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Sympathy for Loss of Family: What to Say When Someone Dies

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Sympathy for Loss of Family: What to Say When Someone Dies

It’s always difficult to figure out what to say when someone dies as we all understand that having to say goodbye to a loved one that has died is a difficult passion to be in. A new hole has been ripped into the departed’s loved ones that will not be so easily mended.

Saying generic things like “Sorry for your loss” and “S/He’s in a better place now” fail to give comfort and understanding to those hurting the most. Instead, it is best to say something that hold value to the people closest to the beloved deceased. Words that describe the person that has died while still addressing the pain in the present. Here are 50 heartwarming messages to express your sympathy for loss of a family member.

What to say when someone dies: for loss of a husband/wife


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01“S/he would want you to live a life free of sadness, so smile for her/him.”


02“My condolences to the parting of such a sacred soulmate.”


03“In all my years, I had never seen a love as pure as what you two had, and still have.”


04“Your connection can never be broken, not even by the afterlife.”


05Remember that s/he will always be holding your hand when you need their comfort.”


06Though they may not be here beside you, they will never leave your side.”


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07“I give my many condolences for the damage this loss has brought you.”


08“S/he will help you through the pain when you think of the happy memories you two shared.”


09“This sadness is temporary, your memories as husband and wife are everlasting.”


10“There is no limitation to the life you two built together.”


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11“When you look into your child’s eyes, see that twinkle as your wife/husband smile.”


12“May the union you shared together on earth continue to stretch beyond space and time.”


13“S/he was irreplaceable, but s/he felt the exact same way about you.”


14“Your family tree will continue the unforgettable legacy of you and your wife/husband.”


15“If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, s/he will be there, and I’ll be waiting on standby.”


condolences for the spouse white flowers
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16Many condolences, it is tragic to see such an unfair departure.”


17“I cannot completely understand the emotions you are overcome with now, but know I am here for you.”


18“I wish you and your family nothing but the best after this immense loss.”


19“Don’t forget to love in the same way s/he loved and the love s/he gave you was unique and unmeasurable.”


20“Losing a life partner is nothing easy, but with time it will become just a little bit easier each day.”


What to say when someone dies: for loss of a father or mother


condolences for children flowers woman
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21“Hold tight to all the life lessons s/he taught you.”


22“Remember that you will always be the light that shined brightly in her/his heart.”


23“Your mother/father would want me to give more than my condolences. They would want me to give you a smile.”


24“Your mother/father is the light that wards off the bad guys and monsters at night.”


25“Keep your heart in your pocket and your mother/father’s love close and tight to your chest.”


26“Comfort your mother/father, as she is grieving over her loss of you as well.”
condolences for children candles
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27“I am sorry to say goodbye to your mother/father, but s/he was never sorry saying hello to you.”


28“You are the angelic gift that set your mother/father’s life ablaze.”


29“There will always be a voice that will guide you, and it will be your mother/father. So listen to it.”


30“It was no secret that your mother/father loved you more than anything in the world.”


31“Never feel alone because s/he will always be there to watch over you.”


condolences for children pink flowers
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32“Will always be looking out for, & 2gtha we can rehash the good memories that would make her/him grin.”


33“This may not make full sense now, but your mother/father has moved to a happier place.”


34“Do not give up, child; your mother/father will be watching to make sure you make your dreams come true.”


35“It is okay to cry at times like these.”


What to say when someone dies: for loss of a child


condolences for parents angel flowers
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36“There are no words to express how deeply it hurts to lose such a lovely child.”


37“S/he will always live cozily in the comfort of your heart.”


38“Let all the memories of their upbringing comfort you in this time of sorrow.”


condolences for parents lotus
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39“Hold tight to the knowledge they gave you, just as they held close the lessons you taught them.”


40“Please accept my condolences at the loss of an irreplaceable soul.”


41“Your child was a true humanitarian, a gift to the world.”


42“It is worth reminding that their life isn’t over as long as you never forget them.”


43“The departed would want you to remember how you taught them to smile.”


44“Years of preparation could never prepare a parent for this type of torture.”


45“The pain you feel about losing your child will fade with time, so keep your head held high.”
condolences for parents flower black and white
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46“Condolences to the emotional turmoil you must be feeling after their passing.”


47“I cannot comprehend such sad times, but I will try to comfort you both as best I can.”


48“Parents are the most important ppl in a child’s life, so remember how important you were to her/him.”


49“Lean on me as holding all the overwhelming emotions from sth tragic is too much for you to bear alone.”


50“Remember the wonderful, kind, generous human being you brought them up to be. You should be proud.”
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