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Art of Flirting: 14 of the Best Ways to Ask a Girl to Dance

Art of Flirting: 14 of the Best Ways to Ask a Girl to Dance

The art of flirting can take years to master, but at the root of it is self-confidence. If you’re going to learn how to ask a girl to dance, you must be confident in how you approach the situation.

You must also understand that there’s no guarantee that she’ll agree to dance with you, even if you pull out all the stops. A major part of knowing how to ask a girl that question is being prepared for rejection.

We’ve taken seriously the task of teaching you how to ask a girl to dance, and have compiled 15 of the best ways you can do it. We’ve even highlighted what you can do if your invitation to dance gets rejected.

Let’s get started on the things you need to pay attention to before asking the question:


How to ask a girl to dance: Things to pay attention to before asking

Before you learn the actual how to ask a girl to dance , there are some key things you must pay attention to. This will improve your chances of hearing a yes and will prepare you for the possibility of hearing a no.
Here are the 5 main things you should pay attention to:

01Be polite
Whenever approaching a woman, you must always be polite. This includes basic respect upon approach and through the entire conversation. She should have no reason to feel offended by your words or body language. If she is, it will increase your chances of rejection.


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02Shake off the nerves
You must be confident in your approach for her to take you seriously. Women generally love guys who can take charge of situations, and the way you approach them can say a lot about that.


03Be sure you know how to dance
Remember that if she says yes, you’ll be required to dance, so make sure you know how to dance. If you know that the big dance or gala is coming up soon, take dance lessons or watch videos online that will help you improve your dancing skills. This way you’ll impress her instead of making a fool out of yourself.


04Be prepared for rejection
She’s not entitled to dance with you, so there’s still a chance that she might say no, despite your best lines. Mentally prepare yourself for the sting and the acceptance of her decision. Walk away while maintaining mutual respect and your dignity.


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05Don’t create a scene
Yes, it will stink, but do not create a scene over it. She doesn’t have to say yes, and there’s nothing you can do to change it. You’ll only make a fool of yourself if you create a scene over being rejected a dance, and this behavior will likely ruin your chances with other girls.


Seven best ways to ask a girl to dance if you are meeting her for the first time

If you are meeting her for the first time, you’ll want to approach her formally. You want to make a good impression and at the very least show her that you’re a guy with basic manners.
Here are 7 of the best ways to ask a girl if you are meeting her for the first time:

01“Would you like to dance?”
If you wish to make the best impression, greet her first, then offer your left hand like a proper gentleman when asking her to dance. She’ll either respect your approach, or find it funny and think you’ll be interesting to hang out with. Either way, that’s your in.


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02“Care to have a dance?”
This is another super formal approach you can use at certain dances, such as galas and banquets, to make yourself stand out or fit in. You’ll also be viewed as a high-class gentleman and command greater respect.


03“You’re the first girl I noticed when I got in here and I can’t take my eyes off you. I’d love to dance with you.”
You can use this in a club or mixer setting where dancing takes place with strangers, and it’s normal for these types of interactions to occur. It starts off by complimenting her and letting her know right away that you find her attractive. If she finds you attractive as well and is available, you are guaranteed a yes.


04“Can I show you some of my dance moves?”
This is a good way to ask someone when you know you have impressive dance skills. It will show how confident you are in yourself and your skills and you will (hopefully!) catch her attention.


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05“Is it too much to bother you for a dance?”
This is a formal example of how to ask a girl to dance when you want to imply that she’s out of your league or that you’re really impressed with her.


06“You look like you could use a dance partner.”
Use this flirty approach when you see a girl standing by herself looking bored like she wants to dance. This approach offers you up to see if she will accept you as a worthy partner.


07[Bow and extend your left hand]
This is a formal way of asking someone to dance without using your words. This is the ultimate gentleman move and will make her feel like a princess.



Seven best ways to ask a girl to dance if she’s someone you know

If it’s someone you already know, then you can loosen up when approaching. The best way to ask a girl to dance in this instant is to base it on how close of a relationship you share.

08“Wanna dance?”
If it’s a close friend or even your girlfriend (who you should still flirt with to keep things interesting and fresh), there’s no real need to put in much effort when flirting and asking for a dance. This simple and straightforward approach will do the trick.


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09“Save me a dance later.”
Another example of how to ask a girl to dance when it’s someone you know is to do it in passing. Say this to her as you walk by without giving her too much time to think about it. The less time to think is the less time she’ll have to come up with an excuse not to dance with you.


10“Do you want to go dance?”
This is a good one to use with someone you already know, and run into or attended a prom or some sort of small dance with. If she is in the mood and enjoys your company, this guarantees a yes.


11“Let’s dance!”
This way is a lot more suggestive, like you expect it to happen, and is best used with friends. They’re more likely to oblige you and generally prefer if you don’t make asking to dance too formal or weird.


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12“Are you dancing with anyone? “
You can use this when you show up at an event without a date and see someone you know.


13“Ready to hit the dance floor?”
This is another way you can approach someone you are already familiar with. It is a chill question with no pressure added so she won’t start to feel uncomfortable about it.


14“Time to cha-cha! “
Use this when you approach your best friends on the dancefloor as you gesture to them to come dance. This is a bold ask so make sure you only do it with someone you’re sure will say yes.


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Five of the best things to say if she refuses your invitation

And what happens if she refuses your invitation to dance? What can you say? Here are 5 of the best things to say if she refuses your invitation:

01“No worries. “
Don’t say this in a way that can be interpreted as bitter. Instead, maintain an upbeat attitude and optimistic outlook on how your night will go at the dance or gala. There are plenty of fish in the sea after all.



02“Okay, have a good time.”
This polite response shows that you are mature enough to handle rejection.


03“No problem, but you’re a pretty good dancer, so if you change your mind, I’ll be over there. “
This response is good because you share a compliment and are not dissuaded by the rejection. You may have subtly swayed her to change opinion (best said with a wink.)


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04“Ok, that’s fine. “
If you can’t think of an elaborate response, this is something quick and easy that says there are no hard feelings and that you’re moving on from this.


05[Just smile and walk away]
You don’t have to say anything at all if she refuses a gesture to dance. Walking away is your way of saying her decision is final. Just make sure it’s a genuine, warm smile, not fake or with a hidden meaning, otherwise it could get awkward.



This has been a lesson in the Art of Flirting: How to ask a girl to dance. As you continue to learn how to flirt, remember to always maintain your dignity and know when to walk away.
Good luck!