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25 Heartwarming Words of Comfort for Disaster Victims

25 Heartwarming Words of Comfort for Disaster Victims

When a natural disaster happens, victims in the line of fire can lose their loved ones, their homes, and their property. In such terrible times, not much can help those affected, but words of comfort from friends, family and neighbors are generally appreciated.

But what can you say that won’t exacerbate the pain and hopelessness the victims are already feeling? We have 20+ ideas for words of comfort that you can use in these situations.


Words of comfort for victims of fire


01My friend, Alice. The house fire was a tragedy. Tim and I are praying for you. We’ll call you soon to check in, but keep strong in the meantime.


house on fire
Photo by Chris Karidis on unsplash


02Alice, I’m so relieved you’re safe after the house fire. I was out of my mind with worry for you when I heard what was happening. Stay strong, my friend.


03Bill and Maria, we heard about the wildfires in your neighborhood. We hope you’ve been evacuated and that you’re safe. We are all praying for you.


04Jenny, I am so relieved that you’re safe from the fires, but dear God, what damage! Thank God you’re okay.


fireman water hose fire

Photo by Jen Theodore on unsplash


05Dear Alice, all of us at Capernaum Community Church have heard about the house fire, and we are praying for you. The Lord never forgets his worthy servants, so please keep the faith.


What to say to Flood Victims


06Dear Alice and Peter, the news of the flood in your neighborhood is tragic. Michelle and I are happy you’re okay. We have been worried sick about you.


flood cars photo

Photo by Chris Gallagher on unsplash


07Alice, I can’t bear to watch the news anymore. It’s all flood, flood, flood. But I’m thrilled you’re out safe and feeling better.


08Dearest Jules, so sorry about your current predicament with the flood. We’re all praying for you. Little Christy has decided to knit you a sweater in hopes of bringing a little light into such a dark time.


woman sweater hiding blue eyes

Photo by Remy_Loz on unsplash


09I know you must be swamped with messages right now, but I want you to know, Alice, that you’re in my heart, and I am praying for you. You’re stronger than anything this flood can throw at you.


10Alice, I am deeply saddened to hear news of the flood, but thank God you’re alive. I know that you will get through this. You’ve always been a survivor, and I know you will weather these crazy times.



Words of comfort for hurricane victims


11Hey Janice, if you’re reading this, it means you’re safe. Chandler and I are so happy you’re okay. Please write to us as soon as you can. In the meantime, we’re praying for you.


coconut tree typhoon
Photo by Siednji Leon on unsplash


12Phoebe, I heard about the hurricane. What horrible news! The only good piece in all of this is that you’re safe. I’m praying for you and all the other victims.


13Dear Rachel, we heard the terrible news about the hurricane. We want you to know that we are all standing with you and praying for you. Don’t give up.


14Chandler and Monica, Rachel and I are writing to say that we’re praying for you and looking to contribute in any way we can. We are so sorry that you’re going through this. Please stay strong for the kids.


blue car underneath a house

Photo by John Middelkoop on unsplash


15Hey Joey, I’m just writing to say that you’re the bravest person I know. You’ve always been one to save others in a storm rather than youself. You’ve seen worse, and you’ll survive this hurricane and anything that comes after.


Words of comfort for earthquake victims


16Mama and Papa, I’ve seen news of the earthquake on the TV. I can’t get to you right now, but I hope you’re safe, and I am keeping you in my prayers.


17Dear John, I am not very good at this kind of thing, but please know that I am so happy you’re alive. Don’t lose hope. Disasters like this leave a scar on our lives, but you will heal, and be stronger for the experience.


whos that knocking at the door

Photo by Pollyana Pictures on reshot


18Mike, if I had a way, I’d come up to San Francisco and tell you this myself. You will make it through this. You’re a strong man, and I love you very much. I hope you get this message.


19Dear Tim, I’ve got wind of your situation, and I can’t fathom how difficult this must be. Please don’t give up. So many people need you. You’ll make it through this.


disaster black and white photo

Photo by Sunyu Kim on unsplash


20Hey Laurie, so this earthquake is awful, but it’s natural. We can’t stop mother nature, but you can stop any doubt and fear that tries to creep into you. I’ll be reciting a special rosary on your behalf.



Words of comfort for the family of victims of mass shootings


21Dear Alice and Bill, Joyce and I are heartbroken about what happened to your son at the school. He was such a good friend to our boy, Tommy.
We’re praying for you to stay strong in his memory.


girl pointing a gun
Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev on unsplash


22My dear Alice, I heard that Bailey was caught in that crazy shooting. My God, what horror. I am so, so saddened. Please stay strong. I am here for you, whatever you need, anytime you need it.


23Dear Mr. and Mrs. Linton, we’re so sorry about your son Cliff and all his fellow students that have become the victims of yet another mass shooting.
All of us at your church, Capernaum Praise Church, are standing with you in this horrible time.


gun shoot riffle reload smoke

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24There’s nothing I can say that will make you feel better right now, Alice, but I want you to know that you’re not alone in your sorrow. I am with you in this, in any way you need. Call me any time you want to talk.


25Dear Louise, we know this is an impossible time for you. Art and I want nothing more than to comfort you and take this pain away. I want to tell you that you’ll make it through this. As parents that have also lost a child, we know what you’re going through. And we’re praying for you.


Concluding thoughts

In this world, not every moment is a happy one. You need to know what to say when certain things such as death or tragedy occur because words of comfort are very important.
If you feel you can’t find anything good to say, use the 25 examples above to inspire your own message of comfort.