend, this is all finesse.”
If you want, this response may be used to tell them that you worked hard for everything coming your way and it will all be a matter of what you deserve, not sheer luck.


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16“Okay great, now you just jinxed me.”
This funny response can be used with good friends that you can make jokes with, even in serious situations.


17“Just watch and see. I’m about to blow your mind!”
If you’re confident about it, you can show it with this response. It says you’re about to exceed all expectations and make everyone proud.


7 responses when your colleague/boss/teacher says “Good luck”

While you may not be as close with a colleague/boss/teacher as you are with a friend, lover, or relative, it still feels good to know that these people you look up to and hold in high regard wish you well.
Here are 7 ways to respond to a “Good luck” message from your colleague/boss/teacher :

18“Thanks a lot, same to you!”
Use this when the person has had a similar experience and needs positive words as well. It shows that there is mutual respect, especially among colleagues and classmates.


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19“I truly appreciate the well wishes. May the odds be ever in your favour.”
This is similar to the previous response, except this should be used when the person isn’t your running mate or in line for anything. It‘s sort of like saying good luck for the future.


20“I already feel lucky just being here.”
This is a humble response to use when you’re in line for a promotion, scholarship or anything of that nature. It means that even if you don’t get it, you’ll still be content.


21“I am sure it will work out as we expect, and with the support of everyone, my confidence has gone through the roof.”
This is perfect for use in a group setting to show appreciation to everyone and to let them know that their kind thoughts and words have had an impact on how you will move forward.


22“It feels good to know that I have your support.”
Use this when you are supported by someone you look up to or hold in high regard. It shows that the words mean a lot coming from that person.


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23“Your kind words have been a boost of encouragement. I feel more confident and ready to take this one by the horns.”
This is a good way to let the person know that the well wishes have not fallen on deaf ears and they have made you even more ready than before.


24“Coming from you, this means a lot. Thank you for your kind words.”
This is another way to show that you respect the person who is wishing you good luck.



8 ways of how to respond to “Good luck” when someone says it in an insincere way

Unfortunately, some people have very bad spirits and are unable to show genuine and sincere support for others.
They will be very sarcastic in the way they say “Good luck” in an effort to dim your moment. Don’t let them.
Here are 8 ways of how to respond to “Good luck” when someone says it in an insincere way:

25“Yeah, thanks.”
This should be said using a sarcastic tone to make it clear that you didn’t fall for that.


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26I think you need it more than me.”
Use this when the person isn’t necessarily in a better position and should do some self-evaluation.


27“Break a leg, literally.”
People sometimes say, “Break a leg” as a figure of speech to mean “good luck”, especially in theatre circles. This response gives the same negative energy that the person wanted to send your way and makes it clear that you’re not to be messed with.


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28“I’m too busy focusing on my success to worry about the shade. You on the other hand should find a hobby.”
Use this response when it is obvious that the person is envious. It says that you are unbothered and unaffected, and the mission that he/she was on has failed.


29“I hope your day is as pleasant as your personality.”
Since what was said was insincere, clearly the person’s personality sucks. This says you hope he/she has a bad day for putting bad energy into the atmosphere.


30“If you’re going to be two-faced, at least one of them should be pretty/handsome.”
This response lets the person know that you are aware that it was insincere and that this is very ugly behavior.


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31“Why stoop to this level when I’m moving on up? Take notes.”
It is good to use this response when you want to show you’re the bigger and better person. It says that you will not distract yourself with negativity and he/she can learn something from you.


32“Life’s pretty good, you should try getting one.”
Nobody who has a good life has time for negativity and fakeness. This response lets the person know that you’re aware he/she has nothing better going on and this is why you are being targeted, and encourages him/her to find something more productive to do.



When someone says, “Good luck”, the go-to response is usually “Thank you”. Now that you have over 30 ways of how to respond to “Good luck”, your responses should never be dry and boring anymore.
Show your true appreciation for the support and well wishes by using any one of these responses we’ve provided.