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30 Responses You Should Send to a Guy that Calls You Hot Over Text

30 Responses You Should Send to a Guy that Calls You Hot Over Text

Guys call girls hot over text all the time. Do you know what to say?

When it’s your boyfriend or husband, it’s not so hard to figure out what to say, and usually, you can flirt right back seamlessly. But do you know what to say if it’s your crush?

How about when a guy calls you hot over text on a dating app? It becomes more difficult the less you know him, and if you really like him, you don’t want to fumble over what to say.

Let’s start with the reasons a guy will call you hot over text, then we will go over some examples of what to say when he does:


Possible reasons why a guy calls you hot and sexy over text

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There are many different reasons a guy will call you hot and sexy over text. Often, it’s because they genuinely think that, but the difference lies in the intention.
A guy will call a girl hot because he finds her attractive and wants to let her know. Usually this is a compliment, but other times, there’s an ulterior motive.
This ulterior motive is to get in her pants. He’s only saying what he thinks it takes to get laid, and there’s nothing beyond that.
Guys may say girls are teases, but clearly, they’ve never met another guy. Some guys will flirt just for fun and have no real feelings or intention behind it.
If it’s a guy you just met on a dating app or social media, he may be calling you hot because of your pictures. But if he doesn’t know how you look, he’s probably a swindler trying to pull off a love scam. Block him.

What to say when a guy calls you hot over text: 8 funny and playful responses when you have a crush on him

When it’s a guy you have a crush on, your responses will be flirtier, funnier and more playful. That’s because you welcome this type of attention and hope it will lead somewhere.
Here’s what to say when a guy calls you hot over text, and you have a major crush on him:

01“I think you’re beautiful.”
Use this when the guy you have a crush on is very attractive. Notice you didn’t say cute, or even hot. It says you love everything about him, inside and out.


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02“I see you’ve mistaken me for your mirror.”
This is good to use when you want to be humble about it. It also returns the compliment, letting him know you think he’s hot.


03“That made my day. Can I make your life?”
Use this when you want to show how much it meant to you that he said that. It means that you are interested in more, and would love to be the one making his day for the rest of his life.


04“I guess this is something else we have in common.”
This is one way to accept the compliment, and also return it.



05“I’m glad you noticed.”
Use this when you went out of your way to look good for your crush.


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06“Is there anything else you like about me?”
It is good to use this when you want to drive the conversation in the direction of talking about what you like about each other.


07“And I’m not even in my finest form.”
It says that if he thinks you look good now, give it some time because you can look even better.


08“You’re not so bad yourself.”
This is good to use when you want to take a more playful approach to your flirting. It’s good to use if banter is the way you communicate.


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What to say when a guy calls you hot over text: 7 funny and playful responses for a guy you just met online

When a guy calls you hot online, it isn’t usually as serious, because most of the time these guys don’t even know you in real life. But if it’s someone you’ve seen around, you might be flattered because you think the same.
This is what to say when a guy calls you hot over text, and you want to flirt for the heck of it:

09“That’s what happens when I take a shower.”
This is a funny response you can use, especially if you don’t see what the big deal is.


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10“Thanks, stranger.”
Use this when you really don’t know the person, but you don’t want to be too stern about it.


11“Wait until you see me in real life.”
Use this when you like his vibe and are considering something more than an online fling. It sets the tone for when you meet in real life and keeps things interesting.


12“Please don’t tell me you’re stalking me.”
Use this as a joke when you don’t really have a lot of pictures, which would mean the only way to know if you’re really hot is to see you in real life. Or, in his case, stalk.


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13“How much did my mom pay you to say that?”
This is another funny response you can use when he calls you hot over text. It’s like saying you’re not all that or he’s only saying it to be nice.


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14“That’s the nicest thing I’ve heard all day. 10 points for internet stranger!”
Use this when the compliment makes your day, and you want to let him know it was a good move.


15“I’m so not blushing right now.”
Use this when the stranger is making you feel good about yourself, and you love everything you’re hearing. It could mean you have a crush.


8 serious and witty responses when you are not interested and want to shut him down

It is a pain in the neck when you have to deal with a guy who can’t tell you’re not interested. He’ll try to be super sweet and shower you in compliments, but to you, this is a nightmare, and things couldn’t get any more cringe.
Here are 8 examples of what to say when a guy calls you hot over text, but you are not interested and want to shut it down:

16“Haha, thanks.”
This is a pretty dry response, which will hopefully give him the hint that you’re not interested. It also makes things awkward, so he should know for sure you want nothing to do with him.


17“I appreciate the compliment, bro!”
Use this when you want to let him down easy, but not lead him on. You can still be nice about it without continuing the conversation down that path.


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18“That’s sweet of you to say, my friend.”
This is another response you can use to let him down easy. It says that you accept the compliment, but there’s nothing more to it.


19“Nice, high five.”
This is a good way to show a guy that you do not think about him this way. It says that you consider him more as a friend or acquaintance.



20“Get comfortable in the friend zone.”
Use this when he keeps pushing and making comments that make you feel uncomfortable, even though you’ve hinted that you’re not interested. It makes it clear that nothing will change that.


21“No, I’m a catfish.”
If he keeps calling you hot, this is a way to say you’re not hot in real life. It means you just know your angles and how to make photos make you look better than you really are.


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22“Well, that escalated quickly.”
Use this when you did not see this encounter coming and it makes you feel awkward. It lets him know you are not on the same page.


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23“Let’s pretend that didn’t just happen.”
If you have already made it clear that you are not interested or he comes out of the blue with the flirting, this is one way you can shut it down. It says you won’t hold it against him if the topic of the conversation changes immediately.


7 serious and witty responses when he just wants to use you for sex

When a guy only wants sex from you, he will say just about anything to make it happen. One approach is showering the girl with compliments to make her feel like he’s interested in something serious.
Then, when he gets what he wants, you won’t hear from him again. But you’re smarter than that, and he won’t make a fool of you!
This is what to say when a guy calls you hot over text when he’s only trying to get you to have sex with him:

24“Thanks, but no thanks.”
This is good to use when you want to shut it down completely. He might get mad and say something mean to you, but that doesn’t matter because he was only playing you.


25“I hope you mean the temperature because this is never happening.”
This is what you can say when you’ve already said you’re not interested, but he keeps popping up trying to change your mind. It says that you’re immune to his advances.


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26“I’m sure your girlfriend thinks that too.”
Use this when a guy has a girlfriend and is still flirting with you to try to have sex. This response will most likely make him disappear.


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27“Dream on!”
Say this when you are way out of his league and would never stoop so low. It says that he could only dream of having you.


28“Oh yea, a girl sure loves to be objectified, right?”
This is a sarcastic response you can use when you know he’s only sexually objectifying you. It lets him know you’re not falling for his game.


29“Does that ever work?”
Use this when you want to let him know how weak his game is. This is a rhetorical question that will say you’re never going to have sex with him.


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30“I’m not interested.”
This is a simple and straightforward response to use when you want to make it abundantly clear that he should move along because it will never happen.


Important things to bear in mind when you text back

It is important to bear the following things in mind when deciding what to say when a guy calls you hot over text:

01The type of relationship you have
If the guy is someone you consider a friend, but you’re not interested in him romantically, you must consider his feelings. Responding negatively can change the type of relationship you have, so a gentle approach may be required.


02The number of times he’s tried this
If you are not interested, but he keeps texting you those kinds of things, then maybe your approach is not serious enough. It may ultimately mean blocking him to show just how uninterested you are, especially if you’re being made to feel uncomfortable.


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03The message you’re sending
Don’t joke around with someone you’re not interested in. You need to be firm in your response.
Sometimes a girl might think she likes him, but then changes her mind how she feels once she realises what sort of person he is, which is understandable. It is considered sexual assault if a girl changes her mind part way through but he keeps going.
However, you need to understand that some men are more aggressive and will expect the same person they talked to previously. So if you flirted, they may immediately expect you to want to have sex or fool around.
Similarly, if you try to play hard to get, and don’t show interest right from the start, they might move on, and if you liked them, you might have missed your chance with him. So, pay attention to what type of guy you are dealing with and what your message reads.



Always be careful when talking to strangers on the internet. There are a lot of dangerous people out there, and they have been known to stalk people in real life, often showing up at their homes.
If you feel uncomfortable, block him right away. If he continues to make you uncomfortable, share it with someone and ask for help from your friends or family, or the police if you feel unsafe.


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