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25 Sassy Comebacks For When Someone Is Being a Smartass

25 Sassy Comebacks For When Someone Is Being a Smartass

No one likes a smartass, and when you’re embarrassed, or even irritated, figuring out what to say when someone is being a smartass can be frustrating. This can become even more difficult if other people are laughing at what happened.

But that smartass isn’t the only one with something up their sleeve, and if you know just what to say at just the right time, you can knock that smartass right off that high horse. Knowing what to say depends on how you feel of course.

Sometimes it can be funny, so you might not want to use a serious or abrasive approach. You can drop a witty response, and have everyone rolling on the ground laughing.

This is your cheat sheet on what to say when someone is being a smartass, whether you find it funny, are embarrassed, or are annoyed.


What is a smartass?

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A smartass is someone who acts like they know everything. In their approach, they can come off as very rude or insulting because they use sarcasm and irony to get their point across at the expense of their victim(s).
The name smartass literally means a “smart” person being an ass or an asshole. This behavior can sometimes be humorous, but often, it is very embarrassing and frustrating when these digs are taken.
If a smartass goes too far, the behavior is known to annoy and even aggravate others. This can lead to very awkward situations.

Why would someone act like a smartass?

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Being a smartass is one way people try to get attention by showing how different they are from everybody else. They believe they are above other people, and love belittling.
Often, the person just enjoys being mean or negative. Their one purpose in life is to see how far they can push people, and get away with it.
Someone may even act like a smartass because they believe that is what it takes to fit in. They believe they will be more popular or noticeable because they’re acting tough or clever, but in reality, it’s a form of insecurity.
This behavior isn’t the way to shine in the eyes of others. Usually, it ends up digging a grave and can turn into a situation where no one likes the person, and he/she becomes ostracized from the social group.

8 funny and playful lines when someone is being a smartass, and you found it humorous

Admit it, sometimes those little comments are funny, especially if it’s a close friend or family member who shares your type of humor. When the smartass doesn’t mean any harm, the best way to respond is in the same way.
Here are 8 examples of what to say when someone is being a smartass and you found it humorous:

01“I bet it took you a whole year to come up with that one.”
This is something you can use when the smartass says something really funny. It says that you know he/she isn’t good at this, so it must’ve taken some time to come up with the line.


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02“The last time I saw something like you, I flushed it.”
Use this with someone who you know will 100% realize this is a joke. It says the person looks or acts like a turd.


03“If I had a face like yours…”
It says that the person is ugly, so he/she shouldn’t be making stupid jokes because he/she is a big target.



04“Up high Captain Obvious!”
Use this when the person says something obvious, thinking it would make him/her look smart. It pokes fun at the attempt.


05“Is that something you learned at clown school?”
Saying this calls the person a clown, and is funny because you’re saying the person isn’t naturally funny.


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06“Awww, you made a funny.”
This is another way to make fun of the joke your friend/relative made, and poke fun at him/her for not being funny most times. It can also poke fun at the fact that it didn’t affect or offend you like the person intended.


07“And you wonder why you’re single.”
This is good to use when your friend/relative is single and is always wondering why he/she doesn’t have a significant other. It means the bad jokes are the reason.


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08“If I laugh and pretend you’re funny, will you go away?”
Use this when you want to poke fun at the person because their jokes always suck. It makes it sound like the person is a bad stand-up comedian, and you just want it to end.


8 smart and witty comebacks if you found it embarrassing

When a smartass is in action, sometimes the goal is to make another person look bad. Even if it isn’t, they don’t think about how their words will make a person feel.
The result is embarrassment. If you have felt embarrassed at the hands of a smartass, here’s what to say when someone is being a smartass the next time around:

09“Were you born this stupid, or is it something you picked up along the way?”
Use this when the person is acting childish or ridiculously. This question is meant to be literal because you can’t understand why someone would say/do that.


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10“If you get any more obnoxious, I’ll have to give you an award.”
Use this when the person is known for being a smartass, but they have gone to another level at this point. It says that he/she is a worse person than you thought.


11“Let me know when you shut up to start listening.”
It says that you no longer wish to hear anything else the person has to say, and until he/she stops, you’ll be ignoring everything.


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12“I thought you had been playing dumb, clearly I was wrong.”
It is good to use this when the person is proud of their behavior, but you want to let them know they’re actually being stupid. No intelligent person would act like that.


13“Congrats on being a loser. Don’t come again.”
This says the only thing the person accomplished was showing everyone how immature and horrible they can be. It says that you do not want to be around him/her ever again.



14“When I get lonely, I think of you, then I’m glad I’m alone.”
It says that being around this person and their smartass tendencies is a horrible experience, and it’s much better to be isolated than to experience them.


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15“You think you’re smarter than everyone, but you just look like a dumb in our eyes.”
This is a good way to tell a person off, especially if they think what they’re doing looks good or cool. It says that he/she just looks like a loser.


16“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were an expert on the topic.”
Use this when someone tries to shame you for not knowing something about a specific topic, instead of sincerely trying to educate you. Most likely, the person doesn’t know that much either and just likes to run off at his/her mouth.


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9 serious comebacks for when you found it annoying

Acting like a smartass all the time eventually becomes annoying. Try your best not to lash out, because it really isn’t worth sinking to that level.
Instead, approach the situation with a firm and serious response. It should say that you’re not joking around and that he/she should leave you out of the shenanigans.
Here’s what to say when someone is being a smartass and you found it annoying:

17“This is exactly why no one likes you.”
Say this to the person straight up to get him/her off that high horse. Sometimes, all these people need is a dose of reality, and this comeback gives it to them.


18“And that brings us to the end of this conversation.”
Use this when you wish to end the conversation. An abrupt end like this makes it clear you’re not someone to be joked around with like that.


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19“I liked you better when your mouth was closed.”
This says that whatever was said made you feel offended or annoyed, and made you dislike the person.


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20“I envy everyone who hasn’t met you.”
It is good to use this because it says that life was better before this moment, or before you met him/her.


21“Bro, read the room.”
Use this when everyone is annoyed at the person acting like a smartass, but apparently, he/she does not recognize it. It will make the person stop for a second and think about his/her actions.


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22“Remember when I asked for your opinion? Yeah, me neither.”
Use this when the person is being a smartass to you, but you weren’t talking to him/her, and want him/her to mind his/her business.


23“I see you’re still stuck in grade school. Call me when you grow up.”
Say this when the person is being immature. It says you don’t want that type of behavior around you.


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24“Oh just shut up already.”
When you’re fed up, this is a good response to shut everything down. It should make the person feel embarrassed for how he/she acted, and it should make it clear you’re not joking around.


25“Your level isn’t somewhere I’d want to be.”
This is good to use when the person is acting immature or stupid, and you want to let him/her know you’re better than that.


What to say when someone is being a smartass if the above examples are not going to work

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Sometimes the best response is to say nothing and to ignore them.
Responding to their insults might encourage them and could make the situation worse, especially if the goal was to get attention. Instead, change the topic or pretend it didn’t happen.
If possible, walk away and end the conversation there. Don’t get worked up.
Don’t get angry and do something you might regret. Take the high road and block out the negativity.