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52 Congratulatory Messages to Celebrate Someone Becoming a Grandparent

52 Congratulatory Messages to Celebrate Someone Becoming a Grandparent

Becoming a grandparent is a huge milestone in anyone’s life, and is cause for celebration, and of course, congratulations. Since you’re here, it’s safe to assume you’re having trouble with figuring out how to say “Congratulations on becoming grandparents” to the new grandparents in your life.

There are many ways to say congratulations to your parents, or other relatives/friends who are becoming grandparents for the first time. In this post, we’ll focus on congratulatory messages you can put on a note, send in a text/email, or even use on social media posts.

Here are 40 different messages that say “Congratulations on becoming grandparents”:


26 congratulatory messages for your parents who are becoming grandparents

Your parents look forward to the day you or your siblings have children of your own so they can spoil them rotten and look after them. So, while the birth of this child might be meaningful to you or your siblings, remember that this is something major for your parents as well, who will love and adore the baby as they did their own children.
Here are some examples of how to say “Congratulations on becoming grandparents” to your parents:

Undisclosed gender

You can decide to say “Congratulations on becoming grandparents” as soon as you find out about the pregnancy, or if you decide, later on. It’s all up to you.
You can also do it without disclosing the gender if you want it to be a surprise. Here are some ways you can say “Congratulations on becoming grandparents” without revealing the gender:

01You’ve officially been promoted from the Best Parents in the World to the Best Grandparents in the World. I know you’ll both do your jobs well, especially when it’s time to babysit!


loving grandmother singing song her newborn
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02So sorry to cut your retirement short, but it’s time to suit up because you are officially grandparents! Congratulations on your new roles as Grandma and Grandpa!


03Congrats on becoming a grandparent. Now you’ll finally have someone to listen to your boring old stories like it’s the first time!


04Congrats on becoming a grandparent! I know this baby will have a GRAND time with GRANDparents like you! #pregnancyannouncement #babyontheway


proud happy grandparents pregnant granddaughter

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05Congratulations on getting the best job of all- pampering, spoiling and cuddling! #Grandma #genderreveal



Little baby girls are delicate flowers for grandparents to love and cherish from the moment they are born.
When a granddaughter is born, she is thought of as a little angel, and everyone will be excited to meet her, especially her grandparents.
This is how you can say “Congratulations on becoming grandparents” when a granddaughter is born:

06I know you will be an amazing grandma because you were an amazing mom to me. My baby girl will be lucky to have you in her life. Congrats Glam-ma!


pregnant woman sits next elderly outside touching her tummy

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07Well, you’re officially my daughter’s favorite person, even though she doesn’t know it yet. She knows you’ll be the one to spoil her and say yes even when Mommy and Daddy say no. I can’t wait for you to meet her!


08You’re a grandpa now! We know you’ve had to wait a long time, but she’s on her way and she can’t wait to meet you. Congratulations!


09Congrats, Grandma! A baby girl is to be born and she will become your best friend. I just know that you will be her confidant and trusted advisor. I can’t wait for you two to meet!


charming old female showing video pregnant

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10Grandmas: part parent, part teacher, part best friend. #grandmatobe #grandmotherslove


11Only the best parents get promoted to grandparents #bffs #grandparents



A grandson is expected to be the head of the household, carry on the family bloodline and uphold the family name. He is destined for great things, and grandparents look forward to meeting him.
Here are some examples of how to say “Congratulations on becoming grandparents” when a grandson is born:

12Congrats! We finally have another boy in the family! That little dude is one lucky baby to have grandparents like you!


happy good looking senior couple husband carrying cute baby wearing bonet

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13Now that you have a new grandson, you have a new partner in crime! I hope your adventures together will be even more meaningful and fulfilling than the times we spent together when I was a child. Congrats, Dad.


14Well Dad, I finally did it. Let’s pop some bottles and celebrate you becoming a granddad. Pretty soon all we’ll be popping are baby bottles!


15Nothing compares to the joy of welcoming a little man to the family. He will continue the family heritage and one day be the head of our family. Teach him just as you taught me, Father, to become the man I am today, and have lots of fun along the way. Congratulations on becoming a new grandfather!


16I know how much a baby boy will mean to you so congrats on having a boy as your first grandchild! I can’t wait for you to experience all your “firsts” and for you to watch him grow into a young man we can all be proud of!


proud grandfather cuddling baby grandson nursery

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17Day one of fun days to come #granddad #grandson


18Can’t wait to see what kind of trouble these two will get into #grandkids #grandparents


19If he’s anything like you in 50 years, I’ll be proud #granddad #grandson




Twins are considered special blessings, whether fraternal or identical, boy-girl, girl-girl, or boy-boy. They bring twice the joy and are especially delightful for grandparents.
Check out these ideas of how to say “Congratulations on becoming grandparents” when there are twins:

20I don’t know who’s luckier, these babies, or you. So, congrats to all three of you!


grandfather holding two babies
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21You waited long enough for a grandchild, so the stork brought you two instead! Twice the smiles, twice the love, and twice the fun! Congratulations!


22Congratulations on the birth of your twin grandbabies! Now, you’ll have four arms hugging you instead of two, and two new reasons to smile every day!


23Congratulations on becoming the grandparents of not one, but two bouncing baby boys! I know you will love them both as much as you loved your own children, and will spoil them twice as much!


24A new baby is a momentous occasion, and two is the ultimate blessing. Congratulations on your upgrade from parent to grandparent. You both have years of experience, so I know juggling two babies at once won’t be much of a challenge. I just hope I can say the same for myself!


newborn twin babies boy girl

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25Congrats grandad X2 #twin #granddad


26For them, the best place will be Grandma’s house #twins #Grandma


26 “Congratulations on becoming grandparents” messages for your family & friends who are becoming grandparents

Other family members will reach the milestone of becoming grandparents, along with friends, at some point in your life. These moments are very special for them and the rest of their family.
You can be a part of this moment by sending congratulatory messages to acknowledge the milestone and sending well wishes as they open this new chapter in their lives.
Here are some examples of how to say “Congratulations on becoming grandparents” to your family and friends who are becoming grandparents:

Undisclosed gender

If you don’t know the gender, you can still say “Congratulations on becoming grandparents” in different ways.
Here are some examples:

27Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! May those tiny feet leave the biggest footprints on your heart and in this world.


close up photo small baby feet holding by grandparent

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28Welcoming a new grandchild into the family brings more love, laughter and special moments. May your time together be filled with precious blessing and everlasting joy.


29A grandchild is one of life’s best gifts! Congratulations on reaching this milestone, and to your family for its newest member.


30Becoming a grandparent is the most wonderful news a parent can hear. Make every moment last because you know how time flies!


31I hope you’ve stocked up on candies and chocolate because you have a new grandbaby in need of spoiling! Congratulations to you and your family!


cute little baby sitting with his grandparents in the garden

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32Welcome to the grandma club! #Grandma #grandkids


33Cheers to you and your family on the new baby! #babyontheway #grandparents




Just imagine how elated your relative/friend is about the birth of this new baby girl in the family. Little girls bring a lot of light and happiness with them and bring out the best in everyone.
This is how you can say “Congratulations on becoming grandparents” for a granddaughter:

34The stork brought an amazing gift for you and your family! A granddaughter is a wonderful blessing and I know you must be excited since this time around you get to do more of the spoiling and less of the parenting.


elderly man having fun his granddaughter
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35I was overjoyed when I heard about the safe delivery of your granddaughter. You and your family must be feeling so excited and blessed. Congratulations to you and your husband/wife on becoming grandparents!


36It takes a village to raise a child, and this baby girl will need her grandparents more than ever to help where her parents cannot. Congrats on this new role. I know you will do your best to raise her in the right way.


37Congratulations on becoming a grandpa! I know you will be loved and treasured by your granddaughter as much as your children adore you!


38The bond between a grandfather and his granddaughter is something unique and special. As this child grows, I pray this bond strengthens and blossoms. Congrats!


happy grandparents playing granddaughter garden

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39Grandpas are just dads with lots of practice #granddad #grandpa


40Thanks for being her guardian angel #Grandma #babygirl



Men are the anchors of our families, and in time, their grandson will grow into the foundation of an ever-blossoming family tree. Grandparents treasure their grandsons as they represent the fruitfulness of the family tree and the future of the family.
The birth of a grandson is without a doubt a grand occasion. Here’s how you can say “Congratulations on becoming grandparents” for a new grandson:

41I know you’ll be a wonderful grandparent to this baby boy because you’ve raised amazing sons of your own. This will be a walk in the park!



42Congratulations on the birth of your grandson! With every day that passes, I know your bond will strengthen.


43You are a wise man, so I know you will have tons of advice to share with your son and your grandson. Congratulations on your beautiful legacy and best wishes for all the blessed years to come.


grandparents having great fun their grandchild
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44Heartfelt congratulations on the birth of your grandson. May every moment you spend together be a cherished memory that lasts a lifetime.


45Being a new grandparent is sort of like becoming a parent all over again, but with less stress. Take the time to spoil your grandson as much as you’d like. All the best!


46Congrats GRANDdad! Have lots of GRAND adventures together! #grandfather #grandson



Twins can be a handful, but luckily grandparents have two hands with which to hold them! They are not daunted by the challenge but look forward to the opportunity to be a part of their twin grandchildren’s lives.
This is how you can say “Congratulations on becoming grandparents” for twins:

47Twins mean double the trouble, but also double the giggles, double the grins and double the blessings! Good luck with your two new grandbabies!


48We heard about the birth of your daughter’s new twins and wanted to congratulate you on officially becoming grandparents! What a wonderful gift!


49Congratulations on becoming grandparents to not one, but two bundles of joy. Get ready for twice the joy and twice the fun!


two twin babies sevenmonth smiling girls

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50Your wish of grandchildren finally came through, and now you have both of them at once! Congratulations on your miracle and good luck with all it carries!


51The best part about twins is, there’ll be double the fun and none of the stress! #twins #grandparents


52The stork dropped off two! Congrats! #twin #grandkids



Not everyone gets the chance to witness the birth of a grandchild and to watch them grow. Therefore, it’s important to say “Congratulations on becoming grandparents” because it’s a huge milestone.