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28 Perfect Comebacks for Someone Calling You Annoying

28 Perfect Comebacks for Someone Calling You Annoying

No one wants to hear that they’re annoying, and at the time it can be hard to figure out what to say to save face. We’ve scoured the internet from top to bottom to find out what to say when someone calls you annoying.

Most people agree the best approach is to try to smile it off and let it go. But there’s always going to be that one person who takes it too far and won’t let it go.

When someone calls you annoying maliciously and is persistent, you’ve got to stand up for yourself. You’ve got to be quick, witty and direct.

Check out these examples of what to say when someone calls you annoying:


What to say when someone calls you annoying: 6 comebacks when you are being noisy

Admit it. We’ve all been a little louder than we should be sometimes.
Usually, it’s when we’re having a good time, and things get exciting. Some people may not respond to that well and call you annoying.
Here are some approaches to what to say when someone calls you annoying for being noisy:

01“I didn’t realize I was being that loud. I’ll tone it down.”
Use this when you were genuinely caught up in a moment and didn’t intend to disturb anyone. It is sincere, so the person will most likely understand.


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02“Oh my bad! I’m just a real [insert hobby/like] fan. I can get pretty intense sometimes.”
This is good to use when you got caught up in a discussion and got too worked up. It says you’re sorry, and that you understand you need to be less noisy.


03“Maybe try covering your ears?”
Use this when the person is being extra or points you out for being noisy when you weren’t the only one making noise because everyone is joking around. It’s also good to use when the person is being pouty because everyone is included in the fun and he/she isn’t having a good time.


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04“Next time walk with your remote control.”
This can be either sassy or funny, depending on the situation. Your tone is very important here, so make sure you’re obvious about it being a joke, or not.


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05“Don’t interrupt me while I’m ignoring you.”
It is good to use this when the person is trying to kill your vibe but you want to keep on ignoring him/her.


06“Oh, I heard you. I just don’t care.”
Use this when you know you’re not being that noisy and the person is just a sourpuss. It says you’re going to keep on having fun anyway.


What to say when someone calls you annoying: 6 comebacks when you make jokes that people do not find funny

Even the funniest comedians in the world have experiences where their jokes are not received well. So, don’t be too hard on yourself if you get called out.
Handling it like a professional will work most times, but of course, there will always be that one guy who tries to prove a point. This is what to say when someone calls you annoying:

07“Tough crowd.”
This is a light-hearted response that many comedians use to make the situation less awkward. It says you aren’t taking it personally.


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08“What? No more freedom of speech?”
This is another response that is meant to be light-hearted. It makes fun of the situation and can make things less awkward.


09“Just like you have a right to your own opinion, I have a right not to listen to it.”
This is a response to use when you want the person to know that you don’t care what he/she thinks.



10“And you wonder why no one likes you.”
It is good to use this when you’re having a good time and the person makes it their mission to try to bring you down. It says he/she is being a bad sport when you mean no harm.


11“Hang on. Before you go, let me pour you a nice tall glass of ‘get over it’.”
Use this when someone takes your joke as an offense even when you didn’t mean it that way. It says you stand by what you say and the person should move on.


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12“If I get you a straw, do you promise to go suck the life out of another room?”
Say this when the person has completely ruined the mood. It says you want them to leave and take their hater vibes with them.


5 comebacks when you are being clingy and demanding

Sometimes when we like someone, we can go a bit overboard. We can become clingy or demand way too much.
For some, that’s suffocating and unattractive. Other times people are just a little annoyed and want to express that.
This is what to say when someone calls you annoying because they claim you are being clingy and demanding:

13“I just want to live inside your skin. Is that too much to ask?”
This is a funny response you can use so the situation doesn’t become awkward. It also says you aren’t taking it badly.


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14“Damn, well excuse me. I’ll just stop existing.”
Say this when the person says you’re being clingy, but you don’t think you are. It says you’ll give them space if they need it.


15“You have a real knack for making a big deal out of nothing.”
Use this when you don’t see the reason for any of this. It says you’re just trying to be a good friend/partner, nothing more.


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16“You should be thankful someone besides your mother liked you.”
This is a good way to get back at a friend who calls you annoying. This is considered a joke, so make sure it sounds like one when you say it.


17“And there we have it: Your daily dose of ruining the day.”
Say this when the person hurts your feelings with those words. It says you were just trying to be nice or spend time with the person.



5 comebacks when someone calls you annoying because they just find it funny to say so but it’s not true

People may call you annoying because they’re trying to make fun of you, even when you aren’t really being annoying per se. Others do it to sort of bully you into being quiet because they dislike you.
Whatever the case is, this is what to say when someone calls you annoying in an attempt to be funny:

18“Nice, my work here is done!”
This is good to say when you know the person isn’t saying this in a mean way. It says your job is to annoy him/her, but as a joke.


19“Ooops. I annoy myself too sometimes.”
Use this when you don’t really appreciate the comment, but you won’t take it too badly because you know the reason the person said it. This brushes it off and makes it clear you aren’t affected by the malicious attempt.


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20“Oh really? I wasn’t even trying hard this time.”
Say this when you know the person is joking and you want to joke along.


21“That’s crazy because I was just thinking the same thing about you.”
Use this when the person is purposefully trying to be mean. It says you don’t like the person either and find him/her annoying.


22“Masking insults with humor I see. I LOVE this game.”
It says you see right through the person, and if he/she thinks this insult will get the better of you, then they’re mistaken. It says two can play this game, and you’re willing to go toe to toe if the person continues making comments like this.


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6 comebacks when someone calls you annoying to be rude

Some people are rude for no reason and try to bring others down in their misery. There’s no fixing that, and all you can do is let them know you’re not to be messed with.
So, the next time the person feels like trying someone, it won’t be you. Here’s what to say when someone calls you annoying in a rude way:

23“What specifically is annoying you? Is it the fact that I’m perfect, something you’ll never be?”
Use this when the person has taken jabs at you in the past and continues to do so. It says you know he/she is just jealous and the words don’t hurt you.


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24“Whoa, that feels personal. Too bad I don’t care.”
This says you don’t know why the person is acting this way, but it’s a non-factor for you. He/she can stay mad and you’ll keep on doing you.


25“Awww, too bad. You’ll get used to it.”
Use this when the person isn’t someone you know well, but you have to be around them at work, school or another common area. It says you don’t care about the comment, and your light won’t be dimmed.


26“Thank you for your feedback that nobody asked for. I’ll be sure not to take it into consideration.”
This is a sarcastic response. It says you don’t care about what he/she thinks, and you’ll continue being you.


27“Did I eat your cookie?”
Use this when you have no clue why the person is coming at you like this and sending hateful energy your way. This is another way to ask “What did I do to you?”


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28“I don’t remember ordering a bowl of your opinion.”
This is a creative way to say, “Who asked you?”. It’s very sassy, so make sure you’re prepared to deal with the person’s comeback.



Your first response is always to be respectful. Don’t try to be smart for entertainment or cool points.
Many of these should only be used when you feel like the person is trying to press your buttons. Others can be jokes between friends.
Keep the sassy ones in your arsenal for those that deserve them. They’ll never see it coming!