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15 Sincerest Thank You Notes for Your Business Partner

15 Sincerest Thank You Notes for Your Business Partner

You can never run away from thanking your business partner for making your business a success. Sending them a thank you note is more likely to make them interested in working with you again. Ensure you use the following thank you notes to a business partner examples to show you appreciate their support for your business.


Thank you notes to a business partner who runs a company with you:

Business partners always stand by your side when the business celebrates success and encounters a failure.
Thank them for being there with you using the following examples of thank you notes to a business partner.

a. When business was doing great


01Thank you so much for being my partner in running the company over the last ten years. Your support pushed me to work hard, leading me to accomplish many goals.
I look forward to working with you in the coming years, especially in making the Alpha project a success. Thank you once again; I would not know what to do without you.


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02I am so grateful that you have been on my side for the past twenty years since we established Lawson Company.
Your decision-making skills have always helped us in times of need.
Thank you once again. I am looking forward to building an empire with you.


03You always make my years working at OZ Company better as my business partner. You are ever on the lookout for any setbacks and tackle them with immediate effect.
I appreciate you and I am looking forward to working with you for many years. You are an asset to this company and the best leader to have.


b. When business was not doing well


04Your presence and support for the business for the past six months have been invaluable.
I am thankful that you went out of your way each month to provide extra funds to boost growth.
I admit that never have I worked with nor seen a generous and hardworking person like you. I hope we are able to work as partners for many years to come.


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05I appreciate your concern for the mall when we did not realize profits during the pandemic. You supported my quest to apply for loans and even went out of your way to contribute.
We could not have made it without your support, and for that I am extremely grateful. I hope that we will be able to work together in the upcoming years.


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06Thank you for sticking around and offering valuable advice to each department when we experienced losses.
You took your time to talk to them and even opened your doors whenever they needed help out of working hours.
Your support is appreciated because it led to a significant increase in positive results. I would not have wished f better partner than you.


c. When you are closing down your business


07It has been a pleasure working for thirty years with you as my loyal business partner.
You have proven to be of great benefit by ensuring our sales team work hard and that the company gained profits.
May you have great success in future endeavours after we close down the business.


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08Closing down the business is one of the hardest things we have had to agree on, but you came along.
I am glad that you have supported it since it was young until circumstances forced us to shut down.
I am grateful to have worked with you and for your undying support.



09It took us ten years to establish the company and five more years to realize we could do better.
Closing down was one of the hardest decisions, but working together on another project was the best choice.
I thank you for partnering with me, and being a loyal and patient businessman over the years.


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Thank you notes to a business partner who got business partnership with you but is not running the company with you

Some business partners have many responsibilities that force them to not run the company.
Thank these individuals for their commitment using the following thank you notes to business partners.

a. When business was doing great


10I am so grateful that you schedule some time to visit the company and monitor the work. I appreciate that you try being present while trying to live a happy life.
You have helped us maintain good relations and we are now qualified to do business internationally. All of this is through your support and hard work, and for that I am appreciative.


11Your presence throughout the marketing campaign was exemplary and helped us gain more sales this month. I am grateful that you attended it despite the late call.
Thank you once again, and I hope we keep on doing business.


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12Thank you for keeping in touch with our joint venture to provide social services in the area. I understand that you cannot be in the country, but I appreciate your efforts to reach out.
I am pleased to let you know that people support and love our work as they voted us as the best business in the state. Thank you once again; stay safe.


b. Thank you notes for your business partners when you are closing down your business


13I appreciate you helping me to achieve success in this business over the past two years.
Your financial support helped me run the company smoothly, for which I am so thankful.
As I close down many achievements, I would like to show my gratitude to you.



14After a good look at the company’s progress, I have decided that closing down the business would be best. As I do so, I appreciate your effort to deliver goods on time ever since I established the company.
Our partnership has been memorable, and I am grateful for your loyalty over the years.


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15I appreciate your hard work, and I wish you all the best as I close down the business due to financial pressure.
I thank you for partnering with me all this while, especially during the successful marketing campaigns.
I could not have done it without you, despite you being abroad.



Running a business may be hard without having a partner. It is a good idea to show your appreciation of their efforts by sending them thank you notes.
The above examples of thank you notes to a business partner are sure to guide you. Never forget to state why you are thanking them when writing.