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What to Say before Surgery: 20 Comfort Words to the Patient

What to Say before Surgery: 20 Comfort Words to the Patient

Having surgery isn’t something most people look forward too. Whether for cosmetic or medical reasons, going under the knife is always an unnerving experience.

Patients going in for surgery look to their friends during this time. Between the potential risks involved and the varying recovery times, which usually spells out boredom, being alone is part of what is scary about surgery.

Show them you’re there by using these comfort words to give your friend hope and strength to move forward.


What to Say before Surgery: Cautions When Figuring Out What to Say

Patients who are about to go under the knife need to be in the right mindset. The right mindset, a positive and confident one, will help them on their path to recovery.
The right words of encouragement can bolster them with the hope and strength they need for the trials ahead. Therefore, it’s important to take into account the following when figuring what to say before surgery.

01Don’t unsettle the patient with the wrong choice of words.
Sometimes words can be used to build someone’s confidence or destroy it. Choosing words that aren’t as appropriate as others can have the adverse effect and end up unsettling them, putting them in the wrong state of mind as they go into surgery.
Therefore, choosing the right words to convey your positivity and that you are there for them will help cheer them up and ensure they start the process off right!


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02Keep your words of comfort brief
When considering your message, make sure you keep it brief. You’ll have plenty of time during the recovery process to say more, but you don’t want to inundate them with too much when their mind is already full.
Help them laugh, take their mind off it, and provide reassurance everything will be fine.


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03Keep the mood happy by using humor
Thinking of a humorous phrase or two to include in what to say before surgery is a great idea. As they say, laughter is the best medicine, keeping the patient in high spirits will help them with their recovery.
Most surgeries are low-risk, and typically don’t last all that long. Helping keep your friends mind positive and focused on getting better is what is important.


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Phrases to the Patient: What to Say before a Major Surgery


01“I know today is a big day for you, but I’ll be here for you on the other side.”
If you’re stuck about what to say before surgery, then this is one of the simplest phrases to use. It reassures your mate going for surgery that no matter what, you’ll see them through the surgery and support them with their recovery.


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02“I know you’re scared today, but you’ll be just fine.”
Your friend will take comfort in the fact that the surgery will help improve their health situation despite the fear. Your words may help take some of the fear away from the patient and give them the encouragement and strength needed to go through with the surgery.


03“Compared to all the great times we’ve had and will continue to have when you get better, this is just a moment.”
The patient will remember all the hurdles you’ve gone through together and the surgery will seem like a small thing to them.



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04“I’ll add you to my prayers, asking that your surgery will be successful.”
The patient will take comfort knowing that you’ve put them in your prayers. They’ll draw strength from the fact that God will be there to heal them.


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05“You can survive this one, you’re a fighter.”
Telling them this will only encourage them to stay strong and overcome the challenge ahead of them.


06“The good Lord will see you through.”
Knowing that they will be under the Lord’s protection helps patients take comfort and relax, trusting the surgery will turn out in their favor.



07“The zeal and strength you have for life will get you through the surgery.”
An encouraging statement, this will ensure the patient knows they have the strength to go through with the surgery and to complete the recovery process successfully.


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08“You’re a shining star, that will only continue shining brighter.”
This is a way of telling the patient they are valued and dear to you.


09“Hold on a little longer, before you know it, you’ll be back on your feet.”
When on the verge of losing hope, this phrase gives them the strength to go through with the final process of recovery.


10“This procedure will be long done before you know it.”
They’ll take comfort in the fact that the surgery will only last a while and will be eager to get through with it.



11“You are in safe hands and you’ll do just fine. Close your eyes have some faith, and everything will be better than it was when you went in.”
This statement reassures them that their surgery is being done by professionals and will help relax them as they go under the knife.


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12“Just imagine you are back home, after your successful surgery and on your way to a sweet recovery. It will be a matter of time before you are back to your best health. Stay strong.”
Giving them this reassuring statement will help patients take comfort knowing that their state won’t last for long. They’ll be back to good health in no time.


13“You’re strong enough to recover from your surgery and make life bigger and better on the other side.”
They’ll be eager to complete the surgery and get on with their life.



14“Just think of it as a long nap, keep safe, dream amazing dreams and everything will soon be better again.”
This phrase will help calm them down knowing very well that they won’t feel anything when being operated on.


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15“You have to survive this! You must live and tell your crazy story.”
Whatever type of friend you have, everyone loves to tell a good story of how they survived a daunting experience.


Phrases to the Patient: What to Say before a Minor Surgery


01“Imagine, soon you will find yourself at home, recovering from surgery and then doing all the things you love so much.”
You can use this phrase if you’re wondering what to say before surgery to a patient undergoing a minor operation. This phrase will show that the surgery is only a small thing and they’ll be back on their feet in no time.


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02“I promise that when you’re out of the hospital and ready to walk again, we’ll go to that ice cream shop you were telling me about.”
The patient will be comforted with the fact that they’ll still be able to do the same things with you when they come out of recovery.



03“I’m sending you all the positive energy during this trying time.”
Giving them the right vibes before surgery will give them the right mindset for recovery and successfully completing the surgery.


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04“Don’t let this disease get to you. You’re so much stronger than a bunch of viruses and we’re all counting on your safe recovery.”
This sort of positivity is great to also help put their body and mind in the right state, remembering that determination is a large part of recovery.


05“For every minute you’re in there with the doctors, I’ll be with you in spirit.”
Knowing that you’ll be thinking of them and praying for them, the patient’s bravery will be rejuvenated. They’ll come out of the surgery feeling younger and much stronger.


Concluding Thoughts

Whether it’s major or minor surgery, going under the knife can be quite daunting. That’s why the patient needs to be in the right mindset to prepare them for everything that is about to happen.

You should know what to say before surgery so that you can use these words of encouragement to prepare patients for a great outcome. Besides, you can modify them to suit your preference.