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28 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend When She Has a Period

28 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend When She Has a Period

As a man, you might not know what to say when your girlfriend is on her period. That’s because you don’t get periods, so you can’t relate to any of the symptoms.

That’s no real excuse for you not to be supportive in any way you can. The fact that you’re here seeking guidance on what to say says a lot about how much you care!

The first thing you should know is when your girlfriend is on her period, she’s under a lot of emotional strain. Along with cramping, there’s also bloating, nausea, aches and other painful symptoms when your girlfriend is on her period.

You will earn a boyfriend of the month award if you bring her some things to help with that. For example, a heating pad for her cramps, chocolate for her mood, flowers to put a smile on her face, and some pain medication for her aches and pains.

Combine those gifts with the perfect examples of what to say and you can make this period better than the last going forward.

Here are 28 sweet things you can say to your girlfriend when she’s dealing with the symptoms of her menstrual cycle:


What to say when your girlfriend is on her period: 7 sweet things to say when she is having cramps

Abdominal cramps are one of the most common symptoms of menstruation. They can hurt a lot, and some girls are unable to walk due to the amount of pain they endure.
It’s a lot to deal with, and many girls can’t go without painkillers and other forms of relief while having their period. This is what to say when your girlfriend is on her period and dealing with cramps:

01“Take it easy today. I know you like to take care of everything, but your body is telling you to look after yourself.”
Use this when your girlfriend has a busy life and is always up to something. It says she should try to relax and not worry herself about those things while she is in pain.


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02“That sounds like something I can help with. Don’t worry, I can take care of it for you.”
This is good to say when your girlfriend outlines all the things her cramps are preventing her from doing. Offering to do them will make her feel better and will make her less stressed.


03“I’m actually an expert back massager. Want to give these hands a try?”
This is one way you can offer your girlfriend a massage to help relieve the pain from the cramps.


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04“If I could take away the pain, I would. Is there anything I can do to help you?”
This is a sweet thing to say when you want to do anything possible to help her. It is especially good to say when you don’t know how to handle the situation, but because you care, you won’t just give up.


05“I can run over to the pharmacy and get you a few painkillers. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”
Painkillers are a great gift for a girl dealing with period cramps. Volunteering to get her some when she doesn’t have any is a guaranteed way to score points with her.


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06“I can take care of everything in the house today. You just sit back and try to feel better, okay?”
Use this when you just want her to relax and not have to worry about anything while she’s in pain.


07“You shouldn’t have to worry about this when you’re in pain. Just tell me what to do and I’ll get it done.”
This is what you can do when she has no choice but to fulfill her prior commitments, even though she is in pain. This is you saying you want to take some of the load off her shoulders.



What to say when your girlfriend is on her period: 6 sweet things to say when she is having emotional outbursts

Another common symptom of periods is moodiness, which is caused by the increase in hormones in her body. This will cause her to be more emotional than usual.
You might find her crying over things that don’t make sense or getting mad for no real reason. Don’t provoke her or dismiss her feelings.
Instead, cater to them and let her know you’re there for her. Check out these examples of what to say when your girlfriend is on her period and is a bit moody:

08“I know your emotions are all over the place today, so you don’t mean that.”
Use this when she is picking an argument with you and saying mean things. Don’t take them to heart. Instead, make it clear you are understanding and only want the best for her.


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09“Try to do something you like. How about [insert activity/hobby]? That should take your mind off things.”
A good way to deal with negative emotions is to distract yourself with something you like or find interesting. Use this same concept to improve your girlfriend’s mood.


10“Do you know how beautiful you are?”
Girls get extra sensitive during their period and often hate the way they look due to breakouts and bloating. This reminds her she is beautiful and does not deserve self-hate.


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11“I love you even when you’re crazy.”
This is good to say when she’s sort of spazzing out. It says you understand why she is acting this way and love her regardless. But, we would recommend waiting until she has calmed down before you say this one!


12“I understand babe, don’t worry.”
Use this when she is complaining about something related to her period. It acknowledges her feelings and lets her know you’re there to support her through it.


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13“I know you’re not in the mood, but I just wanted you to know I love you. You’ll feel better soon.”
It is good to say this when she is upset. It just lets her know you’re around for it all, and you’ll be there when she gets out of that dark space.


5 sweet things to say when you give her some flowers to make her happy when she is on period

Flowers are always a great gift for your girlfriend. It’s romantic, and every girl dreams of Prince Charming bringing her beautiful flowers.
Flowers help to lighten the mood even in the worst of times. A great time to give her flowers is during her period when she’s feeling sad.
Here’s what to say when your girlfriend is on her period and you are giving her some flowers to make her happy:

14“I wish I could be there to take care of you. I hope these flowers will at least make your day a little brighter.”
This is good to say when you can’t be there in person and you have flowers delivered. It lets her know you’re thinking of her.


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15“Pretty flowers for a pretty girl.”
This is sure to make her smile, even when she’s feeling a bit ugly because of the side effects of her period.


16“Since you’re stuck at home, stop and smell the roses.”
It is good to say this to a busy girlfriend. It helps her when she feels extra sad about being home and out of the mix. The flowers say she should try to relax and feel better.


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17“If you were a flower, I’d always pick you.”
It is good to say this when you want to remind your girlfriend of how much you love her.


18“Words can’t describe how beautiful you are, and flowers can’t compare, so I’ll spend the rest of my life reminding you so you never forget.”
This works great as a note or message. It says you are always on her side and will always be there to make her feel better.


5 sweet things to say when you get her some dark chocolate to help relieve her period cramps

Dark chocolate is said to help relieve symptoms of periods such as cramps. Apparently, this sweet treat is one of the most popular gifts for girls on their period, especially because it’s delicious.
Pick up a pack of dark chocolate, and prepare to make her day. These are some examples of what to say when your girlfriend is on her period and you want to give her some dark chocolate:

19“They say dark chocolate is great for period cramps, but I know you just love the taste, so here’s two.”
A good way to brighten her day is to bring her chocolate. Bringing two means you want her to enjoy it.


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20“I’ll pick up some dark chocolate for you on my way home. You deserve it.”
Use this after your girlfriend tells you about how she’s feeling. It says you heard her and want to do anything to make her feel better.


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21“I got you your favorite. I can’t wait to give it to you.”
This is good to say over a text or to build up her anticipation. She will be pleasantly surprised and will feel better when the chocolate is in hand.


22“I don’t know if it’s true or not that dark chocolate helps with period cramps, but I think you’ll enjoy this.”
Use this when you pick up your favorite dark chocolate to share with her. It shows you intend to make her feel better one way or another.


23“I didn’t know which brand of dark chocolate you like the most, so I got you 5.”
Even though this is a bit extra and unnecessary, it shows your dedication to making her feel better. What girl doesn’t love grand romantic gestures?



What to say when your girlfriend is on her period: 5 sweet things to say when you get her a heating pad to help relieve her period cramps

Heat pads are great at providing relief to areas on the body where there are aches and pain. They are a very popular remedy for period cramps and can help your girlfriend a lot more than you know.
Here are some examples of what to say when your girlfriend is on her period and you get a heating pad to help relieve her period cramps:

24“Would you prefer a belly rub, a heating pad or both?”
This says you’re a caring boyfriend and you are willing to try different things to make her feel better during her period.


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25“Your big C is on the way with a heating pad.”
“Big C” in this sense refers to the shape of the person doing the cuddling. In this case, that would be you. It means you will comfort her by cuddling her and giving her the heat pad.


26“You’ll feel better once you get your heating pad, but until then, I can rub your tummy?”
This is good to say when you’re waiting for the pad to finish heating up. It says you will help her by giving her a belly massage in the meantime.


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27“Can I make you anything while you’re using the heat pad?”
Encouraging her to use the heat pad and feeding her is a great way to uplift her mood and make her period less miserable.


28“Pads. Check. Chocolate. Check. Movie. Check. Heat Pad. Double Check.”
Say this when you come over with a bunch of stuff to make her feel better. It shows how prepared you are to be a good boyfriend.



Your girlfriend is going to need your help when she’s on her period. You can help her by trying to cheer her up with sweet messages and gifts.