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25 Best Encouraging Words for the Family of a Sick Person

25 Best Encouraging Words for the Family of a Sick Person

When someone you know has a loved one struggling with illness, it’s a good idea to lend them some words of encouragement. Your message of support will help lift the mood of that person, the victim of illness, and their family.

If you don’t know what to say, here are 25 different examples of encouraging words for the family of a sick person.


Encouraging words for the family of a sick person: For their spouse

When taking vows, married couples promise to be together in sickness and in health. Having a spouse who is ill can be very depressing, especially when they’re struggling with a life-threatening illness.
Here are 10 encouraging words for the family of a sick person, when that person is the spouse.

01“I know it must be hard for you, having to go back and forth between visiting Harv at the hospital and being home for the kids. Just know that I have your back, and for anything you need, I will be right there to help.”
This supportive statement acknowledges the difficulties your friend may be facing, and offering a helping hand is always appreciated.


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02“I’m so sorry your family has to go through this. I know you need to put on a strong face for the family but, if you ever want to talk, I’m only a phone call away.”
A message like this demonstrates that you are interested in comforting your friend, even though you can’t change the situation.


03“I hope he gets better soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your husband and your kids.”
This message works especially well if the person is religious. These words of support will comfort the recipient and lend them a spirituality that many people rely on in difficult times.


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04“My healing thoughts are with your wife and family.”
If you are not very close with this person but still wish to send encouraging words, this is a perfect message.


05“I know that this is an incredibly difficult time for you and your family, but I also know that your wife is strong, and that she will do her best to fight through this.”
Acknowledging how much your friend’s wife means to them is one of the basic elements of a meaningful note. This message explains that you are hopeful that things will return to normal soon.


06“I know you are eagerly awaiting your husband’s/wife’s recovery. Just remember to be patient and don’t lose hope.”
Your friend is in a very discouraging situation. Your message should remind them to stay hopeful.


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07“I know how it feels to see someone you love in pain. But when he gets better, you’ll look back on this and appreciate the strength it has engendered in you both. I know you guys can get through this.”
Don’t forget to remind your friend that this situation will not last forever.


08“Don’t worry, I trust that she will recover. You’ve got to take care of yourself during this difficult time, too. She is going to need a healthy partner to come home to.”
Use a message like this when the spouse is so worried that they have stopped taking care of themselves.
This is a subtle reminder that your friend needs to think of themselves, too, especially since the spouse is going to need their support during recovery.



09“Your family needs you more than ever right now. Be strong for them until [name of sick person] gets back on his feet again.”
If you notice that your friend is sinking into depression, this message can work wonders, especially if they have kids who need someone to lean on.


10“I pray for a quick recovery and good health. Stay strong!”
This is another message for someone with a sick spouse who you aren’t very close with. This one will help lift them up and explain that everyone—even people who they aren’t close with—are wishing their family well.


Encouraging words for the family of a sick person: For a parent and siblings

When a parent or sibling of a sick person needs your encouragement, consider the deep bond they’re struggling to nurture during this trying period. They will be moved by your encouraging words.
Here are some encouraging words for the family of a sick person, when the person is a parent or sibling.

11“I have always considered your Jimmy as a part of my own family. Seeing him sick breaks my heart.”
This is perfect when you are close to the parent and the child. It reminds your friend that they are not alone in the way they feel.


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12“I wish your brother a speedy recovery. I know you two are very close.”
This simple message lets the recipient know that you realize how much this has impacted their life and that you wish their sibling well.


13“I hope you find the strength to keep going. Your baby needs you.”
This rather strong comment reminds your friend that even though they might not be able to do anything to physically help their child, being strong mentally can mean a lot.


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14“I’m sorry to hear about your sick brother/sister. I hope he/she gets well soon.”
These encouraging words for the family of a sick person are useful when you aren’t very close with the recipient.



15“Be strong for your brother/sister. He/she will need you to get through this.”
Being sick is not only an emotional time for the family members. The person suffering from the illness is going through an emotional struggle, too. This message reminds your friend to be strong for their sibling.


16“Wishing a swift recovery for your sick sister! I hope she’ll be back at it in no time.”
Many encouraging words sound sad, but this message is upbeat and optimistic. This is a perfect example of encouraging words for the family of a sick person.


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17“Don’t worry about it. I’m almost certain he’ll be back to his old self in no time and he will be bouncing off the walls as usual.”
This is another positive message that will reassure your friend that their family member will be back to normal in no time.


18“I’ve never been in your shoes, so I can only imagine what you must be going through right now. There is not much I can say that will make you feel better, but I just want you to know that you can call me if you need anything.”
This is a kind, compassionate message that offers support to a friend who needs it.


19“Like every storm in life, this too shall pass.”
This is just a little saying that suggests things will get better soon.


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20“Everyone knows how much Jess means to you, so it breaks our hearts to know this has happened. Remember that we are always here to lend a helping hand to you and the rest of your family.”
This is an ideal message, giving encouraging words for the family of the sick person on behalf of you and your family. Your friend is surrounded by people who love them and want to help.


Encouraging words for the family of a sick person: For a child

A child who has a sick parent can often feel a staggering level of hopelessness. During this time, encouraging words are all they can cling on to.
Here are 5 examples of encouraging words for the children of a parent struggling with illness.

21“Your dad has always been like a father to me, so this is hurting me too. We need to stick together to help each other overcome this pain.”
Knowing that someone else knows exactly how you feel can do wonders. This message helps the child feel less alone.


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22“Smile. It will make your mom feel better.”
Even in their darkest hours, no parent wants to see their child hurting. Brightening your own mood will make your parent’s mood better.
Sending a message like this lets the child know that they do have some tools to help their parent manage this difficult time.


23“Your dad is highly respected by everyone in the community. Know that we are keeping you in our prayers.”
Having the support of others in a time of sadness is crucial. This note lets the child know that everyone in their life is with them.


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24“Your mom is the strongest woman I know. I truly believe she will pull through.”
This message communicates that things will be alright and that their mother will not give up easily.



25“I could never imagine the hurt you are feeling after seeing your dad like that. My heart is with you.”
This simple note acknowledges the pain the child is experiencing.



Encouraging words for the family of a sick person should be chosen carefully. It’s a delicate topic, and you want to avoid coming off as insensitive.
The messages on this list express sympathy and will help to boost the mood of any person with a sick family member.